Something (Extra) Special for Saturday


Can you think of anything better we could to do with a Saturday?  Advocating for someone special is the best use of a Saturday that I can think of! Look at this handsome fella!

Meet Ed!!

Ed’s at Shepherd’s Field where our Jubilee lived for a season while she waited. That’s kinda’ cool, right?

Here’s what Shepherd’s Field has to say about this precious boy:

Ed is best described as Mr. Personality!  He is very outgoing and loves to be involved in whatever activities are going on.  At the same time he is loving and kind to our other children and is thoughtful and kind beyond his years.  When it comes to lending a helping hand, you can count on Ed to be the first to volunteer!  He has a great reputation for helping without even being asked.  (Wow! Sounds exactly like our Nehemiah!)

 Like many boys his age, Ed dreams of becoming a professional basketball player.  But even more he wants to be part of a forever family who will love him and with whom he can share his special qualities.  Ed turned 13 this past March (2018) and when he turns 14 next year he will no longer be eligible for adoption under China’s adoption laws.  So you can see that we are racing against time!   Won’t you take Ed on your heart and share his photo and his story with your friends and family? Help us find Ed’s forever family!

Ed’s not in a wheelchair, friends.  He’s just an outgoing boy with a tender, helpful young man who is longingly waiting for his family to find him!!

Hey empty nesters!! Ed could bring your lives such joy! Can you imagine the thrill of changing the trajectory of his future? The joy of bringing his dream to pass?   He reminds me of The Blind Side – only difference is that Ed’s passion is basketball.  In fact I would be willing to put some money on it friends that you would never have any regrets if you brought Ed home.  I’ll go so far as to say that you would even say, “We could have missed this.  We can’t imagine our lives without Ed.”  I mean that’s what we’ve said 11 times now.  Our lives may look wild to most but we wouldn’t have brought home a 3-year-old Birdie with Down Syndrome or an almost 14-year-old son in a wheelchair at 57 and 61 if we didn’t love our lives.

My eyes well with tears.  All Ed wants is a family.  It’s the simple.  He wouldn’t be a “lifer”.  Ed will thrive and eventually be launched from your nest.  Please someone.  If you have questions about adopting an aging out child, write me.



Please pray with us for Ed’s family to find him and feel free to tell others about him.

For more information contact:

The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one

of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. 

Matthew 15:40

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