November holds all things extra-specially wonderful to my heart for so many reasons…


Like mouth-watering pumpkin everything yummy, gorgeous falls leaves (even if they have to be fake here in Phoenix), the anticipation of the Hallmark Christmas movies (our favs),  it’s finally considered appropriate to play Christmas music (as opposed to when I play it in June or July), Thanksgiving is coming,  sandwiched in the middle of the month is my birthday (which means I get pampered for a day by my family) and if all that wasn’t good enough it’s also National Adoption Month.

Think about it – at every turn it’s a celebration and a win!  And for all those reasons and many more, it probably really is my very most favorite month.  Although, not kidding, my all-time favorite season is still summer – yes, even in Phoenix when it is hotter-than-blazes (and I’m pretty sure summer is every other homeschooling mama’s favorite too)!


But our family actually has sixteen (so far) incredibly delightful reasons to celebrate National Adoption Month.  And let’s be honest, if grafting families together through adoption wasn’t such a beautiful, amazing gift, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have sixteen spectacular reasons to celebrate National Adoption Month – but it is and we do!     


So grab a cup of coffee and join me as we look together at adoption this month – a most beautiful gift that none of us are actually worthy of – yet God in His mercy, magnificent love and tender kindness has allowed us this breathtaking privilege.

God sets the lonely in families.

Psalm 68:6

PS What’s your favorite month and why?

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