Would You Give Nine Days in January??

Two needs!!

One, there is a very special project that needs to be worked on at The Gem Village and and for that we need some brute strength, muscle and umpf!!  Two, there are some Gems that could use some lovin’ and some “lighter” needs at the Gem home…

So maybe you have some free time in January and are itching to make a difference with your Christmas break!!  Please join Dw and the team already going in January!  The trip begins in just one month.

If you are interested, please write:   Subject:  January GO Team!  Include your phone number and Dw will call you with details!

Of course the icing on the cake is meeting and hanging out with the Gems!!  Their joy is over-the-top and you will be smitten from the start!

GO Team:  January 9th – January 18th, 2019

Cost:  Team fee plus airfare 

Team fee includes:  Accommodations, food and transportation within Uganda.  

IMG_7492 IMG_7512


GO Teams never come home the same!  The Gems have stolen many a heart…IMG_2537 IMG_2514 IMG_7441Noel is waiting to give you a warm Ugandan welcome!



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