Celebrating This Little Chica of Ours

It’s World Down Syndrome Day and over here at our home we are celebrating this little chica of ours!

The one whose style is all her own….  IMG_3613

The one who hasn’t mastered  “Miss Manners” quite yet…IMG_8923

The one whose got “schpunk”…


and a wee bit of sass…(actually some days a whole lot of sass!) 


The chica who can add some dramatic flair with the best of her sibs…


While wrapping them all right around her pinky….



Our caboose – who makes us laugh daily.  For real.

That girl.

And cause she’s totally normal, just like her 13 older siblings, she sometimes gives us a run for our money.  Cause ya’ know.  She’s a kid.  And there’s no exception to “given ’em a run and being a kid”!

So we celebrate our Birdie Bee and thank our gracious God that we get to.  We just couldn’t imagine our wild lives without our Down syndrome darlin’!IMG_3623

5 thoughts on “Celebrating This Little Chica of Ours

  1. I didn’t think it was possible but she gets more beautiful by the day… What a blessing she must be to your family!!

  2. Praising God for your Precious Gift! What a delight, and thank you for sharing your “Delight” with us!!!

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