Four Little Girls

I couldn’t help myself ….I actually love reading and writing sonnets (even if there are an extra couple of lines)…





Four Little Girls


Once four little girls were completely unknown,

Those who saw them back then? Well their minds now’d be blown.


See those four little girls didn’t matter at all,

Until a family stepped in and said, “You’ll be the belle of the ball.” 


Chosen as family together – sisters forever

Means you’re never alone, not ever, no never!


Their parents age?  Come on!! Who really cares! 

No worries either about hand-me-downs everyone shares!


Just think! Bedrooms overflowing with sisters means fun,

Whispers of silliness and giggling a ton!  


Across the hall, brothers abound to tease, trick and torment

Making memories together is a blast – time well spent, 


Yup!! There’s a big pile of kids living behind the front door

A couple in wheelchairs and maybe even room for a few more, 


Cause let’s face it – clothes, homes and “stuff” bear no concern at all,

When you’ve painfully waited to be your daddy’s belle at the ball. 



Daddy – Daughter Dance 2019   Highlands Church



They danced the night away  – each one to their daddy –  the belle of the ball!




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