It’s That Time Again…

It’s that time of year again…and while many are snapping pictures sending their kids off on a school bus or dropping them at school there are some of us who are standing by the kitchen table and saying to the kids gathered around it, “It’s that time again.” If you are a homeschooling mama like me, here’s my two cents, “You can do this!”

As it so happens, this is my 32nd year of homeschooling my kids and I have to say, I have never regretted my decision to homeschool them.  Do some days I want to quit? Of course.  But don’t school teachers feel that way too?  I bet so.  But honestly for our family, the proof is in the pudding in what the five oldest (Liberty’s still in college) are doing with their lives.  We have a professional photographer who flies around the world taking pictures for people, a Black Hawk pilot, one who has started some very successful small businesses in her home, the founder and director of a registered NGO and a Senior Web Developer.  Rumor has it that they love their vocations (most days).


Although the reality is I didn’t always start out to homeschool all the way through high school!  Initially I had thought I would put them in school at about third grade.  But we all loved it so much, we just kept going, taking one year at a time and here we are 31 years later!


A funny story from when I was talking about homeschooling….It was about 1981 and I had heard Dorothy and Raymond Moore being interviewed about homeschooling.  Having always wanted to be a teacher, I was so intrigued.  I was like, “Is that even legal?”  I knew no one else who homeschooled.  But having always dreamed of being a mom more than anything else, I was doubly-intrigued.  I just loved hanging out with our daughter Abigail and little guy Tyler and thought, “Why should someone else get the thrill of enjoying them all day?”

So after hearing the Moores speak I talked to Dw about the idea.  His dad was a high school Math teacher and his mom was a music teacher so yeah, Dw was less than enthused.  His mom thought I was weird to want to spend the day with my kids.    But I prayed a lot and asked Dw to pray too.


As Dw got more used to the idea I began to talk to Abigail about it.  She loved the idea!  Then one day Dw questioned in a panicked voice, “Did you hear her? She now is saying she wants to homeschool college!”  I laughed as I reminded him, “Right now she wants to marry you babe, so I think she will likely change her mind on both counts.”  She did!


My diffuser is filling the room with all kinds of oily goodness to help the extra-chatty ones whose minds tend to wander relax and do their best (and not bug the others – haha!!)! 

We began homeschooling when Abigail was kindergarten age and that was 31 years ago and the rest is history.  We have used all types of curriculum.  My most favorite years were the years we did unit studies with either Weaver or Konos – it was a blast!  Some years we’ve had many changes, moves and/or additions yet homeschooling remained constant.   It’s become a way of life and I seriously don’t know what I will do when the last one is done.  Most days it flows fairly easily (emphasis on *most*).

But the truly important thing for me is that it has given me the opportunity to really spend time with my treasures.  We went through a lot of blood, sweat and tears to bring them home – doggone it!   Of course, I have no doubt that people who choose other avenues for school, really know their kids and spend lots of time with them too, however this is what has worked for me and being a large family it has given us the opportunity to pray, study, learn, research and grow together.  And really, to know that I had a tiny part in their start in life is really kinda’ sweet.  Makes my mama heart smile big and oh how I have enjoyed the years with the bigs who have all launched on their own.

So if you are a homeschooling mama newbie or oldie like me, here’s to embarking on another year of adventure! Three cheers from this mama in the desert!  Trust me, if I can do it, you can do it too!

8 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again…

  1. I work in the public schools. Trust me when I say that your kids are NOT missing out on anything. The teachers try so hard but the behavior issues prevent alot of education from happening. Add in 35 kids in a classroom… Which is difficult even with exceptionally well behaved kids… and its disaster waiting to happen. Im seriously considering homeschooling next year.

    1. Well to be sure, the way the world has become I am relieved to know that we are all home. And if you are seriously considering homeschooling next year – DO IT!! You will never regret it. Promise.

  2. We are starting our second full year of homeschooling our Korean born treasures. I love every minute of having them with me and getting to see their eyes light up when they finally get something they had struggled with. Just want to thank you Linny for all your post as it kept my hope alive till hubby said yes!

    1. That is truly one of the greatest joys – seeing our kids do something that we know we helped them to learn! I will never forget when Abigail began to read – I thought, “Wow! I taught her that!” OF course after several more kids I was wondering, “How many more do I have to teach to read?” HAHA. I am just so thankful your hubby said, “yes!”. Happy homeschooling friend!

  3. We decided to homeschool our middle son this year. It may be for one year or it may be for several! We are only 8 days into it, but so far, it is going really well. Seeing others do it online and in person over the years helped me to be able to say yes more confidently to God calling us to do it this year!

  4. I homeschooled our 2 children since Megan was in 5th grade and Justin 1st grade. All the way thru high school. They’re employed. Son is married to a homeschool. They are homeschooling their 3 children. So thankful we did it even years later. Glad you are doing it as well Linny! I use Young Living essential oils. Diffusing is a good way to reap the benefits of the oils. Take care and God bless!

  5. I love your enthusiasm! We adopted an aging out son last year and despite being a homeschool family, sent him to the local public school (where they put him in high school despite my protests, but that’s another story!). The year was a disaster (partially his fault). We are keeping him home this year and I am scared. This is year 18 of homeschooling for us (graduated my oldest 3 and 1 niece), but not knowing how he’ll respond to me day in and day out worries me. We’ve done “school” all summer (an hour or two a day) and most days are good, but we’ve had a few from hell (not exaggerating). I trust God will give me the strength and patience like he has in the past to continue through each day. We also have a 9 year old, adopted 6 years ago, who is our heart’s joy. She has an intellectual disability and I love schooling her. I can’t imaging letting others share in her successes and push her to be her best!

  6. I was planning on homeschooling anyway, but I had two people independently, tell me something like,”When they go to kindergarten, that’s when you lose them.” This alarmed me, and confirmed my desire to homeschool my son. As it turned out, I only had a few more years with him, as we lost him to cancer at 7. We had devotions during our home school and read the Bible as part of school, as well as good Christian books. Of course we did science, and math, and just ran around having fun for sports! I believe it increased his faith and gave him a good foundation. I highly recommend homeschooling if led to do so!

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