All 1,512+ Pieces!!

All 1,512+ pieces made it!!

Last Monday three sweet women and myself checked into the SkyHarbor airport loaded with four pediatric wheelchairs wrapped (by Dw – he’s my hero) in gently used cloth diapers, diaper inserts and shrink wrap. Hey when each item is allowed to weigh 50 pounds – we take that literally… so gently used diapers protected the chairs heading to the sweetest Gems ever!!

We also were carrying nine suitcases (most) filled with all kinds of hard-to-find medical supplies, including trach supplies, nasal cannulas, suction supplies, Mikey g-tubes, Mini g-tubes, Ng tubes, orthotics and all kinds of hard-t0-acquire things.  Special thanks to all those who donated supplies, many shipping them to the IVO office – you guys are incredible!

The four of us were on a mission to get the supplies and wheelchairs safely to the Gems!   Two heavy-duty suction machines were in our carry-on as well as other supplies.  Makes my eyes well with tears – God was so good to us!  God’s favor was on us in every way – we didn’t pay even one dime in luggage fees!!  Special shout-out and thanks to Delta!

Something most moms with kids on feeding tubes in the States would find difficult to imagine but when a Gem needs a feeding tube the surgeon has the recipient’s family find their own Mikey or Mini g-tube. And just for extra “fun” there are zero manufactured in East Africa!  By God’s grace we were able to bring a little supply of varying sizes!

The Gem nursing supervisor and the entire nursing staff were thrilled with all the supplies!   And every employee of the Gem was tickled to see four beautiful pediatric wheelchairs.  The orthotics are always a hit with the therapists!

The team served so beautifully…


Sorting medical supplies and inventorying them all.  Believe it or not, there were over 1,512+ pieces of all kinds of hard-to-find-in-Uganda medical supplies!  Yippee Jesus! 

The team loved feeding the Gems…


And personally, it was a beautiful thrill to have one of Patience’s sponsors, Lynne, on the team to officially meet our precious Patience.  No doubt, Patience’s smile clearly indicates she was equally thrilled!! It had been Patience’s 8th birthday and Lynne brought all kinds of beautiful clothes for her and the best stuffed animal (picked out by Lynne’s husband who said Patience “had to have it”!)  



And if that wasn’t a thrill enough – we had a double blessing – Gina met the Gem she sponsors –  Mercy!! Gina showered her with birthday gifts and all kinds of lovin’ because it was her 5th birthday!! 




Sweet Israel climbed right up on Lauren’s walker and into her lap and they became fast buddies!! 



Noel loved all the snuggles from Gina…


And Angel couldn’t get enough hugs from Lynne and I.   There’s just something about a grandma hug that obviously ministers to Angel’s healing soul. 


Truthfully friends, there is not much sweeter than introducing the Gems to others, this Mimi is smitten!  And never underestimate the “ripple effect” of a team because it is felt for months.  Their selfless presence ministers to Emma and Josh, the dedicated staff, the Gems themselves and all those encountered along the way!!

It’s really all about serving.  Which reminds me of this verse…because serving others is truly an act of worship.

I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.

Romans 12:1    

The Lord talks all throughout scripture of the joy in serving others.  It’s pretty safe to say, this team has had undeniable, indescribable, breathtaking joy serving the Gems.  It’s truly a Win/Win.

Would you love to meet the Gems?

Trips are currently being planned….

Approximate Team Dates: 

May 17th-27th, 2020

June 5th-14th, 2020  

For More Information, please email: 

And lastly, since The Gem has grown so quickly and the needs are enormous, almost all of the Gems need sponsors – please consider becoming a sponsor today!  It’s such a blessing to know exactly who your dollar goes and even more importantly, that it is stewarded well!!

Sponsor here:  Sponsor a Gem! 


As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace. 

I Peter 4:10

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