So Many Things….

Dw, Nehemiah and Isaiah have been in Uganda for the last couple of weeks.  While they’ve been gone we have partied our hearts out.  Kidding, of course.  The kids have been passing around the flu and horrible colds.  Even Ruby has been sick – which when I told Savannah that Ruby was sick she was stunned, “Ruby?  She’s NEVER sick!”  With the kids so sick it feels like Dw has been gone for six months – not even slightly kidding!! He told me that he is calling the airport when he gets home to make sure they cancel all flights out of Phoenix….believing that I might just run away from home after this bout.

While cleaning up vomit and wiping noses, I have prayed for all you single moms out there – many times over – you have such a difficult job.  May our gracious God send you sweet help and encouragement.

The other day I drove Elizabeth to church for worship practice and saw my friend, Kerry walking across the parking lot.  I pulled my van to a stop so we could talk for a bit.  It was so good to visit – such a welcomed break for a couple of minutes. Later she texted me and asked if she could bring pizza by for the kids and I.  What a precious friend – she will never know how much it ministered to me to have her stop to visit for a minute and then take it one (huge) step further by asking if she could bring us pizza.  And although I am not a single mom, if you know one, bless her and her kids with pizza some night.  Minister to her – she has a really hard job…I mean, raising kids is hard as it is, but doing it alone puts a whole new meaning on ‘hard’.  Or ask her and the kids to come have dinner at your home.  Trust me, you will never know just how much your kindness could possibly mean – it will be so good for her soul (and her kids too) as well as your own soul!

Next – Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts for blessing and praying for our friends Calley and Danny after they lost their home and it’s contents to the fire.  They have felt very loved and I am so grateful for your part. You have helped to make their heartache a bit more bearable.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Also, exactly two months (minus one day) after surgery our Johnny-boy arrived home! Such a long process.  Since Dw’s in Uganda and I am unable to lift him into the van he was brought by transport ambulance.  It feels so good to have him home – finally!!   But being honest, the new permanent position of Johnny’s feet have been really hard for him to get used to.  He has battled discouragement since, at this point, the new position doesn’t make it easier for him to navigate.  We are praying that when insurance gets the therapy portion approved and a therapist can work with him, that he will make great progress.  Not wanting him to be left out, one of the kids shared with him and he’s been really sick too.


Picture taken before he got sick.  His smile is definitely not deterred, even with discouragement.

Lastly, over the years of writing here at Our Place Called Simplicity, most know that every now and then I ask people to join together in a group fast.  In fact over the years I have received many emails from people who share that they were unfamiliar with fasting until they read about it here.  They then share that they have added this spiritual discipline to their lives and have seen God move many mountains on their behalf.

Last week I had two different friends (who don’t know each other) ask if I would call for a group fast again.  You guys know who you are – so here’s the call.  Personally we have several concerning situations that need God’s divine intervention as well as dear friends who are in need of some mountains moving and I am grateful to be able to pray and fast with you all.  Let’s pray and fast together on Friday, February 7th.  Together we will ask God to move mountains, open doors, level obstacles, bring wayward kids home, miraculously provide, reconcile relationships, completely heal bodies and show Himself strong on all our behalf.

If you are new to fasting here is a post to help you get started as well as an article by Campus Crusade here.

We have the incredible privilege of praying for one another – don’t miss out!

Please leave your prayer request on this post below in the comments or on the FB post.  Let’s be a blessing to each other as we kneel together for sisters and brothers across this world.


16 thoughts on “So Many Things….

  1. Our 14 year old, Griffin Paul, has suffered for over 3 years with a non-stop headache of migraine level pain. Neuroscience medications and many holistic, naturopathic, chiropractic, Accupuncture………….on and on and on.
    Praying for a cure for NDPH or the miracle of no pain any more.
    God bless you all.

    1. Just praying for your son. Our friend suffers with migraines and has since she was young. All of us at church have prayed for her. Finally last year, 30 years old, someone said she was low on folic acid. Straightaway her migraines stopped! 😳
      So, just a perhaps this might be at least a relief?

  2. I have a beloved son who has turned away from Christ. I pray every day that he will realise that Our Lord is walking beside him on his journey through life.

  3. Johnny’s feet- how are they positioned now? As you know I have CP like your sweet treasures- Perhaps I can help. Email me if so!

  4. I’m having a hard time getting over Influenza B, with fevers persisting almost a week now. Would love prayers for healing. Love your site so much. Praying for all of you.

  5. Whew what a few weeks for you!!! I am not asking for any prayers or complaining in ANY way but I hear you. I am not a single mother but my husband works in Arizona during the week and flies home (Michigan) every weekend. The last two weekends he hasn’t been able to come home. In the past week this all went down. Young adult heartbreak…… while taking one of the broken hearted back home I walked back into my house to a literal blood bath…. my 15 year old dog broke one of her tumors open, and apparently it bleed a lot. While trying to get the blood to stop and cleaned up 6 hours later (now 4:00am) my youngest daughter wakes up sick. Influenza A. While caring for her all week. And trying to keep her entertained and on the couch hahahaha. I started feeling sick. But a mom plows on. More round the clock heartbreaking texts from both broken hearted parties. Vet visits, come of shame, pills the dog WILL not take an unruly Great Dane that feels it is her responsibility since her little sister is in the cone so she will leave the wounds alone t like them for her🤢. Anyway woke up with my throat so swollen I had no choice but to go to urgent care. Strep throat, ear infection, sinus infection, and to top it off the flu…. yay for mom!! I had them just “look” at my daughter yep flu and ear infection. SO PLEASE DONT CLOSE Phoenix airport!!!! I NEED my husband to come home. Oh did I forget to mention we are also in the process of remodeling the kitchen? And everything is in the living room? At least I am laughing instead of crying. Blessed that we have health insurance, that I am able to stay home when the kids are sick, blessed to even HAVE a kitchen let alone having it remodeled beyond blessed, grateful, thankful that my husband has a job. So no prayers needed here. But will pray for everyone tomorrow and tonight.

  6. My 18 month old son has been running fever at least once a month for the past seven months. He is currently undergoing a monthlong series of blood tests, and he needs to run fever again so they can compare his “well” levels with his “sick” levels.

  7. Also, I’m praying for my friends. Their house was lost in a fire in October when their garage exploded while they were in the house. They barely got out. They have been through a lot and now it looks like they may have to go through a lawsuit to get the only surviving belongs from a criminal restoration company. Their autistic adult daughter isn’t dealing well with it.

  8. We adopted our son from China 18 months ago. He turned 14 the day before we landed back in the US. It’s been a struggle since day one and doesn’t seem to be getting better. We had an incident this past week where we had to call the police to diffuse the situation. It was so petty, but escalated very quickly and my son wasn’t physical. It has been followed by the silent treatment. We are believing for a miracle in the relationship with our son.

  9. Thank you Linny. I will join in! I ask for prayer for my longtime, Christian, homeschooling, mom of 5, friend, “J” who’s husband was unfaithful and left her. He’s been very nasty and not paying child support etc. Now he’s accusing her of not being a fit parent and neglect and CPS has removed her children who she had almost full custody of and placed them with her ex. She has a new hearing in 5 weeks. She would like prayer that lies would be exposed for what they are, her kids would be protected and of course that she would get them back.

    Also that God would work major restoration in the relationship between us and my in-laws. Mutual humility and respect. Thank you!

  10. Fasting and praying w y’all. Asked for prayer for my son Justin. Just got this from him
    (Friday morning our day of fasting about 10:30 a.m.)
    Just collected $2500 Of the money owed. Tax return should be here by the end of the month and I can cover the insurance for the business we’re not out of the woods but heading in the right direction love you thank you

    Always got a remember to look up

    Love seeing God move the mountain. Justin has been working so hard for almost a year now to get his business going that will allow him more time w his family he gave up a job of 12 years where he made 100k a year to do this. He worked 24/7 and was tired of missing out on family time. Financially it has been a huge adjustment for their family. Yesterday I asked him what his gut was telling. He said Mama my head tells me I am so close that it is going to happen. My heart says I am being selfish because I am not providing like I was before. But God opened the door and I finally got the permit I need from the forest service. That took almost ten months. Now I have to come up with the insurance money all at once $3100…and I have to pay the mortgage

    I sent him Hillsong’s Ascent song and told him to keep praising God. God will move the mountain that was in the way. I also told him we were all fasting and praying for him and many more

    I love when God shows up big for situations we pray for. Rejoicing fasting and praying in Tennessee

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