Our Response to Coronavirus

For those who have been stopping by for any length of time, you know how strongly I feel that God’s heart is for us, He moves when His people collectively pray, and if possible, when people fast together.  Here’s a post about fasting, in case you are interested.  And if you aren’t convinced that God moves when we fast, please read an incredibly powerful story about fasting when a friend fasted for her daughter who was a prostitute….you can find it here.

So on that note….calling all friends, Bible studies, churches and families to join in prayer and fasting for an end to the coronavirus pandemic.


March 15, 2020

Simply asking God to move across our globe,

for people to be healed, people to meet Jesus

and the virus to stop. 



I’ve heard many thoughts on Coronavirus…some are terrified, others are cautious, some are rolling their eyes and a few are actually making jokes.

Wherever you find yourself regarding it….here’s where we are:  We have 3 medically fragile…two of whom have serious life-threatening complications from the common cold.  One of us has a significantly compromised immune system and both Dw and I are in our 60s.    We are not panicking, but we are prayerfully being wise and trusting in our faithful God – who has never failed us – not even once.

Please join us on Sunday as we ask our God to move around the world and stop coronavirus.



4 thoughts on “Our Response to Coronavirus

  1. Joining you in prayer. Praying for many individually including for your family, your treasures, the Gem Foundation… What an extraordinary opportunity as believers we have to share the comfort, the peace, the hope of Christ to a fearful world. We can have peace at all times, in all circumstances because our trust is in Him alone. Keep sharing the love of Jesus like you always do, Linny. God is doing a mighty work in these days!

    P.S.- I’m worshipping to Days of Elijah this morning 🙌

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