That Video Changed Everything

I was six years old and I know exactly where I was – in a very remote little church that my Aunt Vivian attended in Western Ontario, Canada. It was the first time I’d heard this particular word. I had no clue what it meant, but as I heard the word spoken a tiny spark was lit in my little girl soul.

Decades later, I am finally understanding the magnitude of the tiny spark that was ignited many years ago.

What was the word?


Okay, okay, before you check out with such a seemingly non-relevant word, hear me out. I mean, what in the world does revival even mean?

Here’s how some great men of God define revival:

Duncan Campbell: “a community saturated with God”

Charles Finney: “the return of the Church from her backslidings, and the conversion of sinners.”

J.I. Packer: “God’s quickening visitation of his people, touching their hearts and deepening his work of grace in their lives.” 

Truthfully in the years since hearing the word revival in my aunt’s church I hadn’t taken the time to studyrevivals from history. The only revival I really had heard mentioned, which was more in passing, was the great Azusa Street revival. And anytime I heard someone mention the Azusa Street revival, although I can’t explain it, the tiny spark that had been tenderly lit decades before flickered and my thoughts always wandered back to that night at my aunt’s church.

About six months ago a dear childhood friend of mine sent me a short video about a powerful revival which occurred in Europe decades ago. I literally wept as I watched it.

God used that video to change my life and ignite a fire that now rages in my soul. If you are on FB and would like to watch it, message me and I will gladly send you the link.

While watching that video the tiny spark which had been lit when I was a little girl, suddenly ignited and I had a sense of urgency and fervour that I truly can’t explain. I desperately wanted to understand the word revival. The stirring was so profound in my soul and unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I passionately began to research the many revivals of the past – disappointed I was not part of them.

Somewhere in there I asked the Lord to forgive me for never praying for a revival to come to America. After my prayer I started praying daily that God would bring revival to America while pleading with Him to bring revival to my own heart.

One thing I know for certain is that you can’t formulate or create a true revival. No one can say, “Okay, a revival is going to start this Friday night.” No way!! A true revival is a powerful act of our astoundingly faithful God who stirs and moves at His will and in His timing when people’s hearts are humbly crying out for revival . Often times a true revival has been prayed for many, many years in advance. And it is so powerful that it cannot be stopped once it begins.

It turns out that the Azusa Street Revival began when an African-American pastor, Rev. William J. Seymour, preached a sermon. Seymour, a humble man born to emancipated slaves had no clue what our mighty God was about to do on April 9, 1906. From that simple beginning the Azusa Street Revival fire spread across the United States and around the world and lasted for just about nine years. The life-changing effects of the mighty Azusa Street Revival still echo around our globe. All praise to the King of Kings!

Rev. W.J. Seymour

Personally I love, love, love that God used a black pastor of broken beginnings to ignite revival across our nation which eventually swept across the world.

Friends, let’s be honest. Our nation desperately needs to turn back to God. Although the United States was founded by imperfect men and women, they came for religious freedom clearly directed by God. Some want to erase history, but the truth is that almighty God had an enormous purpose for America from before the beginning of time.

Listen up – it pains me to say that there are churches who preach anything but the Bible – while leading their congregants in wishy-washy empty, nothingness or even blatant rebellion against our Holy God.

Many women I’ve met over the years clamor to books and blogs written by other women while slowly being led astray from Biblical truths. These women somehow believe that because a “pastor’s wife” or “famous Christian” spoke it or wrote it, it must be from God.

Actually it’s our due diligence to compare every single thing we hear from the pulpits and in books, magazines, articles, newspapers to the inerrant word of God. The Bible must be our litmus test for everything.

But we can’t compare other’s words with the Bible if we aren’t spending time daily with the Lord and reading our own Bible. Sadly many have foregone reading the Bible instead reading the words of somebody they deem as “Christian” never realizing that they are actually being saturated by false teachings and heresy.

Friends, there is one thing that never changes: Our Holy God and His Holy Word – the Bible.

Some are “re-writing” the Bible to fit their desires and the truth is – the Bible does need to be re-written, it needs to be re-read. Every single word of God was breathed by God and it is truth – whether it is popular or not and whether culture wants to embrace it.

God’s word never, ever, ever changes. There is no shadow of turning in Him. His word, His commands, His promises – they are all for our good. His best plan for us is to live in obedience to Him and His word so that we can know Him and His peace which passes all understanding.

True peace is almost non-existent today. Why? Because most people are going about their lives doing whatever they want with no thought to what God wants for them. “If it feels good, do it. You deserve it.” That thought is indeed a recipe for sure disaster, real consequences and zero peace.

After asking the Lord to forgive me for not praying and asking for revival sooner, I began to pray daily for revival in my own soul and that God would bring revival to America and the world.

No surprise – because He IS God and my prayer was in accordance with His will – God began to move in MY own heart. I began to crave God’s word. I mean crave it. I have read my Bible daily since I was a little girl, but now I can’t wait to get up in the wee hours of the morning and study it like never before in my sixty-one plus years. Truly, it doesn’t seem like I can get enough. 

And somewhere in there I began to listen to a podcast by a humble, above-reproach, godly pastor who has a prophetic gifting. Oh my. It was then that I realized that my modest asking for revival was actually part of a much, much, much bigger picture for America. God IS going to bring revival to America – if we contend for it.

The Lord has stirred such a passion in my heart as I eagerly listen to the podcasts of now a few well-respected pastors in our country…and all are saying the same thing: Revival is coming! God is going to bring America back to it’s original intent – IF we pray for it!

Now I don’t know what that exactly looks like, but I am giddy beyond words to be part of praying for it and seeing it come to pass in my lifetime.

Do you need peace? Do you need calm assurance that God *is* working? Would you be willing to pray with me for revival in your own heart? Would you be willing to pray with me that God would bring revival to America or whatever country you live in?

I am praying for revival for America and the world, please pray with me. 

11 thoughts on “That Video Changed Everything

  1. Oh my sweet bloggy/FB friend, thank you for your post today. We sure need revival in our country, in our churches and personally speaking, I could use a revival in my own heart. This past year, God has been calling me to a bolder, deeper faith teaching me to trust solely in Him more than ever before. I truly believe we are living in the end of end times and my heart is grieved as I see churches falling to cultural beliefs and falling short in Biblical truths. I would love to have you send me the link to the video. Can’t wait to share it with my small group.

    1. Oh Laurie – thank you for your transparency. Do you have a FB account I can send it to? I think FB does not enable videos uploaded to there to be sent off there…but I want to share! YOu must see it – it will revive your heart. I pray God meets your earnest desire to have your own heart revived – I am living proof of what He will do when we earnestly cry out for revival beginning with ourselves. If you are not on fB, have someone else you know write me and tell me to send to them. I will do it! God used this video to light my heart on fire – He loves us so!

  2. Great post that really spoke to me! I know sometimes I am in a crisis, a whole lot lately, and I forget to even pray! Now I do pray a lot, but there are times I just don’t think of it. When my little dog bolted off for three days a week or so ago I cried and prayed almost incessantly.
    And she did come home, but it could have been that she didn’t, and I still would have my faith. Other times when I am in my own crisis, I just figuratively wring my hands and forget to pray. I need to be more intimate with God. I don’t read Christian books because they are written by humans, and all humans are flawed. I don’t want to be misled. That’s such a good point. But I don’t read my Bible enough. I am going to get back to daily reading! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I too have been praying that God would have mercy on our country and bring revival.
    Would you be willing to share the names of the podcasts you mentioned in your post?

  4. Linny,
    I am just reading this post today (10/17) but I have been praying for God to work in my heart and have never felt closer to Him and I too have been praying for the Lord to bring revival to this nation and for the Hoky Spirit to come and stir hearts for Him that we may turn our eyes to God and His will. I continue to pray with you. I love this post. I couldn’t agree more about being in the Word and making sure we aren’t being swayed by outside influences. Thank you as always for challenging us with you example of great faith.

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