The Dream

As most remember my precious mama passed away in April while I was trying desperately to get her to Arizona to live with us. My heart was truly broken. I used to talk to her every day, often multiple times a day. Oh how I miss her.

Since she went to be with the Lord I have prayed that I would have a dream about her. I’ve heard of others who dream about their loved ones and I just desperately wanted a dream about my mom.

Soooo finally last night I had a powerful dream about my precious mama. It was incredibly comforting, so beautiful and she was beaming in the dream. Since waking up I have cried off and on all day long.

I emailed my childhood friend who actually was also in the dream and has a gifting to interpret dreams. His email back left me in tears (again!). He felt it meant exactly what I thought it meant. Oh the goodness of God!

So very worth the wait!I have thanked the Lord all day long that He gave me such a gift in “seeing” my mom again and what she “said” in the dream. I needed it so badly.

Any one else have a dream about their love one who has passed away? Did you have the dream soon after they passed away or was it awhile? Have you had multiple dreams over the years?

PS My mama and our sweet Jubilee from a few years ago…

One thought on “The Dream

  1. A short time after my Mother passed, I began to have a reaccuring dream. In the dream my Mother came to visit me. We were always outside and a young child always came with her. The child never came near but would play at the base of the tree but would glance at my Mom occasionally. Mother and I would visit , talking for a long time. This dream occured every night for a few weeks. Every morning I was happy that I had a visit from her. After a few weeks the dream stopped and though I missed Mom, I was okay. I have often wondered if the little girl was a child I had miscarried or one my Mother had miscarried . To this day I can still see the dream but do not know what we talked about. I do know she was happy.

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