A Very Personal Story of Domestic Violence

WARNING: A very personal story. Forthright, explicit and raw. The name was changed to protect her innocence.

One holiday, almost seven years ago, we received a middle-of-the-night phone call from Bree (name changed to protect privacy).  Bree’s voice was frantic as she screamed in my ear, “Pray!” and told me that the police were on their way to their home.  It was at that moment that Dw and I knew something was dreadfully wrong.  We were stunned – we had had zero clue.  After all, Bree and her husband were still just newlyweds.

After the police arrived and took him away, Bree called me back and told me what had happened. Her husband had been angry at her because they didn’t have company over for New Years Eve (she had wanted to, he didn’t) so he got his loaded gun and began shooting it off.  She was scared that he was going to hurt her and so she had called the police.  He ended up spending the night in jail and when he went before the judge Bree changed her story and said that she did not feel threatened. 

This is very common for victims of Domestic Violence – they minimize the abuse and terror to protect their abusing spouse because they feel sorry for him or are scared of what he will do if she does tell the truth. 

Before that middle of the night phone call we had had zero clue any abuse was going on although Bree and I literally would text or talk basically every single day.

Having grown up in a home where Domestic Violence was lived out, I actually knew the routine well – the “covering up” to protect the abuser, the “pretending everything is okay”, daily tiptoeing on eggshells.  And today, in our social media driven society, there is an added component – the regular posting on social media declaring how much she loves her abusing husband to pretend to the world that everything is okay and often as an avenue to gain mercy from the abuser. As is the case with most abusers and their partners, there are occasional good days or even good weeks in the beginning but before long the victim walks on eggshells every single moment of every single day.

That first phone call from Bree was our personal nightmare and it was beyond horrible to now know that someone we so desperately loved was living as a victim of Domestic Violence.

Seven months later we were all gathered together for a very special event.  Throughout that special event we were in shock.  Everyone who knew Bree was in disbelief.  Where Bree had once been the life of the party, she now sat with hollow eyes not saying a word for days.  Several of us heard her husband snarling at her, demeaning her and being hateful with his tongue – it was unbearable. We all could only imagine – if this is what he was doing when we were present – what in the world was he doing when we weren’t?

As they were preparing to head back to their home in another state, Dw pulled him aside to talk to him.  While Dw was talking to him, I managed to get her alone (which was a miracle because he would not let her out of his grasp) and I pleaded through my own tears, “Please stay here. Please don’t go back. He will kill you. We will help you.”  As tears dripped steadily from her beautiful eyes she whispered, “I have to.”

They had not even pulled out of sight when I was already dialing the 800 Domestic Violence Hotline to talk to a counselor.  For those needing it: 1-800-799-7233.  If you are afraid your phone may be monitored, there is a national website:  DV HOTLINE

The counselor told me that as much as Dw and I wanted to go after Bree and bring her and their newborn back, we could not force Bree to come.  She was a victim and statistics show that people forced to leave by a loving friend or family member will usually return to the abuse.  She explained that Bree would likely leave several times before she really had the courage to permanently leave.

And so began years of prayer and so very many calls.  I kept dated records of the things she would tell me.  And of course, the pictures.  Horrible, nasty, stomach-turning pictures.  I felt like I was reliving the nightmare of growing up in a home with Domestic Violence but this time I was the adult watching Bree live it out. It was horrific.

We prayed every single day for Bree’s protection, every single day that he wouldn’t kill her and every single day that she would one day have the courage to run!

Anytime my phone rang and it was Bree on caller ID my heart would race as I answered frantically my first words were always, “Are you okay?”  The stress on our souls was so painful!

Of course he attempted to keep Bree from her family.  He sequestered her from friends and if she did have a girlfriend he did everything in his power to destroy that friendship.  He wanted her under his control at all times and would say despicable, disgusting, vulgar things to her.

Bree’s abusing husband abused her sexually as well.  And yes, there is proof as he made a poster for Bree that she had to “obey” which he hung prominently in their home.  The last line of the poster tells the story of the sexual abuse.  It literally makes all who love her want to vomit.

I boldly share this wee bit of Bree’s story because I am convinced that some of you reading this are currently living in a situation with Domestic Violence.  You are reading this and you are saying about your husband or boyfriend, “He’s not that bad.  I can do this.  I don’t want to be a single mom.  I am afraid of hurting him. I feel sorry for him.  I am praying he will change – he says he is going to!”

Yes I know you feel sorry for him.  Bree felt sorry for her husband.  Bree never wanted to be divorced. Bree wanted to “live happily ever after” but no matter how hard Bree tried, the violence continued to escalate.  And in your situation sometimes when he gets violent he tells you he is sorry and it will not happen again but then quickly he flips and reminds you that it is all your fault he is like he is – because Bree’s husband did that too.  It’s a nauseating pattern of atrocious abuse.

To compound Bree’s situation her abusing husband’s family all ignored his abuse. They knew about it, oh yes they did. They saw the dozen or so holes he had punched right through the drywall.  They saw the doors he has smashed in. The door frames he had thrown her against that literally broke off the wall.  They saw it all.  Hard to imagine but yes, yes they did.

His father’s response to his son’s abuse, “Give what he wants!”  His family’s response to the dozen holes punched right through the drywall in Bree and his home?  Silence.  His family’s response to the door frames broken where he threw Bree so hard the door frame actually broke off the wall? Silence.  His family’s response to his threats? “Oh, poor guy.  We feel so sorry for him.”  They actually have had an excuse for everything he does and never once stood up for Bree.  Being quite honest all we wonder is, “How do they sleep at night while protecting this violent, abusive thug?”

Sadly, in many cases, parents/relatives will only enable the abusive behavior.  Bree was told by his parents, “Just give him what he wants” along with so many excuses why he was abusive.  And as they made their excuses I would argue (if I had the chance) with Bree (not them) that he never punched anyone at his job, he never physically abused any of the friends he plays sports with or anyone he does side jobs for.  Do you know why?  Because he’s a charmer to others.  He has amazing self-control with anyone who doesn’t live with him.  Wanna’ know why? Because he knows he can’t get away with it with his sports buddies – they would punch his ever-livin’ lights out.  He gets money from the people he does side jobs for so he is a “happy, helpful fella”.  And his co-workers?  It’s his job and he likes to get paid. The reality is that if he punched his co-workers that would get him arrested and subsequently fired. So he charms those around him and goes home and abuses the crud out of his wife and children.  What a pathetic thug.

Just like the 800 Domestic Violence counselor had counseled me, Bree left once for 3 weeks but went back (it was horrible).  Then a couple of years later she left again for two months as she sought medical care for a situation that was medically confirmed to be caused solely from the stress of living with a man who perpetrates abuse against her and their children daily.  Yes, the stress was so bad that it was medically confirmed that her health was in dire straights from living with a violent, abusive husband.  That’s how violent he was – it was dramatically affecting her health.  All the while we pleaded with the Lord to give her the courage to not go back.  We fasted. We prayed every.single.day.  And yes, I pleaded with Bree – trying to help her understand that her health was being compromised in such a powerful way that it was threatening her entire well-being.

But she went back again.

Listen up precious friend –  if any of Bree’s story is familiar to you – trust me, IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE!   It is NOT okay.  You have not done anything that would give him permission to punch you, slap you, kick you, pull your hair, drag you around the house, scream profanities at you, throw you from a car or truck, destroy property,  punch holes in your walls, run over your foot, smash the handle off the pantry door, make a poster for you to obey, sexually abuse you or any variation of any of the things I just listed!

It does not matter how much you pretend you’ll be fine or what you want to call it or how much you try to minimize his behavior or what a charming guy he is to everyone else – you are a victim of Domestic Violence!!


Do not wait, do not hope tomorrow will be better or that he will be nice.  GET OUT NOW!

Grab your kids and GO!  Don’t wait for him to get home from work.  Don’t wait and talk with him about it.  GO NOW!

If you don’t have transportation, call a friend, a family member, your church, a small group leader and even if they don’t know what has been going on, tell them you need a ride.  After you have left tell them the truth.  Get help!   There are people right around you who want to help. I promise.

If you don’t know where to turn email me:  APlaceCalledSimplicity@yahoo.com   Subject: The Purple Ribbon 

For the record precious friend, there may be some who won’t believe you.  That’s okay, I, for one, believe you.  There may be some who are shocked because of your spouse/boyfriend’s occupation.  Truthfully, nothing surprises those of us who have lived this nightmare.  Domestic Violence crosses all lines of socioeconomic levels.  There may be those who you think would say you should stay. Likely they have never lived with Domestic Violence and have zero clue.  Listen friend,  you have infinite value because you were made by the God of the universe.  His plan is not for you to live in Domestic Violence, even if that means Divorce.  He will get you through this season and He will bring healing.  Your worth is not dependent on what others think, your worth is found in Christ alone.

In Bree’s case one weekend it escalated to the point that he was so violent that she felt that if she didn’t run he was going to kill her and the kids and so she asked God for strength and she fled in the night with nothing.  She called friends from a new church she had visited, and although she hardly knew them she told them she and her kids needed a safe place to sleep and they graciously opened their home (we can never thank them enough).  On her own she called 911 and told them she had fled because she was afraid he was going to kill her and the kids and that she was not kidnapping them but would go to get a Temporary Restraining Order in the morning.  We held our breath and prayed throughout the night! Would she really have the courage to follow through?

The next day she went to a Women’s Shelter in a neighboring city and they helped her obtain a Temporary Protective Order and gave her direction to all the other help she needed.  They were incredible and we are so grateful for them.  We were praising God for her courage and pleading with the Lord for her and her kids protection and strength to keep going strong!

So now, let me be a voice echoing what maybe your mom or your sister or your neighbor or your friend has told you – GET OUT NOW! DO NOT WAIT! 

And if you have told no one, now is the time.  The truth will set you free!  This is not about you.  It’s about men who get their thrill from controlling, abusing, punching, having power over and demeaning the very person they promised to love and protect.  They are bullying thugs.

I plead with you – it will not get better – but will continue to escalate – please, please, please do not be a statistic! If you need help getting out, please email me:  APlaceCalledSimplicity@yahoo.com   Subject:  The Purple Ribbon

13 thoughts on “A Very Personal Story of Domestic Violence

  1. Thank you, Linny, for sharing this. I lost a cousin to domestic violence – her husband actually deliberately murdered her and tried to make it look like a tragic “accident”. He didn’t get away with it. She loved the Lord and when she tried to leave him, her church shamed her into returning to him because “God hates divorce”. The lack of support cost her her life. Thank you for being willing to help anyone who courageously reaches out to you – this is the true definition of church. May God richly reward and bless you for speaking hard truths! Hugs from Canada. Marina

    1. Oh Marina, I cannot imagine the grief you all share. How horrific. Sadly, I’m afraid the “church” is going to be held accountable for the women they have told to “submit and stay”. How tragic! We must not turn a deaf ear or shut our eyes – it’s definitely happening today.

      I shared this post two years ago and had to share it again. No doubt, there are women who stop by Our Place Called Simplicity and have been or are victims of DV whether at the hands of a boyfriend or husband. A sincere thank you for your comment Marina – your story reiterates the need to GET OUT and for us to support those who have been victims. Sending hugs to Canada for you!

    2. So sorry Marina. Thank you for sharing this reminder for both those that are abused and those in the church that may pass judgment.

  2. Thank you for this. It’s so very important!! . I was leading a woman’s group talking about submission. I talked like someone who has never been in a violent situation, that this is what we as women are called to do. Submit, end of story. A friend talked to me after. She told me her story of domestic violence. Of how her small children used to hang on their dad to pull him off of her because she was getting beaten. She stayed because of the churches view of submission and divorce. It was black and white with no mercy-just as I was “preaching”. She was so gracious as she told me how to talk about submission and divorce in a godly, yet loving way. It was so eye opening to me and it changed the way I spoke on the topic. It was so hard for me to imagine marriage any different than loving like mine. How wrong I was. I will forever be grateful to her for having the courage to correct me, share her story and help me grow. She did get away, but deals daily with the damage it did to her teens because she waited too long.

    1. Wow Sue. What a powerful lesson for all of us. I’m so grateful she spoke graciously to you and shared her story. And I’m also so thankful that she left. I can say, the effects on the children watching is devastating. Thank you for sharing with us.

    1. Oh friend. I am praying for you right now. Please email me. APlaceCalledSimplicity@yahoo.com Subject: Purple Ribbon There are so many resources available to women in this situation. In Bree’s case, the DV shelter helped her file a protective order and gave her insight into resources that provided food and shelter for her and her children. I know it is hard to leave – BUT you cannot stay and if you read the comments – one lost a relative to DV. Domestic Violence can turn deadly and if you have children they are watching it all. Bree’s children had very real struggles from watching it. It only escalates and you know that even after the apology, etc and maybe a few good days or weeks, it starts again, but worse than the last time. Please, I urge you, you must leave. Either way, email me. Please.

      1. Thank you, Mrs Saunders, I did leave, though it was very difficult. I have been pondering the next step, wavering and weakening a little, and saw your blog post. I left for escalating extreme anger and abusive speech. He was calling me names that no man should call a woman who is trying to live a Godly life, and his anger issues are his problem. I decided that I wasn’t doing him any good by sticking around so he could sin more. I tried to set a boundary that I would not respond to him when he used the F-word on me, and he just did not respond to that boundary but got more violent, not to me physically, but to my property. There are other issues that I won’t go into. So many things have made me stay, including the thought that I just deserve this because I married him against counsel. I thought my only choice was to endure his attitude for the next 20 years until we got old and one of us died. I was praying for God to set me free. I did feel the freedom that it would be okay for me to leave after the last episode. I was responding to his anger with anger of my own, and I didn’t like what I was seeing develop in my own life. The proverb that came to mind was “Make no friendship with an angry man and with a furious man do not go, lest you learn his ways and get a snare for your soul.” So I fled, aand I’m not going back until I am absolutely sure without a shadow of a doubt that there has been true repentance. I am praying for him. I guess the thing that has struck me the most is how hard it is to leave AND TO STAY AWAY, and I have it easier than most, with no children involved. I emailed you. Thank you for your prayers!

        1. I can’t imagine how difficult this is, but remember 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Maybe it was wrong for you to marry your husband, but staying with him, in this situation, won’t make it right. You are such a strong and brave woman and I admire that!

          Love, hugs, and prayers.

          1. Please continue to pray for me. He has decided to divorce me instead of repenting, which I guess is actually a blessing since I don’t want to be with him if he is going to continue his abuse. I actually left my house that I paid for to get away from him, with just my car and some clothes and I snuck back for my little dog later. I am now renting a room from a friend. It was kind of a shock for me to realize that I was an abused wife, since I have a college education. It really can happen across all levels of society. I have learned about manipulation, intimidation, and domination which come from a controlling spirit. I put up with his abuse, but when I found out he was verbally abusing my elderly mother and sending her inappropriate texts, that helped strengthen me to stay away.

            1. I’m so sorry for the heartache, but so very proud of your resolve to not allow him to continue his abuse. As you know, it’s NOT you! Whoever he ends up with will be the recipient of his abuse. Stay strong! You were created in our God’s spectacular image and He has a beautiful plan for you. Be set free! xo

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