But Fail!

With all the trauma going on around us, I am certain that someone out there needs to hear this.

But first let me back up…

It’s a given in life that we will have difficult seasons. We live in a very broken world filled with loss, disease, heartache, grief, sickness, pain, and suffering. And there are times when we are broadsided by something that we just didn’t see coming.

A close friend of mine is a single mom struggling in a work-related situation. All who know her are pleading with the Lord on her behalf.

A sweet young friend, after undergoing medical tests, has been given a scary diagnosis.

Another dear friend is in the midst of challenging divorce proceedings. The custody situation is very concerning. We are praying and asking the Lord who sees all, to rescue them.

Still another precious friend has a fungus that has been destroying her body (she even missed her daughter’s wedding) and all of us who know her are humbly imploring the Lord to halt the spread of the fungus and miraculously heal her. Oh, and while this is going on, her husband had a couple of months earlier been diagnosed with leukemia.

Then in the midst of all of this heartache we have Josh and Emma’s situation that has left us reeling! In case you missed what’s going on with them, go here: Medical Emergency.

Oh God – how desperately we need you to intervene right now!

And friends, this is exactly why we have our Memorial Box. After a few sobbing, panicky hours of fear regarding our grand’s situation, I went and stood in front of our Memorial Box. Our Memorial Box is filled with symbols, trinkets, and pictures – each tangibly representing a story of how God rescued, healed, protected, provided or surprised our family “just because”. And He gently reminded me:

Then you will know that I am the Lord; those who hope in me will not be disappointed. Isaiah 49:23

Yes, as He moves on our behalf, then we will KNOW that He is the Lord and in that promise our desperation turns to hope, and we are assured that He IS working and we will not be disappointed. At that moment, fear gave way to triumph and my faith began to soar!

Walking through life’s most traumatic situations is really our opportunity to see the Lord’s loving fingertips throughout each moment. He has never failed us. Not even once.

So as I’ve been talking to the Lord about all of these difficult situations, He has continually brought me back to that verse and this song. “Never Lost” by Elevation Worship and Tauren Wells. It is so stinkin’ powerful!

Our God has never lost a battle. Never.

He’s never lost a battle!

Let that sink in….

He can do ALL things –



When we really stop and realize – He can do all things! All things. Do you believe it? All things? There is nothing too difficult for our God. Our God, can do anything – we’ve seen it ourselves. You’ve seen it too!

There’s only one thing He CANNOT do:


No matter how insurmountable the mountains look: He can do all things – BUT FAIL.

No matter what you’ve been told: He can do all things, BUT FAIL.

No matter what your diagnosis: He can do all things, BUT FAIL.

No matter what circumstance you find yourself in, turn to Jesus. He cares, He wants your whole heart, and He can do anything, BUT FAIL.

I stand on His promises:

He can do all things,


4 thoughts on “But Fail!

    1. Seriously Anita! This song has been running through my mind and I play it over and over. I get up in the night to give Ruby her meds and it’s running through…living my day…running through….God is so astoundingly faithful.

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