Johnny-boy’s Dream Comes True!

Over the last six years of being home, John has told me some of the things his mean-hearted nannies would say as he waited for a family. Two themes were spoken often. “No one will ever want you because you are too much work” as well as “You will never be able to do anything.”

Yes it was awful, but by God’s grace, Johnny-boy had another nanny who was the complete opposite! She was kind, loving, tenderhearted and talked daily to John about Jesus. She believed that a family would come for him and they would pray daily that a family who loved Jesus would come for him.

As the days approached for his 14th birthday, they continue to steadfastly pray knowing that once his 14th birthday came, due to laws in Ch-na, he could never have a family. I cannot thank the Lord enough for the hope that this precious nanny breathed into him while continually teaching him about our astoundingly faithful God. About six weeks before his 14th birthday we landed on US soil. God had, indeed, heard their prayers!

Since John came home he and I have talked lots about future employment. The first time I told him that someday he would have a job, I will never forget his face, questioning in complete astonishment, “REALLY? You think I could get a job? Really?”

He could not believe that some day he would be able to work. (Remember he had heard daily that he could never do anything!) I assured him that he would be a great asset to any company he could work for – his smile alone is worth a million bucks! Since that initial conversation, he and I have kicked around all kinds of career ideas. You name it, we’ve probably talked about it!

And then when his two brothers both got jobs at Chick-Fil-A we began to figure out what he could do part-time as he finishes up the last of his schooling.

The Home Depot near our home seemed like the perfect spot to start.

On a comical note, John filled out the application on line. I gave him a little help here and there as he filled it out and then went back to making dinner. A few minutes later he came to tell me that he didn’t think he had done it right and that he didn’t know if they had really gotten the application. I assured him that if he pressed the “submit” button, they had it. He also asked if I knew how long it would take to hear back.

As I started to explain what the process might look like…I noticed he was not paying any attention but instead was looking at his phone. I questioned, “Are you hearing me at all?” He answered, “Oh mom! I’m reading the letter that Home Depot just sent me!” Ha! And within a couple of hours he received a second email that basically said, “You have been hired on the condition of your background check.”

Just like that Johnny-boy had his first job! He’s a sales associate and works also in the garden section. He’s learning lots and he love, love, loves it! He is picked up at our home by Paratransit, they take him to work and bring him back home. Our astoundingly faithful God has done it again.

So if you wander into a Home Depot here in Phoenix and see our handsome son – celebrate with him – Johnny-boy’s got a job! God has heard our prayers and another one of his dreams has come true!

17 thoughts on “Johnny-boy’s Dream Comes True!

  1. Praise God Praise God. I’m still with tears in my eyes. How inspirational
    this post is, Brovo, {John} ❤️

    1. I’ve been a lurker for years and this has brought me out with tears in my eyes. God is so good and cares for all of our needs, hopes and desires.

      1. Awww, well thank you for popping out of lurkdom to join the celebration for our Johnny-boy. God is so good. I sure wish I had a video rolling when I told him for the first time that he would someday have a job! I will never forget his shock followed by such joy!

  2. Praise God!! And great news, John! The Phoenix Home Depot is about to see a surge in sales and very satisfied customers!!

  3. I’m sure his awesome smile alone is a blessing to all those that he works with and interacts with each day.

    This nanny who told him about Jesus, spoke life over him and prayed with him… was he able to stay in touch with her? What an encouragement and blessing to her soul it would be for her to hear this.

    We certainly do serve the God of the 9th hour… like the Egyptians hot on the tail of the Israelites and all that the Israelites can see in front of them is the Red Sea … Dear Heavenly Father help us to remember what You have done as we pray and believe in faith for what seems impossible. With You God all things are possible. In Jesus name. Amen

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