Please, For Me…

Today is the anniversary of our house fire when we lost our home. It is always a sobering time for me. It many ways it still feels like it was yesterday. More has been uncovered, so much more to the story and I will share it all someday when I write my life story.

By God’s grace, the kids and I got out with about a minute to spare before the house had an explosion from the backdraft. According to the fire inspector, at that point we would have been overcome with smoke and heat and perished.

Tonight in our home we will be having an evening of worship and praise to thank the Lord for His mercy that day when the kids and I were home alone. And He rescued us!

Please, for me, check your smoke alarms TODAY. Please change the batteries in them today. Please buy multiple brands and put them around your home. Even if your house is “hard wired” to a smoke alarm, buy some that aren’t part of the system and put them up. If you can’t afford a smoke alarm, message me and I will send you one.

The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear Him and He rescues them. Psalm 34:7

2 thoughts on “Please, For Me…

  1. I’m taking this message to heart! I’ve had “change smoke alarm batteries” on my to-do list for a long time, and I’m taking this as the nudge to do this TODAY! Thank you for the reminder. And praise God that you and your family survived such a horrific tragedy!

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