A Place Called Simplicity

I am beginning this blog at the beginning. I have had such fun posting to Isaiah’s journal, yet there is so much more to me and to my family, that it seemed only appropriate to begin a family journal.

So from the beginning…….Dwight and I are very happily married (30 years this coming August) and we have a boatload of kids, seven (so far!!!) to be exact!

Recently I spoke at church and mentioned having a boatload of kids. A lady visiting was heading out the door after and said, “You said you have a boatload, how many do you have?” I suspect she thought I had two and was calling that a boatload.

Just to take a little detour here, one time there was a lady who asked how many kids I had. I told her. She said, “Well I only have one, but trust me, he keeps me waaaay busier than yours do, cause you just don’t know my one!” I was polite (we pastors wives have to be polite, after all she was saying this in the church foyer). Of course I was thinking, “Have you never heard of the words “time out” or “discipline”??….

Back to the other day and the lady asking about my boatload…..I replied that we had 7 kids…..she smiled and said, “Yup, you’re right you have a boatload.” She had four (her own sweet boatload).

Like I was saying….our boatload is getting even bigger (more about that later) so there is alot to keep up with. We have had several big events in the last few weeks, so I think I will write a post about each one separately. It’s just not so much fun to share the spotlight with everyone else when you are one of the boatload of kids around here.

So join our family as we simply journey through life!

(PS The pic was taken a short hop, skip and jump from our little log home (A Place Called Simplicity) ….that’s the Rockies in the background! I think we get to live in the prettiest place on Earth!)

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