Liberty’s dog was hit and killed on the road in January. We were all heartbroken. It’s amazing how 5 little pounds can work their way into your hearts. There are days I still tear up thinking about that little muttly named BooBoo. We have prayed and searched for a companion like our little BooBoo was. He was a Schnoodle and loved people. He didn’t have a mean bone in his body and he was definitely not a yapper. Lapper (lap dog) yes, yapper no.

So a couple of weeks ago I drove Emma and Graham to Denver for ATF. Emma has been enjoying the long distance company of one special young man since camp last summer Since our church wasn’t going to ATF we asked if Emma and Graham could go with this young man’s church?? It was a ‘yes’ and so I drove them up there.

While they were at ATF I stayed with my one of my dearest friends Jo. She and I grew up together, she was in my wedding and she is also my accountability partner. There is no one on earth (except my husband) that I can laugh with like her. We laugh about old stuff, new stuff and everything inbetween. We are able to just be ourselves, totally. And we know too much about each other that we will always have to be friends. (Right Jo?) I treasure her friendship.

So Jo and I drove all over Denver looking for a puppy replacement. I couldn’t find a Schnoodle at all, so decided maybe I ought to get a Schnauzer and make our own Schnoodles. I ended up with the sweetest little girl dog. I brought her home (unbeknownst to Liberty) and gave her my purse. I said, “Look inside, I brought you a little something.” Liberty was thrilled. She dresses her up in dolly clothes and from the looks of things the puppy obviously doesn’t mind at all.

Here is the newest furry addition to the family – introducing Nelly!!!

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