What A Military Mom Does When Her Son is Deployed

We had not heard from Tyler in awhile. I was sitting in church yesterday praying for him and wondering when he will call again. Since he is in the Special Forces he can never tell us where he is, where he has been, what he is doing or what he has done. It is hard to hear of turmoil in some parts and deaths and wait and wonder.

It seemed like today that Sarah (Tyler’s girlfriend) is also growing concerned. The days seem quite long as we wait in between calls.

Yesterday during church I realized that I was probably doing stuff that only Military families do. My cell phone’s vibrate mode is broken. So while Dw is preaching I have the phone on silent but sitting on that seat so it is in my peripheral vision. If it lights up I see it immediately. If I am looking the other way for a second, I quick look back to the phone….did it light up? I click to have it light up. I click it again to check it again.

During worship I thought, what will I do? So I turned the volume to full blast and tucked my cell phone into my shoulder strap. I was wearing a jacket so no one could see it – although I might have looked like I had a shoulder-pad-gone-bad on. I kept it up high all during the worship just in case it rang I could hear it almost next to my ear. When people were leaving and I was greeting at the door, again, it was in my shoulder strap.

The picture on the left is my favorite picture of Tyler. I can hear him laughing when I look at it. Abigail took the pictures when she was home with all the kids in March, just before TyTy deployed. Probably most can’t understand, but while we wait for that precious phone call from our handsome oldest son, we will do anything to be certain that we don’t miss his call. How proud we are of you dear Tyler. You are OUR HERO!! We LOVE you and can’t wait for you to come HOME!

One thought on “What A Military Mom Does When Her Son is Deployed

  1. so, i’ve spent the last chunk of time reading all of your posts about tyler, knowing that he is deploying soon. adn i came to the realization that his job is much different than my husbands and they won’t be stationed together. but, if tyler ends up staying at camp cropper or camp stryker iraq for a little bit, please email me. (that is where my hubby will be) jjjgibson@gmail.com
    thank you for sharing so much of your heart and your love. i know our deployment experiences will be much differnet, with you as a mom and me as a wife; and the careers are much different as well as the risks; but i know that God will use us each to support each other in the months ahead.

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