The Long Awaited Call

After a not-so-fun day with Mistletoe imagine the joy of being woke up by my cell phone ringing in the night at 1:20am and hearing our Tyler say he had landed on American soil. Oh yippeee Jesus!! He really only said that much, I started to tell him I had been kicked by the horse but was interrupted by him saying that he would call me back in a minute.
I laid there trying NOT to fall asleep…but eventually dozed off only to be woke up again to him saying, “I can’t talk Mom I will have to call you in the morning.” It made me laugh – who knows what was going on, but truly – wake me up anytime Tyler-son just to hear your voice telling me you can’t talk – it’s the best sound I’ve heard in months!! I love you precious son and am so very, very, very, very proud of you!!!

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