Mad Mistletoe Looking for a Home

Now that we have a verbal pre-approval for Jubilee I had my day planned. I would get up, have my Bible study, get some chores done, drive the kids to Grandmas for the day and then head back home to spend the rest of the day working on paperwork for Miss Jubilee.

As I was making coffee I noticed that the horses had broke their stall fence down. Uh-oh! To make a long story shorter…I tried to get them in the pasture and they were both mad and antzy and I ticked Mistletoe off so much that she kicked me in the upper thigh and sent me flying back about three feet to where I landed on my bee-hind!!

I couldn’t move and suddenly remembered that I had stuck my cell in my bra incase Dw called from Africa. I ended up calling Seth (after my sleeping kids didn’t answer the house phone). Seth came and the now-awake Graham carried me up to the car and Seth drove me to the ER. As I type this story, I sound like it was all just matter-of-fact. Yeah, not so much! I was sobbing like a crazy woman at the pain and couldn’t even think straight. The leg was not broken, miraculously – BUT it has a nasty injury to the muscle and I am on bedrest and ice. So much for the paperwork!

When I was a kid I always thought it would be so much fun to need “cripple sticks”….and so it is now, at 49, my turn! Wonderful friends pitched right in. From fixing the stall, to bringing lunch, bringing dinner, helping Graham fix the lawnmower and folding my laundry – we have some awesome friends who make me feel loved!

As for the “cripple sticks”….I am really not having as much as I thought I would. And as for Miss Mistletoe….we are thinking that we will get the last laugh after all. Anyone want to come for a Horse BBQ when Dw and Emmy get home?

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