Happy Time

Family night at our home has been renamed by Isaiah. On his own, he started calling it “Happy Night”. Each week (usually Tuesday) we play together something as a family, talk, laugh, giggle and always end it with ice cream. Of course the kids favorite game for us to play during Happy Night is Hide-N-Seek! All the lights get turned out just except for a tiny little light that allows us to barely see home base.

No matter what your age….there’s just nothing quite like the thrill of walking into a pitch dark room from an almost pitch dark hallway….*gulp*….and no matter how old this gal gets it doesn’t get any easier….for the record, the kids and Dw are relieved I had a hysterectomy with a bladder repair surgery alleviating most of the ol’ trickle problem when getting chased in the dark by “It”……….*sigh*….the joys of being a woman….

The second favorite thing to play is Charades….Isaiah decided (on his own) to act out the skunk that sprayed our dog Lucy….
It was so much fun watching him lift his leg and say, “Psshhh”…that we kept guessing other animals to make him keep doing it….yeah, I know, we’re bad, but we’re the parents and we can do whatever we want….
Liberty acting out being a giraffe (I think)……

Liberty being a rolly-polly bug…..
Emma being all dramatic….(oh she would so kill me if she saw me posting this….)

Nelly watching the whole thing and probably thinking that she could do a far better imitation of a dog….whatever Nelly, whatever….

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