Pausing for a stretch at the Mojave Desert….Abby and Ryan’s bungalow…..

Stop taking stupid pictures for your stupid blog mom – or we will make stupid faces….

We left on Monday afternoon to head out here to California to spend Thanksgiving at Abby and Ryan’s home. Because of Dw’s shoulder I did most of the driving. We spent Monday night in Kingman, Arizona and cruised the rest of the way yesterday.

While driving to Abby’s home I passed signs for Hesperia, California. I thought, “Wow! Someone who stops by my blog is from Hesperia because I have seen it on the blog locations thingy!” So, whoever you are out there, as I passed by the exits for Hesperia I prayed for you….that you would be blessed and that the Lord would meet all of your needs! You are not that far down the road from my Abigail! =) Kind of fun, huh?
Abby and Ryan live in the sweetest little 1920’s bungalow with a darling little front porch. It has a living room, kitchen and one bedroom, oh yeah, and one bathroom. They have one bed. So how exactly do we all fit? Literally – it is wall-to-wall people on the floors. It is cozy and homey and we are having a blast.
Yesterday while we were driving here Abby texted the kids so they could ask us: What do we want for breakfast? Pancakes and bacon; french toast and bacon; or sugar cereal and bagels? Isaiah immediately said, “Sugar cereal and bacon!” (Our junk food junkie who wants anything to do with sugar!) So big sis is having sugar cereal and bacon to score brownie points with little brother.
Tyler’s unit is on call at his base, if there should be an international emergency they must be ready to deploy in a few hours, so he is unable to come for Thanksgiving. We are still trying to talk Autumn into hopping on a plane and spending the day with us. After all, she is a supervisor with the airlines – so come on girlfriend – get here already!!

Then on Friday we will drive straight thru to get home. On Saturday we will finish packing up, Sunday morning has the two church services, then after noon we will go cut down our Christmas tree so that Dw can enjoy it for three weeks while we are gone. Then we have an Evening of Worship on Sunday night. And then on Monday morning, in the not-so-bright hours we will begin our journey to Elizabeth and Elijah. Yippee Jesus!! I can’t wait!!

3 thoughts on “California!!

  1. Drat darn it I’m crying. I wish I could be with you in Africa picking up your precious E and E. Can’t wait for you to get J. SO much going on here, I can’t even catch up! Today we are cooking the best darn Thanksgiving Chicken ever! Love you!

  2. What a FUN time!! Can you post some more pics. of the adorable (even though tiny 🙂 sweet cottage? I bet they are happier in that tiny cottage than they would be in a mansion!
    Who got the bed? lol

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