A New Family Picture….

I mentioned the other day in a post that I wanted to have Elijah and Elizabeth photoshopped in our family picture so that they could begin to see exactly what family they are part of.

A sweet bloggy friend, Julie, wrote to me and volunteered her hubby to do it for us. Within a day they had sent the picture back. Voila!! We are so excited. I am currently having it printed and then I will take it and get it laminated so my sweet babies can smother it with kisses and lovin’…..and see all of us together!

Don’t they just look so “at home” in the picture?? Elizabeth is just kickin’ back and Elijah is grinning so sweetly in his TaTa’s hat…I am just tickled to pieces with it…

Thank you Julie and Curt from the state of Washington – you rose up and met a need and our new and improved picture will (on Monday) be wisking its way to Africa with us….thanks to you!! You guys totally rock!! Yippee Jesus!

6 thoughts on “A New Family Picture….

  1. Oh my goodness…I always thought something was missing from that picture!! Now it is complete…for now! Jubi needs to nuzzle her way in there soon!

    I’m praying so hard for you girlfriend!!

    Love you!!

  2. Hi Linny, I just wanted to take a minute to wish you an incredible journey, You wouldn’t believe how excited I am for you!!!!! I will follow everyday and anxiously await your return with Elizabeth and Elijah. I will pray that everything runs smoothly. You and your family have touched so many of us. Praise the Lord!!!

  3. Great picture with the miracles included!

    I can’t, can’t, CAN’T wait to get more updates when you get to meet those two precious little ones! It feels like an extended Thanksgiving!

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