A Christmas Eve Surprise for YOU!!!

Dear sweet, sweet friends:

Do you love surprises as much as I do? Not just gifts – but TRUE surprises!! Like a surprise when someone comes to visit that you didn’t expect. Like an unexpected phone call from someone you miss very, very much? Like an email from someone you haven’t heard from in a very long time??

And have you ever seen the blog awards? Who starts those anyway? Knowing there is no giant ‘rule book’ that says who can start a blog award or not….I decided to have my own little award thingy….It’s a “Faithful Friendship Award”….and being as I love, love, love surprises, I decided let’s have a little Christmas Eve surprise/Friendship Award from our home to yours….**drum roll please**

You really probably cannot grasp how much your prayers on our behalf meant to us while I was in Africa. We truly believe that the mountains were moved ONLY because of the power of prayer! How faithful God is and for whatever reason He just gets a big ol’ kick out of the body praying earnestly, united for a common cause (the orphan!) and believing together for a miracle.

To know that some of you were awake at night praying on our behalf – how very humbling and how it brings tears to our eyes. To hear from others that you kept refreshing A Place Called Simplicity just to see if there was anymore news – WOW!

Many days I could not get internet service (as you know) and Dw would read me your comments and we both would bawl on the phone – to know so many, we have never personally met cared – Yippee Jesus, Yipppee Jesus, Yippee Jesus – You guys totally rock!!

It is a pretty weird feeling to be in a very foreign country, alone (except for my 13 and 15 year old – whom I am to protect!) and unable to make things happen!! We were completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from all of you…..Most of you I have never met, but I truly consider you all my dear friends and….If we could have a giant party and all of you could come and meet our sweet little miracles – that would be the best! BUT as you know that can’t happen – we will have to have a giant party in heaven one day – Yippee Jesus!

So while in Africa, overwhelmed with all your kindnesses, I wanted to do something. I thought, “how can I thank at least some of you?” And how can I do that without offending anyone?? (We pastor’s wives can pretty much breathe at times and offend someone!??!!?! – ugh)….

I searched the little market places, high and low and finally found something that I wanted to give to some of you….but who and how? I prayed about it. Finally, I came up with this…

Since coming home I have counted all the comments people made and tallied them up….unfortunately I had to draw the line somewhere….. I have a little surprise for those who made the very most comments (while I was in Africa). I will mail them a special little gift I brought back with me. All I need is for each of you to write me at: APlaceCalledSimplicity@yahoo.com and send me your street address and I will have the kids take these sweet little things and package them up and on their way to you.

So Surprise! Suprise! Surprise!! Would: Amie, Rachel (and Mr. Daddy), Lisa in Ohio, Chris and Sarah, Julie Hoagland, Tony and Rett, Waiting Faithfully (Tina), Lori (whose neck I have hugged), Holly, Jaime, Adeye, and Sharla COME ON DOWN!!! Mr. Daddy even gets something extra special cause he and Rach (who made the second most comments) are a package deal and he made some comments that made Dw and I laugh our heads off….thanks Mr. Daddy – your humor is so much appreciated!! =)
Now, please oh please oh please, no hate mail for those who were runners-up…remember your TRUE reward is in heaven!! =)

I pray that these gifts will regularly remind each of you of the continual faithfulness of our Mountain-Moving, Awe-Inspiring, Gasp-Giving God!!

PS I love giving stuff away – so keep the comments coming cause ya’ just never know what the future holds!!! =) Much love to all of you from our home to yours!!

16 thoughts on “A Christmas Eve Surprise for YOU!!!

  1. That’s hilarious!! I can’t believe you thought to give awards!!!

    Where do you live? I showed your blog to my mom the other day, and she asked me that question. My parents have a cabin in Colorado…this may be what made her wonder. My parents raised seven kids, and I have fun teasing her that she and dad may not be done yet…(therefore showing her your blog). You have a beautiful family!

  2. Oh my friend…I am humbled beyond words. The ONLY gift I ever wanted for my prayers was seeing your whole family united! (And don’t think I have forgotten about sweet Jubilee!) You are too sweet…

    I’ll admit, I DO love surprises though!!!

    Merry Christmas, my friends! It’s going to be the best one yet!

  3. What a sweet idea!!!! I can’t tell you how much your comments meant while you were in Uganda thinking of me!!! I am so blessed to have “met” you and your family!

  4. Yippee Jesus, I won, I won!! Truly the real prize was the privilege of praying those babies home–and seeing our mighty God move BIG! I cannot even explain the way the Lord moved on my heart each time one of you made a new post, (it was pure Holy Spirit sweetness) oh He is soooo good! So very, very good!

    We will party in heaven together!! Thank you God for your Christmas miracles. For your son Jesus, and for little Elijah, and for the miracle known as Elizabeth!!

    Merry, Merry Christmas to your sweet family!


    Tina and family

    Now I’m off to send you my address! Thank you BIG!!! By the way Linny, what did you name the rooster?

  5. You dear sweet souls…. Can I request that my gift be you packin your sweet family up and heading this way for a visit?????? That is not asking too much, is it? I mean, really? Shall I get the sheets washed and the games out for family game night??? So how bout you….. COME ON DOWN!!!!!!!!

    I just love you guys!

    Hugs Dear ones!


  6. I agree with Amie, I would love for you to come my way for a visit. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a “BLOG FAMILY REUNION”. That would be a blast. There are some really great folks out there in blog world. None quite like you, but still some great people.

    So, what do you say???

    Lisa from Ohio

  7. Leave it to you Linn!!! What an awesome way to show appreciation! And so much fun!!!!

    Wishing you, Dwight and all of your babies (big and small; at home and away) a very very Merry Christmas!

    With much love,

  8. Aaahhh, you are way tooooo sweet! You know, it has been such JOY JOY JOY to pray for you over the last few weeks, I cannot tell you. It has been such a blessing to see the Body mobilized to earnestly PRAY—not just the “yes, I’ll pray for you”, and then never utter a single word to the Father (uuuggg!)…but seeing the Body ACTUALLY pray and witnessing God come through!!!! Seeing God move mountains time after time in your journey has so encouraged my heart 🙂
    What a joy to know that your babies are just where they need to be this Christmas.
    Much love and blessings

  9. Linny,
    I just have to say that it is a gift to me everytime you leave a comment on my blog. I can’t begin to tell you how much of a blessing you have been to me only knowing you through the blogger world.

    It was such a privilage to pray for your family! I’m really glad your home now though because I’m getting a lot more sleep =).


  10. Oh Linn,

    You are sooooooo sweet. To be in another Country going through all you were going through, and thinking how you could bless us. Your amazing testimony of life being lived out before our very eyes….blog style, is such a gift already. You have made me WANT TO BE A BETTER CHRISTIAN, a better wife and a better mother. How sweet you are to think of me…..THANK YOU! It was a blessing to me, to pray for you, DW and the children.

  11. WwwEEeeeeLLLLLLllllllll!!!!!! I just don’t know what to say. Guess you have left me a little speechless. I read your post yesterday, and came back a couple of times to leave a comment and really couldn’t think of the right thing to say.

    Maybe there isn’t a right thing to say other than just thank you:o)

    I guess Rach and I know how you felt now when the nice lady gifted you with her watch. We surely didn’t pray or comment to win any award, but you humble us with your generosity and thoughtfulness. May it return to you 100fold :o)

  12. Ok, I just posted and it didn’t appear! hmmm….
    We have a son from LCV who was in the same home as your Jubilee!! We met her and hugged her neck when we adopted him in 2006!! She is precious!!
    Inquiring minds want to know if you have an update on Martha and the other cuties?? Also….how could a well deserving family go about getting more information on her?? I know there are families out there who are interested in her adoption!!!


  13. Merry Merry Christmas to you, Dwight and your precious children!! I'm sure this is an extra special Christmas Day for all of you. How exciting that God moved mountains to bring your sweet Elizabeth and precious Elijah home…in time for Christ's birthday! Praise God for His love, power and grace!

    Love & hugs to you from me!!

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