The First Day Home in Pictures

I am working on a post for later today, but Abigail called and said, “Mom, please, please, please put some pictures up!!” So here’s to you my sweet Abby…..

Yes, this 5o year old woman and 53 three year old man have two cribs in one room, are changing diapers and hearing our newest son say, “no” at almost everything we say to him!!

Check out the snow outside our little log home….

34 thoughts on “The First Day Home in Pictures

  1. Welcome Home! It looks like Christmas is a week early this year.:) Thank you so much for putting pictures up. I was dying to see the kids. I can't wait to meet them! Welcome back to baby-land (diapers, cribs etc…). We missed you guys. Have a wonderful couple days relaxing and showing E & E their new family. What a blessing!

  2. I’m so moved by this whole thing that I don’t even know what to say except Thank You LORD for allowing me to be even just a peripheral partner (in prayer) in this magnificent event and to the Saunders for making themselves transparent and sharing such a huge part of their lives in this blog (as well as at church). In the words of Tiny Tim, “God bless us every one!”

  3. PRECIOUS!!! Elijah and Elizabeth look right at home in their little jammies with their big brother Isaiah (Aww. Aww. AWW!!!) and their big sisters. Welcome Home Forever Family! With Much Love and
    SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!, Amy and the Gang

  4. YEA GOD!!! Garrett called us last night as soon they left the airport. He was SOOOO excited that Elijah came to him. Carie said everyone was bawling and we were too on this end.
    I’ve prayed all day for rest for you, Linn! May the Father renew your strength moment by moment.

    Love and prayers from Texas.

  5. I'm soooo glad you made it safely home with all your babies in tow!!! I so wish I was there to greet you – or maybe catch you as you fell off the plane, quite likely asleep on your feet.I can't wait to come see them and have a play date with E & E and little J. Love you lots – I know you'll be busy for awhile but call when it's convenient – can't wait to chat!
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Yeah! Thanks so much for posting the pics – it just about killed us to have to leave the airport before you got there last night. We can’t wait to meet them – what a fun time! Relax, enjoy the new additions to the joyful chaos, and welcome back to the world of little ones! You guys are amazing.

  7. Sweetness!! Absolute, “look what God has done” sweetness! What a joy to see your babies home in your cozy cabin, surrounded by so much love!!

    Thank you for taking the time to share (thank you Abby–and congrats to you big sister!)

    Thank you Jesus!

    Blessings from Texas~


  8. Such precious, beautiful pictures of your forever family! Thanks for posting them.

    I continue to rejoice and praise God that all of you arrived home safely. Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with all of us. It has been such a faith-building adventure to watch God orchestrate so many details, answer so many prayers and perform so many miracles! YEAH GOD!!

  9. WOO HOO!!! My favorite, the thumb sucking one of Elizabeth! TOO PRECIOUS! And that she is smiling while doing it! S sucks THREE fingers and can smile while doing this too! SO, SO happy you are ALL home!!! You will have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS no doubt in your little cabin!

    Today when I was so tired (confession: I am a bit younger than you), I thought of you Linn and thought, “If she can do this with three times as many, I can do it too!” I mean this as a compliment; hope it came to you that way! 😉 I also thought if I am doing things half as well as she is at 50, I will be so proud! Thanks for letting us tag along on the journey!

  10. Well, like everyone I’m SO EXCITED they are home. And, also a little glad that we weren’t the only one waiting for pictures…..even Abby had to wait! 🙂 A couple days ago I said “boy, right now all I wish I could do is just sit down in D and L’s living room by the fire and just laugh” But you guys weren’t home yet, now the pictures seal the deal! Miss you guys! Love you tons! So excited remembering the mountains and the prayer requests and knowing that this was all accomplished in 3 short (I know it seemed so long) weeks!

  11. God is sooo BIG! Only He could bring such a great family together. Your life via your blog is a testimony and inspiration. Thank you for opening a window to your world. Enjoy those kiddos and Merry Christmas!

    Carla from Nebraska

  12. How wonderful to see those babies where they belong!! God is good!! I think we need to see a photo of you and DW with those precious little ones too (in the same photo that is!)!!

    So glad you’re safe and sound!


  13. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! to see those sweet little ones in their home with their family. No words. Well, maybe one. AWESOME! probably more, but I am just at a loss. how stinkin’ cute are they? And did I see a thumb sucker? awww…… man to be a fly on the wall in your house.

    Thanks for sharing! Now go love on those little ones a little for me!

    Love you guys!


  14. Welcome Home! So glad you are all safe and sound in your cozy cabin. Thanks for posting the pictures, the kids look so happy together.
    Looking forward to reading more about your journey. Get some rest!

    Troy, IL

  15. Awesome…just awesome. E & E look so precious in their little footy pajamas. Isaiah looks pretty darn cute too! I am so happy for your family. Thanks for posting the pics..can't wait to hear the rest of the story!


  16. Amazing! I am so happy you are all home! (I kept checking your blog to make sure everyone got there safe and sound! But I have had company here for a few days and couldn’t post until now. 🙂 ) The kids are so very adorable in their footie pjs, too. I wish you as easy a transition for them as possible. Thank you for sharing your journey, and all the awesome God moments throughout! I so hope that you have paved the way for more adoptions from Uganda, and I thank you for that, too!

    All the best,
    Nicole A. in Ohio

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