The First Day Home in Print….=)

Where to begin? First off – it is soooo good to be home. Hunkered down in our little log home with the Christmas tree lights glowing, the wood stove crackling and the smell of the Christmas cookies Emmy and Liberty made this afternoon – perfect! I have missed home sooooo much that I confess there were some days in Africa that I just could not think about it – because I would want to just drive straight to the airport and jump on the quickest flight. Yes, I am pathetically a homebody. I love being home!!

I have so much to tell about the trip! I will take it apart piece by piece. The Lord showed up in huge ways over and over and many times I felt like it was only total dependence on Him that got me through – backed by praying friends all over the world. So thank you praying friends!!
It’s true: last night I fell asleep while talking to some friends at the airport. Which, by the way, thank you sweet, sweet friends who were there greeting us when we arrived. It was so wonderful to see all your smiling and cheering faces when we walked through the door. You guys blessed us so much by taking time out to be there even after a blizzardy day and our plane’s delay you persevered and were there for us to welcome us home and yes, it made our day!! Thank you!! We felt very loved by each of you there.
Anyway, I was changing one of the babies diapers, seated on the floor and could hardly keep my eyes open as I was doing it. One of my friends asked me a question and while answering it I fell completely asleep and started rambling about something that made no sense. I guess one of them laughed or something and I woke right up. I think that finally being home and knowing that the responsibility was no longer only on me – CRASH!!
We got home, with the help of some sweet friends, who measured car seat straps and helped haul luggage to our car and unload it since my hubby is still a one-armed bandit (due to the surgery).
Carie had cleaned my house (that much-needed deep cleaning stuff – the kind you only want your dearest friends to do because they love you in spite of your grime). Love you precious girlfriend!! She had lots of help from our Autumn (who started the whole clean-up – thank you for your hard work precious blue-eyed daughter)…..Autumn also got out my Christmas house collection and my snowman collection out and put them up – thank you Autumny !! My mom helped watch Liberty and Isaiah bunches – thank you Mom – your help is deeply appreciated!

The house looked so gorgeous…and clean and Christmasy….so beautiful…and totally fun to also see that our stairrail had been done by the carpenter. He is a skilled craftsman who does beautiful work. We needed a stairrail because the entire state of Texas could have passed between the spindles – so unsafe for little babies….I gave our carpenter the idea and he went to work on it while in Africa and oh my! It’s gorgeous!! See for yourself…..perfect for our log home….We had a bit to eat, again, thanks to Carie who had put dinner in our oven before heading to the airport to welcome us – what a friend! Then we gave both babies a bath and put them in their little footy jams. Elijah reluctantly went into his crib and cried off and on all night long for extended periods of time (which we kept comforting him)….Elizabeth would not go in her crib at all….but slept beside me fitfully and cried off and on all night long.
Dw and I barely slept, but what a wonderful reason to lose sleep!! Yippee Jesus!
And then today…..Elizabeth was solemn much of the time and withdrawn. She has had crocodile tears “out of the blue”, just dripping for no apparent reason at all (she did this on the plane also) – except that she is totally grieving, all to be expected….but so very hard to watch. She mostly wants me and has pushed the kids away throughout the day. I managed to catch a couple of sweet pics, but trust me, they were the exception.

Elijah is a bit more responsive, but also very withdrawn for the most part. He did run to me smiling tonight and that was really fun for this mama’s heart.

I missed the Isaiah and Liberty so much while I was in Africa and bringing home two needy little ones gave me an idea. So from Africa I phoned and asked Isaiah if we could go on a date the day after we got home. He was very excited and said, “YES!”….so we snuck away for a special treat (his choice) and ended up at Starbucks where he enjoyed a Strawberries and Cream Icy Drink (brrrrr) and a peppermint frosted brownie….I had an Americano with a dab of cream -yummm…REAL coffee!! =)

Isaiah and I then did a bit of shopping in our quaint little town and ended up in a toy store on Main where I ran into Carie. That was fun! Isaiah picked out a couple of little presents for Elijah – to give him on Christmas.
Thank you for your continued prayers for our family. They mean more than you could ever know….more tomorrow….from our cozy little home to yours….a very Merry Christmas – soon!! xo

10 thoughts on “The First Day Home in Print….=)

  1. It was sooo fun meeting you in Denver, even for just a short moment. Good to see that Dave hasn’t lost his touch!!

    Your pictures are great. I can feel the joy in them.

    Get some much needed rest. I look forward to catching up soon. It’s so good to know I can text you again!!

    Here’s to our BIG BIG GOD!!

    Love you,

  2. It is so unreal that you are home! Welcome back! I can’t wait to meet your newest little ones! You know right now as I am sitting here all I can think about is Ty from extreme home makeover and how at the end of the show he always says there is only one thing left to say……. Welcome Home Saunders Family Welcome Home! So here is from me to you WELCOME HOME! Love you all!

  3. Linn,

    Thanks for the update . . . so good to see your babies at home! Cute cookie picture! Love the new staircase–wow, what fun to come home to! So happy that you and Isaiah were able to sneak away on a date!

    Praying for Elizabeth and Elijah as they grieve, that the Lord would hold them close, and that He would also help them sleep peacefully. Praying for rest for all of you.

    So very happy you are HOME!



  4. I’m SO glad you are home with your babies!!! What great pictures and I have followed your trip!! They are beautiful and will fit right in with your family!!


  5. I can’t tell you what a blessing your family/blog has been to me! I’m so glad you’re home!! Your family is beautiful! I’ll continue to follow and pray for you all as you settle in. I’ll pray hard for sweet, sweet sleep for all of you! They say that things get better on the third day…go figure?
    Many, many blessings, Lisa

  6. Precious babes. I will be praying for this time of adjustment to go smoothly and Lord willing, quickly. I know we’ll be in your shoes someday soon. :o) Same country. :o) Take care.

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