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Hi Guys me again – dw

Just a short note I just got off skype with Linn. Would you pray for her, I think the trip is beginning to wear her down. She’s not a quitter so we need another plan…

As you know she fell yesterday and skinned herself up pretty bad. What she didn’t tell you is she fell a second time – injuring her ankle. I think the uneven roads and her sometimes unstable legs from the MS don’t make a good match. This especially will affect her when she’s tired. She’s more than tired.

So please pray:

1. For strength and specifically for her legs.
2. For wisdom to know what she can do and can not do.
3. Final healing of those legs while we are at it…. we have not because we ask not.
4. She will be working on all the Passport – Imigration stuff today – pray for great favor… we only have one week left.
5. More than anything – pray with her for her special request this day for one precious little girl – see two posts ago. That will encourage her more than anything.

Blessings, I need to head to bed. I’m still trying to recover from all this blogging… it can leave a guy exhausted… right Mr. Daddy!! dw out
Also, please pray

6 thoughts on “Linny Lee

  1. Dear DW…We are praying here for Linn and for those in the scenes that she is witnessing in Uganda, praying for little Gracie and her family, and praying for you to be strengthened and comforted, knowing that God is watching over Linn and your children in Africa. With Love, Amy

  2. We are praying for you here in OH. You are remarkably strong, Linn, and you are amazing to people on both sides of the world. Your two “big” kids must be having the trip of their lives. How very blessed you are all to travel together, minister together, and share life-changing moments. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us! Feel better!

    All the best,

    Nicole A. in OH

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