FRIENDS AND LURKERS……PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT copy the photos from this site and post them on your site or send them in emails. They are only for your viewing. If you would like anyone to see them, use a hyper-link to allow them to come to A Place Called Simplicity and look for themselves. The director does not want the children paraded about. The sole purpose of the pictures is to entice you to come and serve and meet them. Thank you so much for respecting our wishes. xo

About 5 weeks before the kids and I arrived a little girl was brought in. She had been found abandoned and sitting on the streets of Kampala and had to be taken to the hospital because of how weak she was. She was in the hospital for about 2 weeks receiving nourishment. After the hospital “beefed” her up, she arrived at the baby orphanage weighing in at a whopping 4.3 kilos (9.4 pounds). They named her Martha.

They have no idea what her age is but most of us believe she is probably over 2-1/2 years old (yes and weighing less than 10 lbs.) because of her behavior (she is very bright and mature acting although she does not talk – yet). She is sweet and longs to be held. She is so frail. When I have diapered her I feel as though I could break her. She smiles and now reaches for Emma or I to pick her up. We carry her any chance we get. I snuggle with her and whisper to her how much Jesus loves her and then I pray in her ear that the Lord will send a family who love Jesus and to bring her home forever – a family that will help her thrive. She pats our backs as we snuggle with her. What she has endured in her very short little life, who can know…..but this we DO know…..Martha is a little, teeny, tiny treasure made in the image of Almighty God and He loves her beyond measure.

I remember as a young girl seeing pictures of kids in Africa, with only skin on their bones. This is Martha. I have never seen anyone like her. I well with tears when I see her and when I hold her I feel so overwhelmed with love for her.

But you must understand – the orphanage is a crazy and busy place. There are 51 babies screaming for attention. I am praying with such earnest for someone who adores Martha to arrive to volunteer at the orphanage when we are leaving. There has to be someone to protect her and watch out for her. She eats very slowly and just eating saps all of her strength. She is so, so, so frail. If you think of Martha, would you please pray with me for someone to arrive who will minister in Jesus name to her. I can hardly stand thinking of leaving without her. See for yourself….**tears unashamedly plunking steadily**

Martha’s leg next to Elizabeth’s arm

Loving On Martha

Martha’s Arm Next to My Thumb

13 thoughts on “Martha

  1. Okay tears are in my eyes as I am reading this! You can just bring her home with you and she can come live with me forever! 🙂 I wish it was that easy because I would totally do it in a heart beat! I am praying for her and for you all as well! Love you all dearly!

  2. I will pray for Martha. I am sitting here crying looking at that picture. Why with so many Christians in the world do there have to be any hurting, sick and lonely children in the world?

    Lord, please bring this precious child someone to care for her and love on her.

  3. Oh Father God, please, please, please send someone to hold Martha. To love on her, to patiently feed her Lord, to continue what Linn has begun . . . to whisper in her ear Your great love for her. Oh Father, hide her under Your mighty wing, cover this tiny bird with Your feathers. Let her thrive Lord, let her live to tell of the great things You have done!
    “He will cover you with his feathers (Martha), and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” Psalm 91:4
    In Jesus name, Amen!

    Thank you Linn for being His hands and feet. Lifting you up in prayer, that sweet Jesus would fill you up as you give and give.



  4. Linny,
    I know I already commented but I want you to know I am on my knees for this child. I can’t quit crying. I have ask my friends on my blog to come to see your post and to also get on their knees for her.

    OK, gotta go can’t type through the tears.

  5. Oh, my friend. Hold her tight. Hold them all so tight. Channel our love across the miles. I pray you have the strength to let God’s love continue to flow through your whole body.

    Is there a good chance there will be a group after yours?

    My heart aches and breaks for both she and her friends.

  6. Oh my goodness. Our little peanut was failing to thrive but at 20 pounds at 2 1/2, I cannot imagine this.

    Oh God, please send someone to make sure she is fed and held. Oh God, how YOUR heart must hurt for all that we do not see, for those like Martha who do not ever make it into a safe place albeit understaffed. Help us to have Your heart Father. Help us to love like You do. Thank You for allowing us to cross paths with little Martha, so near and dear to Your heart!

  7. Unashamed and crying with you. Of course I want to mother her (and every other child there) and am praying that God will direct the exact people to these children.

    And I am just gonna come right out and say it (though I know Mr. Daddy reads the comments) that I am praying for God to speak to us as a couple and bring spiritual unity if He is guiding us toward being one of those people.

    (Yeah, Mr. Daddy is probably THRILLED reading this… but it’s the truth).

    I am praying for you Linny. For God to heal and restore and refresh you while you are there doing His work.

    For favor and doors opened miraculously for you to bring these loved children home and to possibly walk others through the process.

    For the children who need to know how much God loves them and for a family to call their own.

    Still in tears and wishing I were there with you.

  8. Oh, Linn, we are praying so hard for this precious little girl. I would take her in a second if I wasn’t already waiting for three toddlers.
    Please love on her as much as you can in the time you are with her and we will pray for someone to fill your shoes when you have to leave…someone who will take the time to watch over her and help her eat. Please Jesus, take care of baby Martha and bring her her mommy…

  9. tears.. tears.. and more tears. I will be praying so hard. this little girl, all these little ones need a mommy and a daddy.

    Please love on her for me!

    hugs to you! And thank you for being the hands and feet…


  10. Oh Linn, sweet Martha is in my prayers as I type this. I pray by now she has a family, but if not I would love to talk about what would need to be done to bring her home. I would love an update if you have one. Is there a way to find out more about the children there and are there many special needs children, (down syndrome, etc) …

    burdened and praying Martha is being loved on, comforted and fattened up


  11. Wow thank you for your love for the orphans! I would love to bring a few more home someday if God chooses! Only God could do it though. I hope that you got my boyd bears that I sent you! I hope that they will encourage you!!! Wish I could do so much more! We love you and hope you all have an encouraging day from the Lord!!! How He loves us all even in our deepest moments of sadness. I am so glad that someone is going to adopt Martha! Wow what a beautiful girl!! God provided again!!! How his heart breaks for the orphans lonely hearts!
    God BLess, Heidi Schafbuch

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