Martha – Part 2

Notice the size of her sweet little leg next to Emma’s standard mousse bottle..
pictures taken yesterday and they uploaded – woooo hoooo – yippeee Jesus

A couple of blogger buddies have written and asked about adopting Martha. It would be very possible, according to the Orphanage Director, but there are some things….
You would have to come here and meet her, then begin the process. It took 5 months to bring (when we get there!) our babies home.
I did find out recently that she is being treated for TB….
She is precious and it’s obvious from the pictures that she is enjoying our Emma. Martha needs a family and I pray that she finds one that loves Jesus and one day it will be that not only was her earthly life saved, but that she came to know Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and then her eternal life will be saved!!
Thank you for praying for her. I will do a post soon about the adoption process here in Uganda…God is good and faithful! He wants these babies in homes…..and just in case you think that the economic times are telling you to “wait”….please read my blog post from about three days ago entitled “Glad you Asked”…..xo

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