21 Minutes

21 and still no ticket…. the agent said I have 24 minutes – 3 minutes ago. But God…. So, some trust in chariots, some in tickets, some in… whatever.. but I will trust in Jehovah of the last second!! Let’s see 1200 seconds to go… anytime Lord, anytime! And if you don’t have me on this flight – it’s your deal so I will try to listen for the next step.

dw – on my knees – litteraly in the Detroit airport praying and typing

14 thoughts on “21 Minutes

  1. On our knees. Father, you make a way through the wilderness and through airports. Our steps are ordered by You, not travel agents.

    “God will make a way when there seems to be no way/ He works in ways we cannot see/ He will make a way for me/ He will be my guide/ HOld me closely to His side/ With love and strength for each new day/ He will make a way.”

  2. Wow! I keep coming back and checking for an update. Now I can’t wait to hear whether or not Dw made it on the flight. I’m also struck with curiosity as to what in heaven and earth is unfolding here! I’ll keep up the prayers and faith that God has a BIG, BIG plan with all of this. I must say, your life really would be “unbelievable” if I didn’t know it was all true! God sure has a way of keeping up the suspense! Praying for your physical and emotional strength. That picture of Emma and Martha is precious. Love you my dear friend..Jojo

  3. okay, so are you on the plane or still on your knees in detroit? praying for His perfect will and plan to be accomplished. the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord! xoxoxoxoxoxo, jan (phoebe)

  4. Ya’ left us hanging:-) Did you get the flight? I am assuming you did since we haven’t heard anything. I’m continuing to pray for you here in Va. How wonderful it will be for both of Isaiah and Elisabeth’s parents to bring them home!

  5. Praying – Praying – Praying. Lord we ask that you bring Dw and Linn together now as seek to follow you’re will to bring these children into their family. Bless the other children that do not have a family. Most of all thank you for the never ending live we have with you because of your love and sacrifice for us.

  6. I am reading this quite late in the day and hoping that since there are no newer entries or even any approved comments, that you are on the plane and bound for Uganda! Oh please Jesus…

  7. I am reading this way after 12:58, but I am praying that the right papers are in the right hands and you can start on that homeward journey.
    Loved the "glad you asked Q&A"
    Finances are a definite consideration at this house. I need the strong faith that we can adopt again AND help others move to adopt.
    Chris @ raychris@dejazzd.com

  8. all is well in durango. snowing! your kiddos are so delightful!
    many are keeping track of your mother. she is good.
    we miss you all and can’t wait until you are home.

  9. I hope that since there hasn’t been any updates that it means you are on a plane to Uganda. I read each post with tears welling and shaking my head with awe of what God is doing. I believe I am witnessing a real live Christmas miracle. Thanks for sharing your miracle with the rest of us. We spent dinner talking about how our family could serve at an orphanage in Uganda. Who knows, maybe someday we will be flying on a jetplane to care for the babies! Can’t wait for the next update!


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