God Of The Two Minute Drill

You may not know this but I love football. There’s nothing like a winning drive down the field in the last two minutes for a big win for the come behind team…. unless you are the loosing time. Well God, of course came through. Only He plays by His rules. The time had passed, I probably drove my ticket agent crazy, thanks Holly!

With a minute to go I called her… still no ticketing of the flight from headquarters… ok, God, i’m not going… what’ up with that? Then she said hold on, I have a call on the other line… hang up! ARGHHHHHH. Then hold on again, now it’s two minutes past the end of the game… the ticket agent said, you must be in by 3:14…. i think was the time… it’s now 3:16 – I hear her – Yes… go get in line…. the ticket lady at KLM and Northwest motions to me, skip the line… she books me… takes me to the head of security and off I run.

So now, I sit in Amsterdam awaiting my next flight.

Is God awesome or what. His two minute drill to win happened after time expired… only God. The ticket agent had said after 3:14 (or whatever the time was) it’s a no go. BUT GOD!

Thanks for your prayers. Sorry for the dramatic pause, though unintentional probably made for great drama. You all rock… and though I’ve never met most of you, I love you as brothers and sisters. And I can’t wait to deliever to Linn what she’s been missing! 🙂 (Now I hope she’s the red one… oh yea we are sharing the room with Emma and Graham.)

16 thoughts on “God Of The Two Minute Drill

  1. OH YEAH!!!!!!! SO EXCITED THAT YOU WON'T BE AT CHURCH TOMORROW (don't take that the wrong way :P)!!! I wouldn't let Jerome go to bed until we saw an update! Of course God did it, of course! After everything else that has come together for this adoption to take place, why would this situation be any different? This is simply undeniable proof that the exquisite Creator of the Universe loves HIS children so intimately that HE will orchestrate any event to fully reveal HIS glory! Can't wait to hear more, and know that we will continue praying. I'm so excited to find out why God brought you both there for this – there is a huge divine moment unfolding! Love you guys, hugs to the kids, & can't wait to see you ALL!

  2. It is 4 in the morning and I had to get up to check if you made the flight. God is awesome but man if he sends us there I hope it is easier.

    I say send the kids to the baby house and enjoy your wife!!!

  3. A dramatic pause? Do you have any idea what we all went through??Its 6:30 on a Sunday morning and I’m UP just to see if you got on the plane!!!!!LOL Seriously, praise God!!!!!This is the most amazing of stories!!!!It won’t br long now and you will all be back home. What an awesome God!!!!

  4. A dramatic pause? Do you have any idea what we all went through? I am UP at 6:30 on a Sunday morning just to see if you got on the plane!!!!( I’m usually up anyway) Praise God. What an amazing story. i can’t wait to see how the rest unfolds!!! Give linny hugs from all of us!!!

  5. I was SO hoping I would wake to good news the morning! Imagine this….you are watching your favorite football team, in the super bowl, it is the last 25 seconds of the game, your team needs a field goal to win and the kicker is on the field. And then, the cable or satellite goes out! That is kind of what it was like yesterday waiting for an update!!! Thank you God that the reason you held us all in suspense is because you were in the air!
    It is amazing how something can seem so devastating at one point, but then, the plan all comes together and it becomes clear, this was the intention all along, and we smile at that and wonder why we were worried.

  6. What an awesome and amazing God we serve. Thank you Father for loving the little children and helping them come home. Oh I can only imagine the sweet faces of Elizabeth and Elijah when their Daddy picks them up again…Oh yes, and all the other sons.

  7. BIG Smiles! NO Surprises!

    “I have spoken it, I will also bring it to pass; I have purposed it, I will also do it.”
    Isaiah 46:11

    We are SO VERY HAPPY and EXCITED for your family!!!

    With Love and Prayers, Amy

  8. YEAH!!!!! Go GOD!!! I kept checking to see what happened, but knowing God, I figured it had to be ok, He is the Creator of Time afterall!

    Can’t wait to her what happens next!!

  9. Praise God! He again moved the mountains in his timing. I had a feeling he was wanting you to go to Uganda for some reason. He will be neat to see WHY?? I know they will be so excited to see you when you get there. Have safe travels.

    Lisa from Ohio

  10. Oh my goodness—-I woke up this morning and RAN straight to the computer to check for an update. I feel like I am LIVING in your story 🙂 Whhoooo—I KNEW that no news last night simply had to mean good news. ROCK OF AGES ROCKS!!!!!!! So happy that you are reunited—even if SOME THINGS have to wait till you get home :):):)
    Praying for your little ones at home—may their hearts be at peace till mommy, daddy, and EVERYONE else gets home.

    Rejoicing with you,

  11. Whew, I couldn’t wait to get up and see what was happening. You sure do make a “typical” life look REALLY boring! I’m blessesd to share in ALL your adventures. Continuing to pray, and excited to hear if you’re still coming home as scheduled! Dave is waiting too, he’s going to try and make his flights the same day so he can be there too! Love you much..Jojo

  12. I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I read your post and got nervous, and then read Linn’s about how God orchestrating everything, and I thought, “He is going to get on. I know it.” YEA!!!!!!!!!

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