A Bit of An Update

Sunday in Uganda the internet seems to disappear…so I will have to make this short.

As you all know, Dw is heading here and I will be leaving to go to the airport in about 45 minutes to get him. I am so excited to imagine that he is coming too.

I have to admit I loved all your comments when I signed on. Too fun!! Thank you for riding this wave with us….what a blast (most of the time!)….

Dw and I will head with our kids to the Embassy first thing in the morning to see what they have to say. Dw has all the numbers for J and her husband…all of them. Can you really believe that the God of the universe has orchestrated the events that a woman is reading my blog in DC and she and her hubby have connections of the most unbelievable kind???! Only God!

Dw asked J how she came across my blog and she said she had no clue. She has not adopted from China (that’s how many have found us I guess)….but God moved her to it.

She and her husband told Dw, as I understand it, that we can call them any time, day or night, for help…..amazing!! Yippee Jesus!

On a different note, I told Elizabeth and Elijah that Daddy/TaTa is coming in the morning to see them. It will be a wonderful reunion.

Also, Emma seems to be having an allergic reaction to the Malaria pills we are taking. She had a reaction before, but this is far worse. Her throat is even itchy….and she has pretty nasty hives. Please pray for her healing. I’m not sure how long the med will stay in her body….and she is very itchy – everywhere!!

I will post tomorrow, Lord willing….you guys all rock!! With love from Uganda!! Linny xo

15 thoughts on “A Bit of An Update

  1. By now you are probably together! Wonderful! We will be praying for your sweet Emma. We suffer from allergies to numerous things and know how yucky that can be, so we will lift her up in prayer for healing. Continuing to pray for this incredible God journey for your family.

    The sermon at our church this morning was all about relying on God’s power! 2 Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Your weakness, His power. How perfect.

    In Christ –
    Janet and Kevin

  2. Wow! What an amazing ride! Thank you for sharing your journey with us; it’s so riveting. God is so good! Never a dull moment, but who would want one! Our prayers are with you as you head off together to finish the paperwork and get those babies home. Any news on Martha? I hope someone can take over for you, to help her grow and get better. She is gorgeous; we are praying for a home for her, too, and soon. God bless you all and have a safe remainder of your time there. We are praying you all safely home.

    All the best,
    Nicole A. in Ohio

  3. I can hardly wait till those sweet little ones see their TA TA! I can’t stop smiling thinking about it. Oh the smiles and the giggles and the hugs! So excited for you. And so happy you will have your best friend there with you!

    And J- whoever you are.. I just LOVE you! Thank you Thank you Thank you for what you are doing for this family, for these children. And of course, thank you GOD!

    Happy Happy Happy Day!

    Lots of Love
    (typing from the inside of Dw suitcase.. 🙂 )

  4. We are praying. We found your blog from Tina, a China adoptive mom, very dear friend, and former neighbor. You have really encouraged me through your “thoughts on the airplane” entry and I even shared several with my husband and kids. It made for very good dialogue! Thank you for posting in the midst of your joy and trials.

  5. Our God truly is an AWESOME God! So encouraging to hear about all that He is doing on your behalf and on behalf of the many orphans in Africa. He does hold them (and all of you!) dearly in His hand.

  6. I get to be the first comment on this one! Yea!!!!!!! I am SO HAPPY for you!! It is so awesome that Dw gets to be there with you. I keep thinking, this just doesn’t sound like a true story! I just can’t imagine anyone I know hopping on a plane at the last minute to take papers to Uganda. It is just so cool. I can’t wait to invite some of my friends to your blog so they can see again in a very tangible way how God can really work!

  7. Linny and family!! I’m amazed….but not surprised. Many years ago, you stepped out in faith…and are still stepping…and HE is blessing you for your obedience. I’m so thankful God crossed our paths and now witnessing something so amazing as seeing everything unfold. Hugs my friend. All is good and fine.

  8. Haha Linn I just noticed I have had your blog up all day since 7 or so when I woke up. I didn’t notice till now cause I was just listening to your music that plays on here thinking it was my iTunes lol. So thank you for your playlist that made me that much happier as I was home sick all day, and know that we are all still praying for you guys.


  9. Oh Linn, I am so excited for you that Dw is going to be there with you. I know that you have had God there with you this whole time but there is just something to be said for our other half coming to our rescue! I pray that God will make straight your paths! Blessings, Lisa C.

  10. I'm up in the middle of the night & I thougth for sure I would find another updated post from you all…rats, just this same one from 15 hours ago! I know you are busy, busy trying to get everything figured out there.

    Just know that I am praying like crazy for you!!

    Love you guys!

  11. Linn & DW come up for air for pete's sake. it's been over 20 hrs. since an update.. I'm worried bout Emma and Graham:o) Do Rach and I have to send a credit card number so they can have their own room and not have to sleep in the orphanage in a third world country?????? LOL

    And Linn you started this:-P Neener Neener!

    hope all is going well. We are still holding you up in our thoughts and prayers

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