Thankful Thursday – From Kampala, Uganda

I started Thankful Thursday’s a few weeks ago praying that it would catch on…..I have since hopped on several bloggy buddies blogs and found they are also doing it!! Yippee Jesus! Thankful hearts around the world!!
Well this being Thankful Thursday I am thanking the Lord for THREE main things:
1. Elijah
2. Elizabeth
(leaning forward to kind of nuzzle my nose)

Elizabeth and I – just before leaving for court – precious baby is expressionless… I was able to speak with Dw for a few minutes. He has been so encouraged by your sweet comments (can you believe he is lovin’ bloggin’ so much?? – LOL – too fun)Anyway, he suggested that I crop the photos so that even thoughthey have to be small, the babies faces are more visable….so I think it looks better…..if you haven’t caught up on what’s going on with the courts, please read the last few posts…..

3. Almighty God is Always On the Throne All the Way Around the World – with NEVER a moment that He gets up to “take a break”, “check his email” or “grab a bite to eat – Absolutely NOT – He is always working behind the scenes to accomplish His plan – Because He is Forever Faithful – The ONLY Awe-Inspiring, Mountain Moving, Gasp-Giving God – Yippee Jesus!

5 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – From Kampala, Uganda

  1. Oh what a rush I got when I saw that Uganda was on my blog! My girl Linn is always on top of things & left me two great comments! Does this woman know no limits! Girlfriend, you rock! Uganda will never be the same now that YOU have blessed them with your presence!


  2. Oops! I forgot…most importantly, those babies are GORGEOUS! And you are definitely their Mama…no doubt about it. Ok, let’s all continue to flood heaven with prayers to get those beauties home where they belong!!

  3. Miss Linn and family, how absolutely encouraging to follow the last few blogs and see yours’ and Dwight’s faith! We are praying, and trust that the heart of the king is like a river that God directs where He purposes. I pray now that the Lord would direct the heart of this judge to set these children free into your hands.

  4. Dear Linn and DW, I am thankful this Thursday for you BOTH. DW, I don’t know if Linn told you this or not, or if she even remembers because she has SO MANY blog friends, but I consider you two my spiritual mentor couple. (not trying to add to your pressure or anything!)You love each other, your children and God EXTRAVAGANTLY…without condition. Together, you are an inspiration the likes of which I can’t describe. I’ll let you in on another secret, DW, your Linn taught me how to pray SPECIFICALLY. It may sound silly to seasoned prayers, but I had never done that. I felt self-conscious and as if God would think I was asking for too much if I really got down to the nitty gritty. Well, Linn prayed with me on the telephone (actually, Linn prayed and all I could stammer out at the end was “Amen.”)one afternoon. I have described her before to someone needing prayer that I sent to “Prayer that moves a mountain” as an amazing lady who can pray like nobody’s business! That’s what she did for me and my family, and from that night on, I have had a peace in my heart that had never existed in such complete fullness before. Since that night, I have prayed for you both and ALL of your babies. Please tell Linn that I am praying now..big and specific…just the way she taught me. May you all be united very soon with Elijah and Elizabeth TOGETHER. With Much Love, Amy

  5. Wow… Miss Linn… and Dw… Like Amy your blogger friend listed above. I too – have been changed forever in my spirit by your example, your love of Christ and your awesome example. I’ve told you this over and over again. I have never met two people so totally sold out and living their lives and teaching others how to live their lives boldly and intimately for Christ. I too.. learned about the specific love of Jesus Christ because of your awesome experiences and faith builders. May we all pound the heavens for you today to bring your babies home. So we have more stories to tell about how specifically God loves each and every one of us. Elizabeth and Elijah… God will bring you home to us. I know he will. I am praying and asking he will. We love you guys! lv, jen

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