The Towel Dilemna

Living in our little log home with seven kids can present its problems…one of them is the towel situation. Am I the only woman out there who has wanted to solve the towel dilemna? Ya’ know,
everyone takes a new towel each day because no one remembers exactly which towel they used yesterday. ugh.
So I was praying about how to fix this and finally the Lord gave me this idea. It’s working just grand so far!!! And if anyone gets caught with someone elses towel they lose one finger. Amazingly, all fingers are present and accounted for. =) j/k

19 thoughts on “The Towel Dilemna

  1. You crack me up!

    Have a Happy New Year! Wish we were playing games with you tonight!! We’ll be playing games, although, I’m sure not quite like you. Enjoy!

    Love you Jojo

  2. Great (and cheerful)idea!

    By the way… did I totally miss Liberty’s story? I think I’ve gotten caught up on your kiddos, but her? 🙂 I absolutely love her eyes and sweet smile.

  3. Brilliant. But I think I will just implement the finger threat.

    We decided at dinner last night that you all need to come over tonight for a vicious game of spoons. See ya soon??

    Miss u!

  4. Great idea Linn, did I miss a “special place” for yours and DW’s? Or do you just swipe the closest and dryest towel and not tell the kids?!?! he he!!

    May you all have a Happy New Year filled with many blessings from God!!


  5. I LOVE this idea!!! I can’t do it yet because we have tiled walls but when we get in our new house I hope I can remember this. You should turn that idea into Family Fun Magazine.


  6. Okay Twin, I am having so many problems posting on your blog. I type the sweetest comment ever and go to post and it disappears!!!
    That’s why I didn’t win your African giveaway!!!

    Okay we have color coded towels, cups, bowls and plates. So when an orange towel is left on the floor I know exactly who to give an extra chore to!!! We buy the fiesta brand plates and bowls that you can buy individually and in a variety of colors!

    Cute idea with names on the walls!

  7. That is a fun idea. I like the color idea also but we have so many I am not usre either idea will work. We just whach our laundry really close and that works for the most part.

  8. A friend just directed me to your blog. I was so happy to find it! I volunteered at Sanyu’s for over two years (only one morning a week – not much) and knew little Elizabeth quite well. I adopted one of her little buddies, Ella Monica, in March but Elizabeth was one of the kids that I really hurt and grieved for. Praise the Lord that she found a family and a real home!! I was THRILLED to hear that she’d been adopted and then to find your blog. She is a really great kid and so unusually smart and bright. She always seemed even more advanced than my own daughter, who is a bit older. You’ve got one smart cookie there! Congrats!!

  9. We’re just about to add a third child to a tiny bathroom. I was facing the towel dilemma and came up with the same solution, but without the cute names on the walls. Found your blog about a month ago through my friend Tina and followed your journey to Africa. Thanks for trust in God–it’s inspiring!
    Happy New Year!

  10. Absolutely brilliant!!! I dream of a large family and I’m waiting as patiently as possible for it. This is getting filled away for future reference!

  11. Love this idea! Being military we move a lot and we never know what our bathroom situation will be like in the next place. Love the color coding and the adorable names. I may have to wait for the names unless I want to repaint them each time we move!


    We just returned from Nebraska and it is good to get caught up with my bloggy friends again!

  12. Oh, I have such trouble posting … let me try again. I wanted to say I love the idea! It’s very creative and the names are adorable. I also love the open spot for Jubilee and can’t wait to follow along on your quest to bring her home!!

  13. LOVE IT!!!! A few years ago my grandmas gave all our kids towels with their names ironed on to them and that worked for quite a few years. With a couple more kiddos around our house I think I will have to go back to a system again 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Lisa ps A bit curious about the open hook myself 😉

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