Yippee Jesus!! It’s Time to Dance before the Lord!!

Yes, open your window and hear the shouts of joy coming from Africa!! Celebrate with us Almighty God’s divine intervention in Elijah and Elizabeth’s VISA situation.

This afternoon our cell phone rang and Sarah said, “Linn, Elijah and Elizabeth’s VISA’s have been processed. You may pick them up tomorrow.” I started to cry and thanked the Lord and her profusely.

Here is the Email in our Yahoo Mailbox just now from Jayne – a friend in high places, I had phoned her personally to let her know that the VISA’s had been issued:

Hi Linn and Dwight –
We are so THRILLED you can finally bring those babies home! What a way to start the day!! (My kids, Luke and Marin, were so excited they asked to stay home from school so they could celebrate. Uh…no…do that at school and spread God’s Good News!)

This morning while we were talking on the phone with you Linn, my Blackberry lit up with a message from Brian Hook, our friend at the UN/State Department, that your visas had been issued. He apologized for not being able to personally talk with the Ugandan consular officials yesterday on your behalf, but he had his assistant contact the Embassy about your case and had arranged a call with the head of consular affairs. Within hours, the head of consular affairs notified Brian there would be no need for the call as the visas had been issued. Talk about God-of-the-Last-Minute!!

We are rejoicing with you today that you’ll soon be on your way home (and we’ll keep praying — especially for mercy in getting Elizabeth past those scary security guards;-)

Peace and blessings,
Jayne and Lance

Thank you, thank you, thank you Jayne, Lance and Brian for all your help!! We will forever be indebted to you for your help in getting our precious babies home.

Interestingly, about an hour prior to Sarah’s phone call saying the VISA’s had been issued….Dw had said to Tony, “Son what do you think of this situation?” Tony said, “I remember Mama said when she first got here that she thought the Lord would bring the VISA’s on the very last day, they would come, yes, they would come, but He would hold them out till the last second.” Dw turned to me and said, “You said that?” I said, “Yes, I just felt that’s how it was going to be.” He slumped in his chair and said, “WOW, I feel better. I had no clue you felt that. I feel waaaay better. Why didn’t you tell me that? Linny, I wish I had known you felt that, I never would have panicked at all.” LOL

Yes, I had felt that and I think I may have even blogged about it. It seemed that’s what the Lord had kind of given me as an indication a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, today it was really the last day to hear they had been issued….Because as of this morning, after meeting with Sarah, Dw had said he thought we should change the reservations and I should fly home and he stay and bring the kids when they could come. I whispered under my breath, “Okay, Lord this is cutting it way too close, he is going to change the flights and if you are going to come through for us to fly tomorrow, it better be soon.” Oh how Jehovah-of-the-very-last-possible-second loves to keep us on our knees!!! Yippee Jesus!!

There is no doubt in our minds the prayers of God’s people were the deciding factor – thank you sweet friends!!

On a different note: Dw is leaving in about 2 hours to head to the airport to fly home. Please pray for his safety and connections. He has to fly standby when he hits the states and there is snow at home….

Emma is sick with a fever and feels yukky….not too fun to fly sick for a day and a half. She even slept for awhile this afternoon and if you knew this chica – nothing slows her down!!

I will post again in a little while, Lord willing – but for now – CELEBRATE – Elizabeth Mercy and Elijah Muller are heading home tomorrow!! Tonight is the last night they will sleep alone in the orphanage – oh how God loves to set the lonely in families!! Yippee, Yippee Jesus!!

29 thoughts on “Yippee Jesus!! It’s Time to Dance before the Lord!!

  1. A huge CONGRATS!!!!

    I am a lurker. I started following your journey on journeytome.com. My son Dominic just came home from Guatemala in October. Every morning I rush to the computer to see what’s going on in Uganda! i can’t wait to see pictures of all of you at home.

    God Bless and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  2. Whooo hooo! I read your other post an hour an a half ago (and like I said before, I check this all the time for updates) and I’m so glad there was an update and one with great news! So is that it? All is done? They’re yours forever and able to come home?!! Oh I pray so.

    It snowed a ton here last night (at least a foot). I know you’d like to be huddled up under a blanket in your log home in front of a raging fire with all your kids surrounding you. It will happen soon enough 🙂 Now we need to pray that all of your flights go smoothly and you’re able to fly into Durango. We need some warm sunshine!

    Come home quick and safe. We miss you all. Love you!

  3. Oh Praise the Lord!!!!! I knew it work out in the end, I was just really hoping the end would be before Dwight leaves and sooner rather than later so those babies can be HOME in AMERICA with their FAMILY for Christmas. And so Emma can be home and heal!

    What a mighty God! Look at all the mountains moved to bring those kids home and all the answered prayers along the way!

    So happy for all of you!

    Dancing for joy for you in North Carolina!

  4. I’m BAWLING here in my classroom!!! Surely the students see the joy in these tears! AMAZING! GOD IS SOOOOO AWESOME!

    Linny, Dw, you need that hourglass for your memory box now has TWO significant meanings! (Either that or this time you use a little football w/ the 2 minute warning relationship) I have an hourglass for you if you need one!

    YIPEE JESUS now bring those babies HOME HOME HOME!

  5. Oh Linn!! I can't say I'm a bit surprised…God is always faithful, yet He manages to never cease to amaze me!! I really needed some good news and this made my day!

    Remember a while back when I said if the Bible was being written today there would be an entire book in it dedicated to YOUR family including all the trials and MIRACLES you have experienced?? Yep, I stand by that..Your blog, though not the Bible of course, reflects God's love, faithfullness, healing hand, so on and so on…YIPPEE JESUS!

    Love you guys & I'm praying hard! Tell Emma I'm praying for her too!!

  6. I’m a lurker stepping out on this joyous day! I get goosebumps and the hair on the back of my neck stands up with all of your Yippee Jesus stories. I get up every morning to look for updates and check it about 50 times throughout the day (at work)! 🙂

    Congratulations on getting the VISAs today and I will definitely be praying for Dwight’s flight today and for your flight to bring those precious babies HOME!!!

    Becky C.
    Panama City, FL

  7. How amazing is our GOD! I just knew he would come through for you guys, he always does!I have been praying all morning for you guys, and am just thrilled with your exciting news! I’m dancing with you guys all the way here in south carolina! God Be with you as you travel home!

  8. Weeping before the Lord with absolute gratitude! I am just so grateful to our faithful Jesus. He DOES make all things beautiful in HIS time. Wow—what a ride this has been for you and Dw. My goodness. This is living out your faith to the max.
    Praying your sweet daughter feels so much better before the long journey home. Praying for renewed strength and energy for all of you. I can only imagine how much you are longing to be home–you are ALMOST there. Yay Jesus.

  9. Praise Him! He is the Almighty!
    I love how God puts people in our lives through the most interesting ways. People to help and encourage us. It’s amazing!

    I’m reminded of some lyrics by Steven Curtis Chapman… the song “Yours”

    “I walk the dirt roads of Uganda
    I see the scars that war has left behind
    Hope like the sun is fading
    They’re waiting for a cure no one can find

    And I hear children’s voices singing
    Of a God who heals and rescues and restores
    And I’m reminded
    That every child in Africa is Yours

    And its all Yours, God, Yours, God
    Everything is Yours
    From the stars in the sky
    To the depths of the ocean floor
    And its all Yours, God, Yours, God
    Everything is Yours
    You’re the Maker and Keeper, Father and Ruler of everything
    It’s all Yours”

    It’s one of my favorite songs these days.
    Everything is His, and His plans always prevail, and He hears and ANSWERS our prayers.
    Yippee Jesus!


    Only problem you’ll have now is getting Isaiah back from Carie! (^_^) She is so totally in love with him.

    Love from deep in the heart of cold Texas!

  11. AWESOME!!!!!!! Our prayers have been answered! Woooo-hooo… Yeaaaaaaaye God!
    Praying for sweet Emma to feel better… Dw to make all connections and safe travels… and for you too! Y’ALL ARE COMING HOME!!!
    Oh, my heart is sooooo full!!
    ((hugs)) to all of you,
    Jen D.

  12. Every time I go to your blog I hear the song “these are the days of Elijah”………I love how it builds up at the end until everyone is singing about salvation. It fills me with joy and that is how I feel today for these 2 little ones. They have no idea that things have just changed
    and what a bright and shiney future awaits them. And let’s not forget the love and a family. God speed and travel safe.

  13. God was just waiting to move that last mountain for you. I am so thrilled to hear that everyone will be on there way home tomorrow. Oh what a Christmas it will be in your house. God Bless you all!

    Lisa from Ohio

  14. Tears of JOY!!! Thank you Jesus! Thank You Father God for people in high places, thank you for orchestrating EVERYTHING! Thank you for showing many, many people just how BIG you are! WOW! How great is our God . . . and Elizabeth and Elijah’s God . . . and Jubilee’s God? He is GREAT! And greatly to be praised!

    Praying for Emma’s health, and for God to prepare Elizabeth’s and Elijah’s hearts for ALL that is to occur. Praying that He would give Elizabeth a sweet peace in her little heart–that she would not be afraid. ( I keep picturing Elijah strutting around in his Daddy’s hat, and it make me smile huge–bet that’s how God smiles when we call Him our own!)

    Linn, I keep thinking about what you said about seeing my stockings hung and missing home . . . and Christmas (and I have no doubt you do, A LOT) . . . But truly the real Christmas story has just unfolded before our eyes in Uganda . . . I can not put it into words. . . the blessing it has been for to me to pray and be a part of something so big . . . and now your best gifts are coming HOME!

    Praying for God to be over every last detail . . . Dwight’s flights, your flight’s, everyone’s health, the kids at home waiting, your big kids, including your soldier boy Ty, and precious Jublilee while she waits. Father, thank you, thank you for this sweet family, thank you for the way that you have added to them . . . and continue to add to them. Thank you that they have allowed us all in to their story, which is really Your story that they are living out, and shouting about!! We praise You Lord for Your goodness!

    Merry Christmas dear ones!

    Blessings from Texas,

    Tina and Bryan and family

  15. THANK YOU LORD GOD!! He is truly the God of Miracles! So faithful, so true, so gracious to us, His children! I have tears in my eyes as I think about tonight being the last night that Elizabeth & Elijah will ever have to sleep in the orphanage. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and praise for what the Lord has done for all of you!

    More love & more prayers from snowier Durango!

  16. Wow – what a crazy,exciting adventure – God is so awesome and faithful! I haven’t had internet for the past few days and I’ve been dreaming about you guys and going crazy for not knowing what’s going on. I’m so, so excited to see how God worked in such a powerful way – all to His Glory. Praise you Jesus! Can not wait til you’re all home safe and sound. We’ll be praying. Lots of Love!

  17. What a mighty God we serve!!! Oh I am boiling over with joy for your family and love for our Lord who meets our every need … just when we need it!

    Blessings, Lisa C. coxfamilyupdates.blogspot.com

  18. Again, and again, this journey reduces me to tears! What an amazing testimony to Daddy's watchful care over us. What Satan can try to mess up, God simply rearranges! Thank you again for trusting us to stand in the gap for you. We have been honored to pray for such an amazing family. Tell Em as well we are praying for a quick healing! We're giddy to meet these precious babies & have you all home safe! See you Thursday – woohoo!

  19. Whew – FINALLY we can all take a deep breath and sigh of relief that is truly is all done! I can only imagine the emotions on your side, just knowing them on THIS side! Thank you Lord. God is SOOO GOOD – ALL THE TIME. So, I’m hoping it still works to see you here….I Can’t wait. Keep me posted as you head back to the GREAT US of A. Love you, Jojo

  20. Praise God!!! Thank goodness in a couple days when you home I may get some sleep again.

    I’m so glad you will have those babies soon. Tell Emma Chris and I were both sick flying to China and actually it was good for us because it made us rest for that time on the flight. Make sure she take something to keep the fever down though before going to the airport in case they check temps somehow like they do in Honk Kong.

    I can’t wait to see the post from home and what a wonderful Christmas you will have!

  21. To use your words, yippee Jesus! Still praying you home. Praying for strength for all of you as you travel and for health for Emma. Can’t wait to read the post that tells us you are back home! God is good!


  22. WOOOOOOOHOOOO!!! What an awesome God we serve! Praising the Lord once again. Can’t wait to see the babies in your/THEIR little log home!! Please your wonderful friend Jayne, that I LOVE her daughters name, Marin, I have my own Marin as well!!

    Praying you ALL home and for return good health!

  23. Praise God, Dw and Linn! I just knew, knew, knew with everything inside me that this, too, would work out. He is mighty…takes care of us, oh, so well!


  24. Yea God for all He has done to bring this together and for His way’s of showing us who is really in control.

    Dw and Linn, have you ever teased your kids not telling them about something you know they will be excited about? All the while you’re trying to hide that big smile, because you know how thrilled they will be in the end. Can you imagine the smiles the Lord had all along knowing the final joy you will feel when you step into the front door of your home with your two new baby’s.

    Praise him.

    There’s not a suspense novel ever written that can top this. Whew, it will be such a joy to hear when ya’ll are safely back home.

    Still praying for safe (and healthy) travels.

    Keith and Family

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