Keep praying

Here we go again. Is our life ever boring… oh for just a few minutes.

I’m sitting in the Uganda airport waiting for my flight… oops its been delayed… for one hour… next check… hmmm it’s disappeared from the delayed status…. no comments… interesting. So, as usual I wait. I get it God, you are going to make me wait for everything, because I refused to listen to my mother – patience is a virtue. Right, she never played Basketball (which is what she would spring on me every time before a game) Well I quit!

Yes, I quit being impatient… yep right now, I just did it!! I give already! Now the flight please…

On a more serious note…. unless the flight disappeared altogether… please pray for Emma she is quite sick, Graham is also now starting to feel it. Those two not feeling good and Linn with two young kids for 20 hours of flights sounds a bit overwhelming – so pray for healing, great flights, let’s get them all the way home through the power of prayer. And while you are at it add me to the mix as well.

You all rock! It’s been wild and fun watching God work. Although I have known him for 30 years now, He never ceases to surprise me! Isn’t that awesome!

Lord willling I will be home sometime late Wednesday night. dw

10 thoughts on “Keep praying

  1. WOW, We do have an awesome GOd!

    I found your blog through MckMama’s “Not Me” Monday post via Once Upon A Miracle. I read all of the WILD ADVENTURE post and now that I have wiped the tears away and can see the keyboard, I want to let you know that you are in our prayers. What an amazing family these children get to be a part of.
    How does one begin to adopt in Africa? I look forward to hearing more. Good luck with the flights home.

    God be with you,


  2. Praying for your children. For your flights home. For health and safety and provision. And for continued miraculous intervention!

    Praise God that these precious little ones ARE COMING HOME!

    God is Good. What wonderful CHRISTmas presents! (God has a thing about giving children as gifts, huh?)

  3. oh Dwight and Linn. What more do I need to say that Praise the Lord, thank YOU for the way you work, thank You that Your ways are a mystery to us, but they are Awesome!!

    We love you guys! (PS, I think you should change this blog to become a blog for prayer requests for orphans!! There are some serious prayer warriors on here!) See you soon!!

  4. Linn and Dw
    I am in awe of our God and his miracles! I am constantly heading to the computer to see if there are any updates from you. I do have a question, tho. What will I do when ya’ll are home again, and your life returns to normal? I have been so busy checking on you that I have gotten behind in my housework and other things in my own life. LOL

    Our God IS an AWESOME GOD!!

  5. Okay guys… who’s gonna pay for my busted REFRESH button? 🙂

    Cannot wait to hear that you are all safe and sound and HOME. It will never feel so good walking through that door as it will now, right? 🙂

  6. Well, Dw I hope you are on your way home. I am praying for the kids that they will feel better and that your trip home Linny will be smoothe.

    I tell you I have been thinking and praying for you so much that I finally had to take medicine to sleep last night. This is the first place I came to though as soon as I woke up. I haven’t lost this much sleep since Rett was in Ch*na.

    I almost feel like we are good friends now just through your blog. Don’t forget about us all when your home. It has been such a blessing to follow your journey.

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