I am thrilled to say that I have two of the most precious VISAs in my pouch safely tucked against my heart. How faithful God is and oh how He loves the orphans!!

I was up early, early, early because I wanted to be sure to find Elijah and Elizabeth in their cribs….I took pics (which I will post from home) of the route from our room to their beds…Elizabeth saw me coming and started yelling, “Mama! Mama! Mama!” I ran to her in her crib and snuggled her against me and said, “Today’s the day Elizabeth – today’s the day!” She said, “Bye-bye Teacher, bye-bye Ronald (the little boy who peed on me and sleeps in the crib next to her), bye-bye Olivia….” Yes, I do believe she understands that she is leaving and coming home FOREVER!!

When Isaiah was in China I would tell him that we are “way-jah FOREVER” (family/coming home forever) and he would smile and relax….and so with Elizabeth and Elijah I tell them over and over how they are coming home FOREVER! (and I say “forever” really loud)…and they laugh and smile!

Please pray for the flights, airport waits – we wait in Amsterdam for 5-1/2 hours…all of the experiences will be brand new with a mama, big sis and big brother that they barely know…faces, people, sights, etc., all brand new. Just the security at the US Embassy made Elizabeth cry with such fear and Elijah has a death grip on us when we have taken him anywhere…anyway, thank you for your prayers in advance.

It will take about 36 hours to get home, including flights and layovers…4 flights. I was even thinking that if any of you lived in Minneapolis I would love to meet, but I hadn’t gotten to post about it.

Dw is somewhere between Amsterdam and Detroit (I think, but maybe he said Chicago…)…and we hear there is bunch of snow at home and Autumn says air travel has been interrupted, at least it had been last report.

Emma is feeling better. There was even a bit of concern that she had malaria. I said, “Oh Lord, please not malaria – we need people adopting these beautiful babies – not afraid of the malaria….but we thank Almighty God that she is muuuuuuuch better. No doubt – the power of prayer.

I need to head down to the baby orphanage and bathe my sweet little cherubs and prepare to head to the airport. Our flight leaves at 11pm…headed home – forever!!

And for the record – not to worry – I have many stories to tell and pictures to post of Africa – God has done so much and we rejoice that all of you have faithfully prayed us through each part of the journey – we have no doubt it was the power of the prayers of the faithful prayer warriors who made this journey so ‘smooth’ and ‘easy’ compared to many adoption horror stories!! You guys totally rock!!! I am thinking of a “friendship” trip with some of you ladies to love on the babies, go to the slums and who knows what else God will do!! =)

I will post tonight from the airport, I pray!!

With love from Uganda!
Linny, Emma, Graham, Elizabeth and Elijah xoxoxoxoxo

20 thoughts on “VISAs – YIPPEEE JESUS

  1. Oh, Linn, I would drive the 2 hours to Minneapolis in a heartbeat if I didn’t have a little girl recovering from surgery…I’m bummed! You will be so close…so close…

    Safe travels, my friend…praying you through!

  2. FANTASTIC!! What relief you must feel…to be heading home, ON TIME, with your sweet babies. Oh thank you JESUS for your LOVE, FAITHFULNESS and GRACE.

    I have been watching your "followers" climb up & up…I was hoping it would reach 100 before you got home. Folks, if you aren't an official "follower" yet, do it now! Let's make it 100 by the time Linn gets home! Give that gal a little thrill! As if she hasn't had enough already! 🙂


  3. So happy to hear the good news. I have loved following you on this wonderful journey, I can’t wait to see more pictures. I hope you have a safe and easy trip home. Best wishes to you all!!
    Julie French
    Troy, IL

  4. Oh, I am so very excited! I just want to grab those sweet babies and hug their little bodies! And what awesome faith lessons for Emma & Graham . . . and stories that Elizabeth and Elijah will relish hearing their entire lives! I hate that we live so far apart . . . next time we go to the Rockies, we'll definitely have to make a side-trip to meet all those sweet children (I've never met any of the four youngest. Can you believe that?)

    Praying for safe travels and wonderful family time!


  5. So glad you are getting ready to come home. We will pray for safe travels and quick return. (if there is such a thing). We will all be waiting to hear from you and those pictures. Take care and God Bless. So glad to hear that Emma is feeling much better.

    Lisa from Ohio

  6. We are praying in Indianapolis, Indiana. What a beautiful, God-filled story! I wonder how many of us are now convinced of another adoption?? I know we are! After adopting our precious Philip and following your blog, my husband’s heart has been completely set free to think “outside the box” in terms of what God can and will do in our lives! Thank you Jesus!

    We are convinced God has big, big plans for orphans worldwide. Over the years He has called so many Christians to adopt and then international adoption has been all but shut down in some countries. But now we can see God still has put the plight of orphans on Christian hearts all over the world. His plans are so much better and bigger than our human plans!

    Thank you to your family for being so honest about your struggles and your prayer needs. We look forward to finding out what God has in store for your family. God bless you all.

    So glad Emma is feeling better. We pray Graham is better, too, and that you all have a safe journey home.

    In Christ
    Janet and Kevin

  7. I am so, SO excited! And to think I had no idea who your family was a month ago… and now my free time is spent checking to see if you’ve brought those two into your fold yet!

    Praying for peace and safety and provision.

    Much love!

  8. Linn and all ~

    Praying for you as you prepare to leave Uganda with your precious babies. Thankful to the Lord that the Visas are “safely tucked against your heart” and that Emma is doing better. Oh how we all can’t wait to see pictures of all of you together from your Home Sweet log Home!

    Praying for smooth travel, and that God would somehow make 36 hours of travel not feel as long as 36 hours, especially for those babies–Hey He can do that! Praying that you will feel healthy and strong, and that He will give Elizabeth and Elijah peace in their hearts as they leave all that they know. Thank You Father for bringing these precious ones home. Lord be with Ronald and Olivia and tiny Martha, and all of the children–send people Lord to rescue them. Thank You Father that you are the Defender of the weak, protect them Lord we pray.

    We love you Lord and we praise you for ALL You have done. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this Ugandan Christmas miracle!

    Linn ~ Praying you all the way HOME! (Praying Dwight the rest of the way home!)

    Love from Texas~

    Tina and family

  9. Yay! We are praying you home, safe and sound, on non-turbulent, on-time flights, with patient attendants, and friendly faces all around! God bless you all, and have a safe trip home to the good old USA!

    All the best,
    Nicole A. in Ohio

  10. I’m so glad to hear that Emma is feeling better, and since you didn’t mention Gra, I assume he’s hanging in there. I’ve really been praying. Call or text when you’re in range so I’ll know you’re progressing around the world on time! Also, let me know if there’s anything at all I can specifically bring for any of you to make your last leg of the trip more comfortable. Can’t wait to see you…I’m praying…Dw- if you can’t get to Durango because of too much weather let me know and I’ll come get you if you’re stuck in Denver! Jojo

  11. Unbelievable journey! I’m sure you are still processing it all. Wow. Isn’t JESUS just the BEST!
    Praying for your long journey home. May He give you supernatural strength and energy and may the time fly by so quickly. Rejoicing that Emma feels better.
    You are almost home—I’m sure your heart cannot wait. Can’t wait to see pics of those beautiful babies HOME! Thank you Jesus that these two hearts have found a home. I’m sure it is soooo worth every up and down, and every obstacle you have had to overcome over the last two weeks. Wow! Faithful God.

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