The Rocky Mountains

Yesterday Dw and I went on our weekly morning date. We wanted to do something different so we went and got coffee from St*rbucks, and a bagel (for me) and Pumpkin muffin (for him). We decided to drive and talk. Pastoring we seem to run into people everywhere we go (not a bad thing) but sometimes it’s just nice to talk alone (all alone). =)
So for those who long for the mountains – take a look:

This is where we had bought land (but later got bumped from the deal)….the picture doesn’t do it justice – the view is breathtaking!!

If you look real closely in the exact center of the picture you will see a stucco home…this is sitting on a lot that we looked at (once upon a time)….Dw felt though that we would be exchanging one cliff home for another….from the looks of this beautiful home – Dw was right! But still gorgeous to this chica…. If you are looking for a “snow fix”….come for a visit!!

5 thoughts on “The Rocky Mountains

  1. Linny You just posted pic’s of my Cathedral!!!
    Man did you spark my Testosterone totin self with them. I just want to throw on my backpack and grab my camera (or gun if it’s hunting season) and take off. I never feel so small and humbled, yet so alive and inspired as when I am in his beautiful creation, where ever that may be. You are truly blessed,

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