Ssenge Village African Hearts – A Sunday in Uganda

After speaking at the Ssenge Village church we walked to the African Hearts Home in Ssenge Village. This home is part of the African Hearts ministry that our “sons” run and that has a home for older street boys in Kampala. They opened this home just this a few months ago.
These are the boys of the African Hearts home in Ssenge Village. These little boys only a few months ago lived on the street – were orphans – and now they live together as a family and are learning about Jesus and His deep, deep love for them!! They were so precious and were so excited to have us there. One gave me a bracelet he had made. As I looked around I realized that this was probably one of his only things that was his “own”. I will treasure it forever.

The boys – the youngest is four (yes, living on the streets at four years old)..

We ate lunch with them. Beans and Rice and truly – probably the best beans and rice I have ever had!! The Kitchen

The Bedroom (mosquito nets hanging)
They do school right here in the home. There are two rooms – one is the bedroom and the other is the main room. The bathroom is “out back” and the kitchen is a separate building. There are 11 boys at the moment. What a unbelievable ministry! When Dw takes his team this June they will quite possibly be building another building out at the boys home for a few of their days there…..
As I look at the pictures – one thing is certain: I deeply miss Africa!!

13 thoughts on “Ssenge Village African Hearts – A Sunday in Uganda

  1. God’s heart is in each of your words and pictures. Oh, how I wish the Lord would allow us to bring home another little one.

    Please, if you can, keep us in prayer about that and our finances.



  2. Linn,
    I believe that God is using these powerful stories not only to open our hearts and eyes but He is also “calling” you to GO….make Disciples. By you recounting your stories to us it is also keeping HIS fire lit in your heart. I believe God is calling you to the “Fields of the Fatherless” in Africa. I will pray that He will continue to show you His will and plan for you.

  3. The people you will touch with your stories!!!! If they didn’t have adoption in their hearts before………… Linny ,I have to tell you something. I sat down this morning and pulled the note out of the envelope that you sent me. I just wanted to read the note again. (The ornament is already on the tree!!!) Anyway all of a sudden I got a whiff of smoke. I opened the note again and there was the smell again. Smoke… from a wood stove…. all the way from your cabin in Colorado to my house in New York. We were connected. God connected us through a wood stove!!! It gave me such a feeling of comfort!! I thought you’d like this story. Although it is not as spellbinding, terrifying as your mountain lion story!!! Just a little over 34 hours and we will be on a plane…….
    Hugs, Kathie

  4. Oh how I remember that feeling when I returned from China. Everything in me wanted to run back. People would ask how could you WANT to return to a communist country … I would try to explain … it’s the people … its the kids … truth is … it’s God! He just draws us to where He is calling us 🙂 Thank you for sharing. Blessings, Lisa C.

  5. AMAZING!! Keep it up Linny!!!
    I want to THANK you for my little package!!! I LOVE LOVE it!!! Our children were so excited for it to be opened knowing it came all the way from Africa!! – and it’s funny how one other comment above made mention of the wood fire smell and I noticed the same thing and found myself sniffing the tissue!!! 🙂 I will treasure it always! Each time I look at it I will be forever reminded of you and all those precious faces!
    HUGS from “Florida” :):)

  6. Sweet, sweet boys, each one of them so very precious to their Maker! Just look at them shining the light of Jesus with those great big smiles! Linn and Dwight, how proud you must be of your new “sons” for what they are doing to change the lives of these young boys. Thank you again Linn for sharing Uganda with us, I am soooo blessed!

    Blessings back to you~


    Loved the mountain lion (times three) testimony! xo

  7. Thank you so much for posting these pictures Linn, I hadnt noticed them earlier but just stumbled upon them, when I saw the pictures of my boys i just cried and cried (i still am) thank you so much for going to see them, for helping them, and for all that you do for them. Thank you


    abby tracy

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