Morning Glow

The other morning I was having my Bible study and the kids woke up and came a runnin’. I don’t know if there is anything more wonderful than snuggling with my kids when they first wake up.

Dw was about to leave for work and saw me on the couch with all the little ones. On his own he said, “Hang on, babe, you’re glowing! I have to have a picture of you with the kids…” I’m not sure about the “glowing” part (it could have just been the backlight from all the snow outside) but there is no doubt I am abundantly blessed and my heart is definitely glowing!! (That’s Nelly looking out the window.)

15 thoughts on “Morning Glow

  1. I absolutely LOVE this picture. I see there is a teeny tiny space at the edge of the sofa for Jubilee 🙂 Actually, you can probably sqwish quite a few MORE little bodies on there 🙂
    You are a blessed mommy!

    PS When you have a moment Linny, I would LOVE for you to share with us homeschooling moms just how you do it with LOTS of little ones running around. What curriculum do you use? I would love some tips from such an experienced homeschooling mom, that would be such a blessing.

  2. Yep, I agree, GLOWING! And Dw took a picture, with no prompting, asking . . . begging? You ARE blessed. He can blog . . . and take great pictures! In your own words, he’s darn near perfect (for a man). (Other than the fact that his head won’t fit through the door, if you tell him, “good job” again! 🙂

    Love the way you are smothered in babies, mmm mmm mmm!



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