A Surprise Package

Doesn’t everybody just love surprises? This is a blog about our family and when special things happen, well, it’s just extra fun to chronicle it so we can look back and see the special memories…..

Our son-in-love Ryan is #2 of a dozen (sadly, little sister Rebekah went to be with Jesus a few years ago)….so now Ryan has 10 siblings. Since Ryan’s dad was a pastor in our denomination we had met the family long before Abby and Ryan started dating and eventually married. The “Q” family is an absolute blast. Ry’s mom and I call each other “twins” since we have so much in common and at each pastor’s convention we would meet up and have coffee and get lost in conversation. She is a dear friend and I am thrilled that she is my daughter’s mom-in-love.
When Ab and Ry were getting married both families met up in California a week before the wedding and we played together!! That hotel, where we all stayed, I’m sure will never be the same again.

Ry’s siblings are basically all the same age as our younger kids and they all have become wonderful buds. Emmy and Anna are best friends. The teenage kids “skype” almost nightly and laugh and laugh, – sometimes even till the wee hours of the morning!
Well the other day a box arrived from the Q kids for us. They had shopped and purchased something for each of us – unbeknownst to us and packaged it up and shipped it to our home. We had such a blast opening all these wonderful treats! Sweatshirts, tee shirts and even gift cards!!
Infact, they packaged it with candy cause they thought that would be way more fun that packing peanuts! Crazy kids!

While in Africa I had gone on the Q kids blog and had left a comment about longing for M&M’s while in Africa and so in the box were FIVE pounder bags of M&M’s – incase I ever end up in a country where they don’t sell them!! How ‘sweet’ is that?
Anyway, here’s some pictures of stuff from the box!!

And Q kids – for the record: We all miss you, we all love you and we pray that you can come for a visit SOON!! xo

13 thoughts on “A Surprise Package

  1. The pic’s are all gr8, “Butt” it does my heart so good to see you allowing your boy to wear a real Rednecks shirt…LOL one of my cousins nick name is Bubba. if G ever needs any testosterone totin lessons with a good dollop of God’s love, send him on up to our place :o) always have room in the boat or hunting camp for blossoming Redneck boy, Er (Man) :o)

  2. For the record… I LOVE that you have your Christmas tree up! 🙂

    And you can already see that Isaiah and Elizabeth are gonna be the cutest inseparable hooligans! I LOVE his arm around her. Isn’t that what big brothers are for?

    Please, can you post on your current prayer requests? See… you kinda jumpstarted my prayer life over there in Africa, and now you’re sitting there GLOWING with your kids safely home (you WERE too… DW was right). And I’ve been praying for your littlest ones settling in and feeling their family’s love. Keep on praying to bring Jubilee home, right? 🙂

  3. That is great to get surprise gifts!!! How neat of them! We are good friends with our sons, in laws too!! It makes things a lot easier, doesn’t it?!?!?


  4. Hey, I'm right there with JR, if you need any help with those M & Ms you know how to reach me!

    The kids look so darn sweet snuggled in those hoodies, and the big kids look great too! What a blessing and what a sweet connection you have with the "Q"s!

    Blessings fron another M & M lover ~


    P.S. I cannot look at a picture of your smiling Elijah without getting the biggest silliest grin on my face . . . sitting here all alone at my computer, grinning! Thanks Elijah boy!!

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