And the Winner Is…………….

Months ago we started a Memorial Box giveaway. If you do not know what a Memorial Box is, please read about it here. Brief synopsis: God told the Isrealites to build a stone memorial symbolizing different times God had rescued or provided for His children.
A Memorial Box today is a box, shelf or cabinet used which stores little symbols of instances when God has miraculously provided for you and/or your family. The idea is to tell your children the stories over and over to remind them (and you!) of God’s mighty faithfulness.

We have had a Memorial Box for many years. On most Monday’s I tell another story from our Memorial Box. Not long after our home burned down I thought that as I searched for a new Memorial Box for our home, why not search for one for one of my sweet bloggy friends?? Over the next months I offered a giveaway. One hundred and fifty-six (156!) of you entered to win one. (I have learned a lesson. Fifty years old and still learning lessons, what exactly is up with that?? Next time have people sign up for a giveaway in ONE spot…it took an entire day to find all the entries.)

Anyway, as I searched for a Memorial Box for the giveaway I found not one, but two….so I could award a first and second place…on that note…..

Drum roll……







10th place




9th Place


valerie in TX


8th Place




7th Place




6th Place




5th Place




4th place


Chris & Sarah


3rd Place

2nd Place

Emma thought it would be so fun to draw 2nd place with her snazzy toes….(teenagers!!)



Now you might be wondering ……what’s the point of telling you which place all ten people were in when there were only two Memorial Boxes to give away?

Bear with me…..remember when heading home from Greeley 10 days ago I stopped somewhere that I had been dying to stop at? Yeah, well that place was an antique mall complete with 3,000 vendors and I had a blast…and I bought NINE more Memorial Boxes…so all 10 have won a Memorial Box. Can anyone say, “Yippee Jesus”?

When several of you wrote that you had never won anything I determined that ALL of you were going to win….one way or another!!

Not all have doors, but each is unique and I love them all. After TINA picks the one she would like I will ask Sandee to pick next. From there on out I will probably just pick and mail. But I will post pictures of what each one received.

On an interesting note….as I walked thru that GIGANTIC antique mall I had only found two Memorial Boxes. I prayed (outloud, but quietly)…”Okay Lord, I know that Memorial Boxes are your will. Each of these ladies is going to start to chronicle your handiwork in their lives….so I believe that finding these boxes is your will, so could you provide them right now?” And immediately I turned and saw 4 things that will work as Memorial Boxes. God you are sooooo stinkin’ good to me!!!!! Yippee Jesus!!

24 thoughts on “And the Winner Is…………….

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! My mouth is hanging open. SNOOPY DANCE O'JOY! 🙂 I LOVE that Isaiah (my Toby) was holding my name. Kiss that sweet boy for me and tell him that he is such an inspiration to me every time I see his sunny smile.

    Wow…my heart is thumping and now I'm going to have trouble getting to sleep tonight! 🙂 I have a good Memorial Box story for tomorrow's blog, too. Woohoo! 🙂

  2. Yes yes I can say Yippee Jesus!! How fun! Don't ya just love it when the big guys just answers so quick and so clearly!!

    Congrats to all the lucky winners!!

  3. Are you kidding me? Holy cow!!! You are sooooo sweet! I can not believe that we ALL won! Thank you Linny! You have just blessed my socks off!!!

  4. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yippeee, Yippeee, Yippeeeeee JESUS!


    I won! I won! I won!!!!!!

    We ALL won!

    Yay us!!!!

    Thank you Linny! Thank you from the bottom of my very grateful . . .excited . . . skippin' a beat, heart!

    Thank you Lord for blessing me, and thank You for the many, many memorial box stories to come!

    Oh happy, happy day!!

    Thanks again Linny!

    Love from Texas~

    Tina ~ the one with the really big smile on her face!

  5. I was praying please let it be Sarah, please let it be Sarah and then realized that I know Karin too and they are both winners!
    How awesome!!!

  6. YEA!!!! I was hoping it was my dearest Tina from Texas!! Tina has been such a blessing to me~~as a neighbor when we were in Texas and now as a faraway Target shopper and surprise-box-sender. Tina has such a giving heart and has depended on the Lord for many things, some that took a very long time to be revealed!

    I am THRILLED that all the winners got a Memorial Box, but especially THRILLED for Tina!!!

    I don't yet have a box, but I've already started thinking of items to put in one as a reminder of what God's done for us!

    Yippee Jesus!

  7. Linny,
    You are very, very special. I am so excited about this and at the same time a little scared because I don't think this is something that will come easy to me. I can come up with the God stories for sure but the objects to go with them might be harder. I do know that this is something I really, really want to do though and I was going to buy one if I didn't win one.

    Yesterday was a VERY emotional day for me and I cried, cried and cried all day. I was reading the book Scared by Tom Davis. At one time as Chris was trying to consult a crying wife I looked at him and asked if we are doing enough to teach our kids about the amazing God we have.

    What an awesome tool this will be to show our kids how amazing our God is.

    Linny, this means so much more than just winning something. THANKS YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

  8. Thank you Linny. I figured you had some crazy scheme brewing since it took so long to announce the winner. I just figured you were coming up with some crazy contest for the 10 of us…not letting us all win. I'm speechless, and that doesn't happen often. Thank you, Linny! I've already been looking for the first objects for my Memorial Box. 🙂

  9. all i can say is YIPPEE JESUS!!
    i have been coming back to your site for (over?) a week and each day am hoping this is the day this is the day. . .
    okay, i can wait. patience is good, right??

    and then i thought ohhhhh monday is memorial box monday!! maybe today!! and yes!! it's today!!

    i scrolled down (and forgive me, i'm going to have to go back and read. . . sorry!!) and i promise you my adrenaline was escalating. . . i'm not 10th, or 9th. this is good! or 8th, or 7th. . . good!! i'm sixth!! wow, i thought. i got so close. that's cool.
    a little crushed, but cool. i'm about celebrating winners, right? so i keep scrolling down.
    i see isaiah's sweet smiling face (that kid has the most infectious smile!!) and then the toes. . . hahaha and then tina, who won.
    i kept reading.
    and reading. . .
    and my heart started to race again. . .
    are you flippin kidding me??
    we all (gulp) won??
    i am speechless (well i guess not really) that our precious redeemer would use YOU to bless ALL of us!!
    my children have recently gone to go to college. i'm looking forward to collecting our story to put in our memorial box. and to tell the stories when we get together. God didn't get ahold of us until after we had our children, but he's been at work in and through us ever since.
    what a treasure to remind our children of God's faithfulness, to be able to gather and celebrate God's hand in our lives, His providence, His trustworthiness.
    and not only our children, but the people who should chance to visit.
    thank you for helping us give God the Glory in all he does in and through us.
    i'll be looking for a memorial box that i can one day pass on to another. (in addition to the two i will give my children on their wedding days). what a blessing you are, linny (and dw and the rest of the clan) and how you've spawned a sweet tradition to at least one family (i darenot speak for the other winners).
    congratulations to my fellow winners. what a HUGE honor!!

  10. Congrats to all who won.
    Now to go find a memorial box and really put pray into this as I know it's something God is showing me I need to do and remember what has been given. I noticed I have things laying all over that I need to round up and start remembering.

  11. Congratulations to the winners:) Praise to God that you were able to bless 10 families. I do wish I was one of them though:) I have never won anything in my life. But I have decided to look for one for me and my husband. I think this will be neat thing for us to do.

  12. oh..Linny Linny! I can't believe I won! And something so special. I am in tears. I cannot wait to explain to my children what a Memorial Box is and ask them what they feel the first few items are we should put in them.

    And what a blesser you are… to get 10 boxes!!!! No wonder you waited to long to tell…it was probably so fun walking around knowing the big joy you had to share! lol

    Blessings to you my dear. Wish I lived in your hometown so I could give you a big hug!

  13. Congrats to all of the winners! I am so happy that my best friend and neighbor from Texas, Tina, won! God is good and I know that Tina has a lot of things that she can put in the box and wonderful God stories to share with her family and with all of us. Linny, I continue to marvel at your generosity to and your love for us bloggy friends. Thanks for being a mentor to all of us! I continue to pray for your family and for all that God is doing in your life.


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