Our New Kitchen is Coming Together!

I have to say, I was so tickled by all your enthusiasm for our “new” kitchen. It warmed our hearts – for sure!! I can tell that many of you prayed for our hearts, because we have a new spring in our step about the new house. Yippee Jesus!!
Anyway, yesterday we settled on exactly what we are doing…..
We bought the Hoosier….We bought the pie safe…..Then Dw & I took headed to Farmington for our Friday date and found this Hoosier…different then the other one, but painted!! The bottom drawers have the rounded bottoms….so fun!!! I was so thrilled as I LOVE painted pieces….so we bought this one too…And we found this table too….I will have this in lieu of the dry sink. I just love that it’s painted also….The piece on top is separate and we did not buy that top piece. It will just be the white table along the “counter” run.

There will be a few traditional cabinets in the mix because we need a place for a sink and a dishwasher….oh my, it’s going to be suh-weet!

21 thoughts on “Our New Kitchen is Coming Together!

  1. Wow – such awesome pieces for your new kitchen! So fun and exciting – I'm so glad that you are both "giddy" about the new kitchen! It blesses my heart!

    Love you guys!

  2. Sweet Linny, Yes, I have been praying for your hearts, that you would fall in love with the new home God is providing for your family. You have also been on my small group prayer list since the fire, however, this week, we prayed more for where you are NOW, and prayed for the hurt to lighten for you and your family. It is also my prayer, that those of us that have come to love you and love reading your blog, will continue to lift you in prayer, but at the same time, I pray that ALL of us will learn our limits. I know that when you share so much of yourself, it is easy for some to thing they have a right to all of your life…I love that you stated that you CHOOSE what to share. I pray that everyone reading your blog will realize that there is so much more than what we are reading, and that you, like the rest of us, deserve some privacy.

    With that being said….

    I LOVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING IN THE NEW KITCHEN!!!! All the stuff that you bought reminds me so much of growing up in my grandmothers kitchen! I just know that whatever you do in your new home, you will be happy!

    Love ya Linny….take care!

  3. Dear Linny,
    I am so very happy for you and your husband and that you are both
    getting so excited about your new
    home. I just knew this was coming,
    cause God always replaces anything he asks from us or takes away to give us something even better!
    Love your choices for your new kitchen, it is gonna be a tremendous and fun blessings beyond your wildest imagination.
    Enjoy it honey!! Every last drop of fun and excitement, cause the Lord would want you to!!
    Blessings, Nellie

  4. I can't wait to see the finished kitchen. Did you get all of your prayer letters in time to get in before the drywall? That was such a creative idea- I told my cousin about it as they are building a new house too.

  5. I LOOVE all that!!! i'm so excited to see how it all comes together. it will be homey with tons of personality, and seems to fit you perfectly!!

  6. All right, that's IT! I am gonna have to fly to CO when you're all done, cuz OHMIGOSH, I am in LOVE with your house already! 🙂 I have a feeling I would feel like I had walked into my home, except BETTER, cuz YOU were there! 🙂 I have a beautiful primitive jelly cupboard that is painted blue. My sister said I should paint it, and I almost fainted! It is a PRIMITIVE, and it is SUPPOSED to look that way!!!!!!!!!!! It is huge, at least 6 feet tall, but I LOVE it.

    Between Boyd's critters, quilts, and antiques, our tastes sound alike! 🙂 Don't ya love that? God sure loves us, to help us find bloggy friends with hearts just like our own!

    Can't WAIT to see more! 🙂 When does the dry wall go up? Hope you got my scripture…AND the picture of my sweet China girl!

    Still praying for all your needs…still thankful for all His answers and provisions!

    Love you! Nancy in CT

  7. I woke up today with Autumn on my heart and have been praying for her and her doctors today. Just wanted to let you know that God put your sweet girl on my heart. 🙂


  8. That is so great!! I love it!! And I love that you are having fun with it!! Please please keep sharing!! Don't stop now, we want to know everything!!

    If you need a little bloggy advice just ask us! We are not shy and we love it when houses turn into homes!! Another Yippee Jesus moment!!

    Bless you sweet friend!!

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