Thankful/Grateful Thursday

Thankful and grateful for all your prayers for Autumn. She and Dw saw a doctor there at Mayo for a whopping 30 minutes and were sent home to return in a couple of weeks for yet another appointment. *sigh* Autumn was very discouraged, which is pretty understandable.

Thankful and grateful that this week-end the River church is having a free yard sale in our community. I have been at the church all day working on it.

Thankful and grateful for the comments and emails after yesterday’s post about Elizabeth. I have written all day (in my head) another post in response to your questions. If I have insomnia tonight, it will probably be up tomorrow. =)

Thankful and grateful that this week-end we are giving away the Memorial Boxes. *giggle* Yippee Jesus!! Can’t wait!!! Stay tuned!!! xo

9 thoughts on “Thankful/Grateful Thursday

  1. Oh Linny, I can totally understand how discouraged Autumn must be. What a journey for all of you.

    Thank you for being YOU–so thankful for that 🙂

  2. Linny,

    So sorry that Autumn's appointment was short, and seemingly unproductive . . . trusting that the Lord is using these next couple of weeks to arrange some things behind the scenes before Autumn's return. Continuing to pray for your sweet, blue-eyed baby girl!

    In reponse to the many, many comments I just read through on Elizabeth's post (which was beautiful by the way), I would love to share a bit of encouragemnt for those who's situations seem "too tough", perhaps you can pass it on . . .

    If the Lord is calling you to adopt and you are feeling the "tug" He WILL make the way. It took much praying to turn my husband's heart toward adoption. I would say it was nearly 18 months before our hearts were in the same place, many wives I'm sure, can testify to longer. Bottom line is this– the Lord WILL turn your husband's heart, if this is His plan for your lives. Don't give up. Once my husband's heart was turned there was still the biggie that faces nearly everyone– finances. I knew in my heart that God had called us to adopt. I knew. For eight years I prayed, and for eight years the Lord reminded me that He would bring it to pass, finances and all. And He did just that . . . in the form of an unexpected bonus (in an even more unexpected amount) the Lord provided! Eight years after the seed of adoption was planted in my heart, He revealed our Chinese daughter to us. Tonight she sleeps peacefully under our roof, her name is Theadora, "Gift of God". He is faithful. Don't give up!

    Thank you Linny for advocating for the orphans. Thank you for telling their stories. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

    Love you!

    Tina . . . who is staying VERY tuned for the give- away! xo

  3. I can't believe they sent her home. When my and I took a lady once (it was several years ago though) you just waited until you were done there. This has to be so frustrating for all of you.

  4. So sorry that Autumn has to wait longer for answers! Why do doctors do that? Will continue to pray for her.

    Your post yesterday made Kevin and me cry. The last picture we received of our little Eli waiting for us in China showed a VERY sad face. It haunts us to know that he may really be that sad, and we can't comfort him yet!

    We are hoping it's just that he doesn't like his picture taken, but in reality we know it probably is that he has to take care of all of his needs himself. He looks withdrawn, sad, and lonely. We sure could use prayers for his well-being.

    Philip NEVER looked unhappy in his pictures sent from China. He looked happy, joyful, and ornery! Which he is!! LOL!

    In Christ,
    Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli.

  5. So sorry for the frustration and discouragement- we are praying for sweet Autumn. How difficult it must be for her- argh… hoping and praying she finds some peaceful moments!

  6. WOW.

    Your blog is 'simply'

    We want to adopt one day. Beautiful family! We pray ours would one day look like yours!

    Thanks for hitting me up on my blog

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