You Guys Were Praying – Look at What We MIGHT Do

Thank you to all who posted such sweet comments yesterday. Thank you for hearing my heart. For those who have experienced great loss (in whatever form) it is easier to understand another’s loss (to at least a degree). Never would I compare our home loss and all its contents to that of losing a child or husband, but nonetheless a profound loss and lots of emotions to work through.

Obviously you guys prayed even harder after yesterday’s post. Although Dw didn’t like the barnwood idea…’s really very good. Thank you to all who prayed and those who posted comments – I cried through some of them…..

After reading yesterday’s post, Jensine, a sweet bloggy friend, wrote to me on Facebook and suggested I look at what she and her hubby had just done in their home. I popped on and gasped! Yes, that is exactly the look I love, love, love!!

Here’s Jensine’s kitchen:

Isn’t it darling? Cozy, simple, homey, old farmhouse look….oh my!!!!

Dw and I had been to the local antique mall last week on his day off and we had found three pieces we loved. We just didn’t know how to make them work. But after seeing Jensine’s kitchen we think we would love to have each of them in our kitchen, in lieu of cabinets. We would still have some cabinets to accomodate our sink and dishwasher, but…..check out these three pieces….

A dry sink with a copper top…. A gorgeous hoosier…..

Dw just loves this pie safe….

Can you picture it? Wouldn’t it be sweet? We think it would take our new home and personalize it giving it that old look…and hopefully say, “simple, homey, comfy, cozy….perfect!!” Whatdaya think??

38 thoughts on “You Guys Were Praying – Look at What We MIGHT Do

  1. AS my dear daughter would say, "PERF"!!!

    Not that I get to vote, but I think it would be lovely to put history into a new house.

    You're alll in our prayers…
    Mary Beth

  2. Love, Love, love, Linny. Perfect. Girl, you are a woman after my own heart. We have a condo in OH that we have been trying to sell (we had to relocate) anyways, we had it decorated very similarly to this. People eitther love it or don't "get" the whole no regular cabinets in the kitchen deal. 🙂 the latest issues of Country Sampler looks like it has some great pics for kitchen ideas! Oooh!! Happy planning! :))))

  3. Oh Linny now I'm crying. That first picture is my dream. It's so beautiful. I love the pieces in the other pictures. I can just imagine the beautiful chaos that would unfold in that kitchen. All the kids coming and going. I think it's perfect.I pray you get exactly what you want!

  4. I think you have found the thing that just "sits well."

    God answers ALL prayers…even those about a homey, cozy kitchen…He is SOOOOOO awesome!

    Love and blessings!

  5. oooooh, i just love it!! i mean if you've just lost all of your history, how neat to be getting someone elses!! imagine the stories wrapped up into each of these pieces!! talk about memories!!
    i can't wait to see the finished product, and i'm so excited about how this has energized your building process.
    praying for you. . .
    oh, and i didn't comment the other day, but i thought your post about your home, the voyeurs, was heart wrenching, and we who are not living your reality forget that there is still some very real grieving going on. thank you for so transparently sharing your heart.
    and i'm praying for your sweet autumn, too. y'all have really been bombarded!

  6. Hi Linny,
    I think all those pcs. are lovely.
    and I am so excited to see you so
    excited about them and this kitchen of Jensines. I can tell right now a lot of healing is gonna come as you pick out stuff for your new house. God will amazingly lavious you with His love during this time, it is gonna be really neat and fun for you I can almost guarantee it!!
    Have a great day and a great time
    Blessings, Nellie

  7. Gorgeous! I really like the look of Jessine's kitchen and the pieces you picked out from the antique store are just beautiful. I love the farm kitchen idea, as I am a farm girl wannabe who is stuck living in a urban area. Oh well, I have my little garden.

    But I digress. Have you ever thought about finding an old stove, say the 50's and having it refurbished? A friend of mine did that and she's now the proud owner of a 1950's pink, yes PINK stove. She lives in a farmhouse type house and it's just perfect in her kitchen. But all the inner works have been refurbished so she doesn't have to light the pilot or anything. I like to imagine the food tastes better.

    I am so glad to see you happy and excited about something related to your new home. I can't even imagine the pain, loss, and sadness you feel on a daily basis. I pray that you will continue to find little items for your new home that will make you happy and excited to embark on this new future.


  8. Love it!! SIMPLY perfect, and you are completely recycling with those three pieces so it's very earth friendly too . . . on top of being SIMPLY perfect!

    Thank you Lord for helping the kitchen details fall into place!! Yippee Jesus! Please keep it up for the rest of the house. Every. SIngle. Room. Thank you Lord that you are into details, and that You know Linny's heart! (By the way, it's sweet isn't it? Linny's heart I mean. Of course it's sweet, You made it!)

    Love you friend! Still praying.

    Tina ~ xo

  9. Oh, what beautiful pieces of furniture! My favorite piece is the hoosier. I never knew what they were called, but they seem to be so useful and convenient. You're on your way to creating a cozy kitchen 🙂

  10. I think that the combination would be great.

    Have you considered buying antique
    chests for the bathroom. Modify the top with an appropriate waterproof surface and drop in a sink. The drawers and character are already there. Enjoy….

    Also, antique mantels make fabulous
    headboards. I like to use antiques for all sorts of things.
    My coffee table is a bakers table with the legs shortened. Great conversation pieces!

  11. I absolutely love them! The perfect pieces. But what will make the kitchen truly perfect will be having you all in it – that's what makes it just right. Love you guys, and know I'm praying for Autumn today!

  12. Ooh a mantel as a headboard…that is a fabulous idea Lauren. 🙂 See I just came back to read more ideas for my own house too. LOL! I've also seen old doors used as a headboard. That is a cool look. I have several old window panes that the glass has been replaced with mirrors. Those are two of my favorite things!

  13. I have an idea:)

    Let's make a cookbook! Or maybe just a recipe tag? Wouldn't that be fun? Easy, money saving recipes or family heirloom recipes. Oh I love it. 🙂

  14. You love it? Buy it! There is no turning into something that you aren't!!! If I HAVE to have whatever and I am still thinking of it days past seeing it … it is worth the cost! Run, don't walk and put your money down on the three pieces. Someone else could come and 'steal' it from you. Money talks and that way it will be waiting for you.

  15. It is so funny that you are thinking along these lines…I just returned from Greeley with a hoosier and rounded-glass china cabinet from my parents home. They collected these treasures some 35 years ago; to them they were "beautiful finds"; after all these years they are now a part of my family. Collect your beautiful things, and make some memories!!!

  16. Hi Linny, Been meaning to email you all week and ask what the name of the Antique store is and where it is-hubby and I are heading to Santa Fe in Oct. but plan on many side trips to antique stores-as we love them. Yours looked so neat…thanks dear one. Continuing to uphold you all.

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