Bonfires are the Best!!

We went the other day to our land where our new home is being built to have a bonfire dinner and some fun….Daddy has been working so hard on the house and we have not seen him much….He comes home from work, changes his clothes and goes to the house to work (Emma and Graham go to help most of the time as well). He is working soooo hard and I have to keep reminding him that he is 54, not 29.
In order to spend some time with daddy we took a picnic and built a bonfire and ate together….
it was really fun…. What’s a bonfire without S-M-O-R-E-S?Some people love their marshmallows burnt to a crisp….Emmy is one of them!Looking tired much??As usual, Graham didn’t want his picture taken….
So I had to settle for this shot to prove he was there…This is Bruster….and he is a lovebug….and he loves when we are out at the house….
he misses us so much!!

11 thoughts on “Bonfires are the Best!!

  1. How funny, we just celebrated Bonfire Night here in England on the 5th… a tradition which happens every year in remembrance of Guy Fawkes who attempted to blow up the House of Parliament. We too had marshmallows burned to a crisp but instead of smores, we had bonfire toffee!

    Love the pictures!

  2. What gorgeous pics, my friend. Sweet family memories.
    When you have time–please fill us in on how your dear hubby's health is. I often wonder how he's doing after his very long illness.

    Love you.

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