Grateful/Thankful Thursday – Oh How My Heart Overflows

Where to start?

So many, many, many things I am so grateful/thankful for!!!
Things like:
My hot hubby of 31+ years who works so hard….day and night….pastoring the people we love….and now add to the mix, working so hard, into the night often, on our soon-to-be new home. He is the most Godly man I know: full of integrity, faithfulness, perseverence, diligence, grace, forgiveness and joy. He is always and easily moved with compassion for those he meets or hears of.
I love you soooo much Whitey!!
(that’s white paint above his lip)

And how ’bout the 150 + volunteers who serve at the River? We, the staff, honored them the other night. We threw a banquet, to beat all banquets. H’ordeurves in the foyer, a meal cooked by our own Kevin (Student Ministries pastor)…and we the staff helped with the meal prep, and then served our volunteers. It was awesome! And our volunteers rock!!

Kevin & Dw

And then there’s the wonderful time we had when Jessica, who flew in last week-end was here with us. She spoke Sunday morning at church, in kind of an interview style with Emma and Dw…….Jess is a missionary to Africa…the boys at Ssenge Village and in the slums. The courage this 26 year old has is amazing!! She is an inspiration to all who meet her and one day, just maybe, Emma will be serving near her….

Jess was showing us how to braid Elizabeth’s hair….

How aobut a little brother who loves to help out wherever he can……
whether its painting…
Or helping carry all the groceries
Isaiah loves to get all dressed up (on his own)…sweet baby boy…
And that according to Fed-Ex’s site….
Jubilee’s package was delivered to her orphanage yesterday…..
now praying our hearts out that they will give it to her….
we took family pictures and the few pictures we have of her
and made copies of her and cut them out and
taped them in to our family pictures…..
Lord willing, she will understand “she goes with us!”

And then there’s my sweet friend Carie,
who took pictures of my kids while
I marched in the Veteran’s Day parade
and emailed them to me…..

Autumny with Polly and Isaiah

Even simple things like Rubber Bands!!

Rubber bands so totally rock!!

They have a million uses…..

And how about file folders and file boxes?

Another personal favorite!!

So very much to be Grateful/Thankful for!!!

How ’bout you?
What are you Grateful/Thankful for this Thursday??

13 thoughts on “Grateful/Thankful Thursday – Oh How My Heart Overflows

  1. I love you Linny! I just love your heart and I am so blessed to know you. ((hugs))

    Emma is SUCH a beautiful girl!! I just love that dress and her gorgeous hair! I tell ya, I kick myself everyday for cutting my hair and those pictures don't help! 😉

    I love seeing photos of your kids. Autumn looks so great! I hope she's feeling better and that things are going well. Praying for her!

  2. I'm thankful for God's timing. Tony scheduled a couple of days off this week. THEN I got sick! So thankful that he has been home to take care of me and the girls.

    God is just so stinkin' good!

  3. I am so thankful for our PA- it arrived today!! Thank you Jesus!! We were so worried about it because of the crazy meter maid but God prevailed and the girls will be ours!! Yippee Jesus!!

    Your files are impressive- so organized!!

  4. I'm thankful for you Linny, for your blog which is such an encouragement to me. I'm thankful for the gift of adoption, for my family and our friends. I'm thankful for the incredible weather we are having for this time of the year. The list could go on and on and on. Hugs and love.

  5. You sweet spirit sings! You encourage more than you will ever know.

    I thank my Jesus for the time Josie-Tatum and I spent in Africa this summer and pray, believing, that one day she will be serving Him in missions one day.

    I thank Him for the money we've raised thus far, money for the Lighthouse!!! I thank Him for hearts that are opening to care for the least of these.

    He is an Awesome God!

  6. That people remind me to be grateful, that we need to keep HIS perspective and throw the pebble of a problem back on on the road with all the other stones/issues of life and see HIS amazing big picture.

  7. I'm thankful for you . . . and for all of the other (Thankful Friday) things that I just posted about! 🙂 Oh, and for M & Ms, except the blue ones, they should never have been allowed in. I'm not M&M racist–they are royal blue, c'mon, are we really supposed to eat anything that color?

    That is a full post my friend! I'm lovin' the dressed up Isaiah look. I can't look at that little man without smiling. (It's like when someone yawns, and you can't help yourself. Isaiah smiles and you just gotta smile!) Please tell Whitey that he looks good in white—paint, that is!

    Praying for your Jubilee Promise, and her package. Praying for your Autumn. Love all of the pictures!!

    Love you!


  8. I love your thankful posts! I am so glad your house is coming along. Wayne and I have built 2 houses together. It is a loooooong journey, but when it is over and you look around knowing that you did alot of the work, it just makes home that much sweeter. One word of advise: finish every single thing in the house BEFORE you move in. If not, you will be so tired of construction that you will not want to finish it later. Trust me on that one!

  9. Linny,

    I love your gratitude for big and small things. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics from the Veteran's Day parade. (I "lost it" too, and I wasn't even there!) Very moving.

    This week, I'm also grateful for the sacrifice of brave men and women who serve our country, for a stuffed friend named Elmo, and for being "loved to pieces." (It's a long story that I shared on )

    We prayed as a family that Jubilee would get her package. I know how important those special deliveries are. And we are still praying that she is home soon.

    Kathie from Georgia.

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