Thankful/Grateful Thursday – UGH

Ever have one of those days where you just are havin’ a really, really, really hard time being Thankful and Grateful?
I’m confident everyone knows what I’m talking about.
So let’s start off with what’s easy to be Thankful for:
Tyler called last night!! Yippee Jesus!!

My new pantry

Some of my treasures that helped me make cinnamon rolls the other day

And now on to that thing that is not so easy to be grateful or thankful for:
Yesterday, as you all know, was a day of prayer and fasting for J and C specifically and adoption in general…
Well Dw decided to go by the rental after work, just one last time, sweep it out and call the landlord to give him the key….(for the record, he has not been a happy guy since the day we signed the lease)… has been very cold here and the ice has held on…..Dw was walking up the flight of concrete steps and fell down the steps – pulling his arm that had surgery just last year backwards and hit his head really hard….he called me immediately to tell me that he had hit his head cause it really hurt and he had banged it good.
Then he went into the rental.
He went up the flight of stairs inside only to discover that 18 hours earlier when he and a few friends had come to get the last of the stuff out….someone had suggested plugging and filling the laundry room sink with hot water to try to get it really clean (scrubbing had not worked, the sink is that porous cheap-o stuff that holds everything onto it)…..
only trouble was that the door of the laundry room had been accidentally shut and the running water? Yeah.
Completely forgotten.
And so he walked in to 18 hours of running water..
the counter tops in the laundry room collapsing
water everywhere – all over the Pergo….
Could it get anymore fun?????
Yup it could!!
Ya’ know the landlord that hasn’t been happy for the last 11 months?
Well where did all that 18 hours of water go?
Ummm, well the room directly underneath the laundry room
is where the landlord stored all his furniture.
Oh my stinkin’ gracious.
Dw called me immediately.
We were in disbelief.
Both us wanted to throw up.
Both of us cried.
Both of us thought of running away.
Come on Lord!! What the heck??
Yes, it was our mistake, but come on.
How ’bout a break here?
And so….today would be Thankful/Grateful Thursday. And I’m just wondering….Whose stupid idea for such a day was it anyway?? Oh yeah. That’s right. It was mine. Dork!
What was undoubtedly a “word from the Lord” this AM was that Elizabeth climbed into bed with Dw & I….we already had Jubilee, Elijah and Isaiah snuggling with us too. The very first words out of Elizabeth’s mouth were: “Hey, let’s play the thankful game!” =)
Out of the mouth of babes….
So here’s the stuff that the Lord said to me yesterday the second I hung up the phone from hearing about the water….”Remember what you mediated on for a full year a few years back? “In EVERYTHING give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you…”
Okay, so my response when He spoke that to me was not, “Oh yeah! I remember!! Yippee Jesus! We are lovin’ this….awesome….super….fantastic….what a blast!!
No, I am a human being, who said, “You’re kidding, right? Give thanks for THIS??”
Dw called the landlord and has not heard back from him. Joy.
And just incase you think how bad can this landlord be?? The day we were moving into the rental he stopped by to tell us that someone (thanks Mark!) helping us move in had gotten an oil spot on the driveway. He then came into the house and scolded us for having a jacket laying on the pool table. At that moment we should have threw the kids in the car and threw that bad boy into reverse and squealed our tires outta there.
So let’s see: As a deliberate choice I am going to say I am grateful/thankful for the water everywhere in the rental. (Oh my gracious, you would not believe how my fingers fought me typing that!!) ARGGHHHH

And lastly, on a completely separate note….Dw is leaving for NY today….his mom had surgery and is being moved to a nursing home/rehab place for the next 6 weeks or so…….the plan is for Dw to bring Mark back with him for the next 6 weeks or so. Mark loves us to pieces and plans to live with us when Mom is gone…but we don’t think he is going to come easily as he wants to be near mom….so we are praying….it will be challenging to say the least….he has lived in the same house all 70+ years….(he is probably about the equivalent of a 5 year old)…has quite a routine….a paper route….walks downtown everyday for a glass of Pepsi here and a glass of Pepsi there……and so it will be lots of changes…..

And what are you Thankful/Grateful for this Thursday?
Do tell!!!

85 thoughts on “Thankful/Grateful Thursday – UGH

  1. Well I had to get a cortisone shot today in my foot and I threw up and passed out. Really embarrassing. And I had my 4 yr old and my two 3 yr old girls with me. Not too thankful about that. Although if it makes my foot stop hurting I will be gloriously thankful!! We are all snug and warm in our house on this snowy day and I can smell our yummy dinner cooking. Always always thankful for that. Sorry about the landlord. My oh my. I would hide from the phone call and make my hubby answer the phone. LOL Hope he will have some grace and not be too hard on you.

  2. I am thankful for your post. It takes a lot to find gratitude in ALL things. I will pray the landlord's heart might be softened in dealing with this latest "challenge".

    Best wishes with Mark. I will pray for him too. I have a sister with challenges like this. She can sometimes be very difficult. Thinking of you.

  3. I am so sorry that all that stuff happened yesterday. We have all had those days and when they happen we are just like – WHAT? Well – I'm thankful it is over! I am thankful for your sweet family and for all your adorable kids. I'm thankful for The River Church and I love Dwight's messages and the amazing worship. I am thankful for Durango and a place to come where I can look at mountains instead of traffic πŸ™‚ I am thankful for a God who cares about flooding and falling. Imagine if Dwight hadn't gone by the house and the water just kept running?!?! Love, love, love you guys.

  4. i've thought of you a million times since i got your tweet. i can't imagine that there isn't something that the Lord hasn't seen thrown your way in the past year (and that is coming up soon, isn't it) that you haven't handled with grace.
    i am always reminded of Job, as he's sitting on the side of the road, scraping his boils with a stick as he gives praise.
    gather your sweet ones around your tightly and smell their adorable heads…so glad the Lord has blessed with all of these sweet kids and mark to remind you that it is all about LOVE.
    so sorry for all of your troubles.
    may you heap burning coals of kindness upon your landlord that he finds the grace and mercy that can only be found in Jesus. and may the Lord touch his heart in such a way that your landlord offers you forgivenss.

    can't wait to see your new house when you're all moved in.

    blessing and PEACE to you!!

  5. Good thing I'm typing and don't actually have to speak because my mouth is still hanging open!! OH my gosh what a stinkin' mess. I'm just going to say a prayer or two or three for you. Keep us posted on how you make out with your landlord… ex- landlord.
    So sorry to hear about DW's mom will keep her in my prayers for a good recovery. I remember that lovely picture you posted of her on your visit.
    Take care , sending a cyberspace hug to all!

    Oh and what I'm thankful for? I'm thankful this "little" water spill happened after you all moved out!! imagine how mean he could be if you were still renting from him.

  6. I am thankful that you all are real and wonderful and love the Lord. Praying for your water situation, DW's mom, and your sweet brother-in-law.

    Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and soon to be home Eli

  7. Oh Linny that is all just too much. I would find it very hard to be thankful after that. I wish I could wave a magic wand and re-wind the past days and have that tap turned off after only 18 MINUTES rather than hours….and not have Dw slip and hurt himself You guys really didn't deserve that.

    I do hope Mark is okay with coming to stay with you, it will be hard for him no doubt. Best wishes for Mom's recovery.

    Our family has got some heavy stuff on our shoulders at the moment, but I will follow your lead Linny and pull out a thankful. I'm thankful that my little boy has found a friend to play with, and right now as I sit here in my office, he is laughing gleefully and riding his bike with his new "bestest buddy".


  8. I am thankful that the bad news was not about international adoptions!
    I am thankful for the muddy paws I have had to wipe off all day!
    I am thankful for the 9-month old in my arms who will not nap this afternoon.
    I am thankful for Corrie Ten Boom's story that I finished reading this week.

    Praying for you and the rental guy and the super softening of his heart and I am thankful for the way the Lord will use even this!!!

  9. Linny,
    I am thankful for God and how He loves us so much. I love that He loves us even when we don't feel very loveable. πŸ™‚ I love that He has us in the palm of His hands. Where I feel safe and secure even when the world seems to be crumbling all around me. It is not a surprise to me you had such awful things happen. I am started to realize and remember that we are in a spiritual battle! Satan was not too happy with your call for many to fast. But he has been defeated and has no power. Praying for everything to work out well.

  10. I am grateful for a friend like you who can write a post on grateful Thursday after having a Wednesday like that!

    am truly grateful for all the love and support Cheremi and I got this week from people we don't even know (and some we do) – I could feel it all the way over here in Uganda!

    I am also truly grateful for prayer and fasting and God calling us to do so.

    And also to see the silver lining, I am grateful I am in Uganda because God is using me here and teaching me how much more I need to appreciate my wife, my children and all the MANY blessings God has given me – to him who is given much, much will be asked!

    Thanks Linny, for being you!

  11. I am grateful/thankful that I can say water was not left on anywhere in my house for 18 hours…sorry, Linny, but that is the first thing I thought, so hopefully you can get a half a smile from my twisted sense of humor. Maybe this will be your "cottage on 4 wheels" story of the year, so you now have it out of the way! :o)

  12. What am I thankful for? I am thankful for you Linny. What a wonderful blessing your blog has been to my spiritual life.
    BUT, I just couldn't believe my eyes while reading today's blog. I just couldn't believe it. This can't be happening to you.
    I pray for safe travel for Dwight and Mark and for peace of mind and healing for their Mom.
    Love from TX.

  13. Oh Linny ..I am so sorry. so so sorry. I am thankful for your honesty and authenticity. As I read your words, I thought of the worries I have been battling this week….and gulp. I am thank ful for the delays in my adoption and the extra money I have to pay just to get this thing through….so my daughter can come to her new family.

    I have prayed God all over it, so since this the way it is, must be the best thing..even if I don't see it. I am thankful for God THROUGH all things.

  14. Augh, I cannot even imagine the headache this has all caused you! But yay for hearing from Tyler & that awesome pantry! πŸ˜‰ I PRAY this is not a nightmare to get taken care of, and that the landlord will somehow find it in that ice cold heart to give you guys some grace!

    Praying Mark adapts well to the new plan and to his new temporary home. I know the kids will love having him and I pray he is willing! ((hugs))

  15. Oh Linny,
    Ugh, ugh, ugh, . . . oh my, oh my, oh my! I truly believe this was the grand finale of a challenging past 12 months. At least now you can truly claim Psalm 66:12: " . . .we went through fire and water, but you brought us to a place of abundance."

    I'm grateful that Dw wasn't hurt worse! I'm also grateful that today my newly adopted 9 year old son from Guatemala got to see snow for the first time.

    I'm praying for the blessings to flow at A Place Called Simplicity (and abundance).

    Much Love,

  16. Oh Linni!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am praying for you all right now and I do especially pray healing for DW …
    On my post for today…I put that I am grateful for the gift of a highchair for our baby from my brother and his family.
    Steve is finally back home today and I will be talking to him about the $ for James and his family… will let you know soon about that.

  17. I am thankful that God uses his "shaping" tools in times like this. That when the shavings fall to the floor a more beautiful piece emerges. I am thankful that as the more beautiful emerges the shavings just don't matter so much anymore. I'm mostly thankful that the Master Carpenter chiseling away cares enough to make us better. Praying this week is full of blessings that you guys can't evn imagine :).

  18. I'm thankful for you and your post and for honesty. I'm thankful for days like this that God is in control. I don't know why we have days like this. I've often been in the same place has you. It is hard at times to be thankful and yet I know that's what God wants.

    btw – that pantry…woohoo to die for!! Amazing!! Hugs and prayers that the landlord has insurance and understands it could happen to anyone!!

    btw2 – how is DW??

  19. Today I am thankful for grace and that as believers we have assurance and hope after our time on earth is said and done. I am also thankful for the chance to go to the hospital last night and give Papa one last "neck hug" (as he calls them). πŸ˜€ He will probably get to see Jesus face to face in the next couple of days…and I'm really sad.

  20. I'm thankful I hadn't signed the papers to buy the new car yet when I found out today at work that we're all taking a pay cut. Thankful that no one is losing their job. Thankful that I can still pay my mortgage (I think). Thankful to be employed. Thankful that the problems with my old car seem under control. Thankful that I have money in savings to now repair said old car if problems should get out of control. Thankful that God has blessed me with a freelance career also that helps me make ends meet. And, finally, thankful for a wonderful man I'm marrying this summer who also is employed. Wow! It really does help.

  21. Oh my goodness!!!! Okay it is just a house, it will get fixed, insurance, right???? Can't even imagine the sick feeling though!!!

    Praying for Mark to be happy to come and have a 6 week slumber party with your kids!

    Grateful for you!!!

  22. I'm thankful that the ER confirmed last night that my son, Andrew, did not get a concussion when he fell backward snowboarding. I'm thankful that my daughter, Khadijah, after a couple of weeks playing the rebellious/punky teen has been simply delightful today. I'm thankful that driving home after a half-day of work I didn't skid off the road. And I'm grateful that I was able to get a bunch of groceries to bring home on that trip. I'm thankful that God is good.

  23. I am thankful that the past 24 hours for me were better than the previous 24 hours….
    when the dog was hit by a car, the man who hit him tried to help and the dog bit him in the NECK, the pipes nearly froze, and Whitney called me at work because the laundry room floor as covered in water.

    I am thankful that STan got up to "pee" so he realized the water wasn't working, and he did what needed to be done before the pipes froze.

    I am thankful for a daddy who came over, found the leak on the hot water heater, and repaired it before I got home.

    I will try not to say…I am thankful for the wet mess in my laundry room floor… least there was no storage underneath. πŸ˜‰

    I am thankful for Linny!!!!!

    And, I've been thinking recently, about all you do for the fatherless, and how it is the ENEMY who has been attacking you, because you are such a hindrance to his work. And, of course, on the day taht you called fasting and prayer, he was going to seek you to devour you……

    Take heart, Sister, you are on Satan's hit list, but he's a LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Well, I am thankful for your thankful post because it reminded me to be thankful for the rotten things I've been struggling with lately – as really, they don't compare at all to a flooded house and the discomfort of waiting for the reaction of a grumpy landlord. I'm sorry it's been so rough and bumpy lately, but it can only get better from here, right? πŸ˜‰

  25. I'm praying for DW's mom's healing. Praying for Mark to have peace and joy in his new temp. home. I'm praying for the landlord, salvation and a kind heart about this…if not to be, then the fear of the Lord to come upon him concerning you and your family.

    God is glorified in your reponse. Praise the Lord.


  26. I'm thankful your dh isn't too hurt after his fall. I had a similar sitution in my classroom years ago. The custodian turned the faucet on in my classroom as it was bitterly cold. Sadly she didn't notice the sink was plugged. This was a Wed. prior to Thanksgiving. Thankfully she came back by the building on Saturday to check things out and found my flooded classroom. I'm so thankful she returned because I can't imagine the damage if it had gone on for 2 more days and then me walking into it with 22 students at my heels! yeeeesshhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Praying for mercy and grace from your landlord. Certainly he has insurance but still not fun to be the one to have to notify him.

    Hang in there!

  27. Oh sweet Linny…UGH is right! And THANK YOU LORD is right. Such is life on this earth. I will be praying for favor for your family from this landlord and that the problem can be remedied without too many wrinkles. Please Jesus!
    Today I'm thankful for cleaning puppy poop and bathing a 4 year old twice in one day because of a wet bed! πŸ˜‰

  28. Thankful that this battle belongs to the Lord. Believing that He'll clean up the mess (with your help, of course) and that He will be glorified even in 18 hours of running water.
    I'm thankful for snow days, a warm house full of screaming, happy children (mine and the neighbors!)and overflowing dishwashers (because my oldest loaded it and decided to run it with dish soap instead of dishwasher detergent!). Bubbles were everywhere–and he said, "Wow, I learned that adults aren't the only ones that can teach you a lesson–even dishwashers can teach you a lesson."
    God is still God and He's amazing in His love for us. Praying for you and your ll–Lord, please allow them to find grace and even favor in the eyes of this man.

  29. I am so sorry. It just stinks. My heart aches for you.

    Lord Jesus, please hold the Saunders. Heal them. Polish them up. Brush them off. Restore their bodies, minds, and hearts. Let them see Your Glory. All in the matchless name of Jesus. Amen.

    Today I am thankful for my daughter who has a life-threatening illness in a 3rd world country and is struggling to both eat and breathe. I'm thankful that Your plan for her and for us is perfect.

    I'm thankful that the Lord thought I was worthy of saving. I'm thankful that He overlooked my huge downsides and my rotten heart and my poopy attitude and granted me grace and mercy and eternal life.

    My sweet 86 year old friend sang an old song to me on the phone today called "Hallelujah Anyhow." It was perfect.

    Much love in Jesus,

  30. oh Linny ~ Seriously, that just stinks! Sorry, I'm not much of a help right now. But i will certainly be joining with others in praying that God softens the landlords heart and that SOMEHOW (*I'm not sure HOW?!)…but yes, SOMEHOW, I pray that good will come from this. Please let us know how this turns out. Hang in there, it's just a valley…you'll be atop a mountain again before you know it, dear friend.

    love your candid honesty. love your heart for Jesus. love YOU!


  31. Oh Linny. I am sending a huge hug through the computer. I just hate when things like this happen. I really and truly feel for you and will pray that the landlord has some mercy and forgiveness (although he obviously hasn't shown it previously). How is DW after his fall? It is funny but I was just thinking about his mama this week too. I will pray for the situation with Mark also. Hugs, hugs, hugs! -Charissa

  32. Wow, I guress I'm thankful that my renters that we just evicted after not paying rent in about six months didn't flood the place πŸ™‚ You know, what goes around, comes around, and maybe if he had been nicer, it wouldn't have flooded. We've been way, way nice land-lords! I'm really sorry, thank God for insurance, right?

  33. Well, someone as meticulous as this landlord must have the place insured, right? It was an accident and this is why we have houses insurance. Still he is going to be upset and so I am thankful that you all are out of there πŸ™‚

  34. Oh, honey! Too much is too much! First, is Dw okay? OUCH!

    Okay, so I'm gonna say it again…it's like you're in a fight with the devil…and every punch he throws means he is that much more nervous because YOU are ALREADY the victor! AND every time he throws one, it is in return for the MIGHTY one you have swung at him. He's one hurtin' puppy…as well he should be!

    BUT…I am so sorry. I know…this is a lot for a mortal to handle…and unfortunately, that's JUST what we are!!!! sigh

    Much love and hugs from chilly CT!

    Nancy & ShaoXi

  35. Maybe you could remind your landlord of the homeowners' insurance that will most likely write him a nice check for the damage and all the renovations he can now make that he's been wanting to? The exact same thing happened to us with a rental property we owned, except our renters left the water running for several days. Ugh. But because of the insurance, we were able to make some really nice updates to the property and repair all the damage.
    My heart feels for you, Linny! Praying for favor and much grace!

  36. I have thought about you all day today and prayed for you throughout the day. I have been reflecting on all the last year has brought your way. You have been such an encouragement and teacher to me and I am so grateful that I stumbled onto your blog a year ago. I am praying that in all of this God will be glorified and you will be shown abundant mercy by your landlord.

    Lots of prayers for you

  37. I am thankful that God has used you and DW to bring hope and family to so many orphans.

    I am thankful that God knows EVERYTHING that will happen to each of us, before it does … and that He will give us the strength to face each new crisis.

    I am thankful that God has so much more power than the enemy, even though satan does his darndest to defeat God's work in us and through us.

    I am thankful for the precious little ones that God brings into our lives, to remind us what is important.

    I am thankful for you and DW and the ministry you have.

    I am thankful that the LORD has called me to a ministry of prayer … and that you are definitely on that prayer list.

    love & hugs,


    PS: Jim is pastoring a little Christ the King Community Church here in WA, and we recently found out that we have a sister church in Durango. Are you familiar with it?

  38. Gosh…when trouble comes, it really comes, huh? So sorry to hear that happened. It has been a rough day at our house too…nevertheless, i am thankful for my 3 strong willed boys who, one day, will be strong willed for Christ, my husband who daily forgives my horrible house cleaning and that God lets me crawl into his lap and cry when i have had a bad day.

  39. oh, linny…i am so sorry. so, so sorry. prayers coming your way!

    i'm thankful for a warm house, plenty of food and my 5 babies to snuggle as we are getting snowed in right now!

    i missed the prayer and fast for james & cheremi (and adoption) as i have been out with some kind of flu the last couple of days. but, i have been praying for them and will continue! they were there before us and it breaks my heart that we have been home now almost 10 weeks and he is still there. PRAYING!

  40. I'm grateful that you're grateful in spite of everything.

    Know we're praying for you all.

    You're testimony did encourage my Honey that he's not the only one who's walking through "difficulties."
    He actually smiled and felt in good company.

  41. Thankful for people like you who can struggle and still be thankful, even if it is sooo hard to be thankful at the moment. I just know everytime there is a flood there is a promise to follow! Praying for you!

    Love, Jenay

  42. As always, Linny, I am Thankful/Grateful for being able to read your post and cry and laugh with you, even tho I don't know you in person…..The Best thing is that I am Thankful/Grateful for God's unfailing Love for His children and the HS's role to bringing healing and forgiveness into a broken friendship. The Lord reigns and He brought my friend/sister in the Lord and myself to a healing today.
    Thank you for letting me share.

  43. So sorry! Praying that God finally gives you guys a break!

    I'm thankful for the fact that my husband has been jobless (it's been so great to have him around!), and even more grateful that he has found a new job. I am so incredibly thankful that the adoption of our foster daughter should be final in the next month or so.

    And, I'm thankful for you, and this blog. May God bless you richly.

  44. Um….Wow….That's all I have to say about that (other than we will pray about the landlord situation!) And what am I thankful for? YOU! πŸ™‚

  45. OH MY GOODNESS! Reading that post made me feel sick to my stomach. So I cant imagine how you all must have felt, and I will be honest, I would have had great difficulty being thankful for the water too. I will just pray that the Lord will allow a calm to come over the landlord and that he would show compassion over the situation. God Bless!

  46. OK Lord, I am thankful that all I had on Wednesday was a cracked tooth, and a two hour drive in a white out blizzard to see the last three minutes of my fourteen year old's basketball game, and then I'm thankful for the opportunities to practice patience and self-control as I drove the two hours back home with my tired, grumpy, moody, mean fourteen year old.

    Lord thank you so much for the Saunders family. Thank you for their amazing patience and endurance over the last year, and for the witness and example it's been to so many of us. Wrap them in your arms. Hold them close, Father. Let them know the height and breadth and depth of your love in new and amazing ways, Abba.

  47. Oh my, Linny. I am so sorry to hear about your trouble with the flooding and your old landlord. I pray he is understanding and insurance covers everything for you. Love Elizabeth's announcement for the Thankful game. What a precious little girl.

  48. That not so nice Landlord should have homeowners insurance on that home and therefore it should cover the damage that was made. I am sure there is a deductible but I am sure it would be considerably less than that fixing everything.
    I am truly sorry you are going through this. I swear your life sounds like mine. I can seem to find lots of things to stress me out one way or another. LOL!!

    How is DW's arm and Head? Is he okay? If Mr. Mean Landlord wants to be ugly about things, then you guys have a reason to be ugly back. I know that is not how things are suppose to be done but there is no reason to be UGLY either. LOL!!

    Hope tomorrow is a much better day.


  49. I just can't believe it! Sheesh… Linny needs a little slack, Lord. I'm thankful for renters insurance and that my dishwasher just charred a wooden spoon and didn't actually start a fire. ((HUGS))

  50. Linny, Sorry to hear such devastating news. I recently did the same type of thing, but thankfully only for about 10 minutes. Had to do some mopping up and drying out of cabinets. I can hardly imagine 18 hours in a two story home. I remember the landlord did not want to rent it to someone with kids. Sounds overly uptight about the pool table too. All I can say is we'll all pray about it and take it one step at a time. As with most problems there is an answer – it only needs to become clear. Sorry to hear of mom-in-laws illness, hope that Mark will be able to relax and enjoy his "Holiday" with family. You never know, it may help him to adjust when the time comes that he needs to come to live with you permanently. There can be a silver lining on each challenge – still trying to find one on the house though – will sweat equity help? Did this guy really love this furniture or was it just the furniture he kept in his rental? Irreplaceable or circa 1975? Is the structure still solid? Can the cabinets /flooring be rebuilt – maybe a deal or something taken out by Habitat for their ReStores? That way it could be better than new? Just hoping.

  51. I'm thankful DW is OK. I am thankful for beautiful snow in my yard. I am thankful for "healthy children". We all are sick this week but for too many people it is not just colds and pink eye.

    I am thankful for lemon ice cream. I am thankful for pizza time with my hubby after kids go to bed sometimes.

    After a house full of sick people and washing my cell phone yesterday I needed your reminder to be thankful in all things. Who knows maybe I will get text on my new phone =)

    PS I LOVE your new pantry.

  52. I am thankful for you and your blog. I have said it before, but you blog is like a morning devotion to me.

    And the being thankful for all things reminds me of Corrie Ten Boom and The Hiding Place. Remember how her sister told her to be thankful for the fleas? And how the fleas kept the guards out so that they could worship? Sounds like this landlord is a flea (literally and figuratively!) Blessings to you and your family and especially to Mark and his changes!

  53. Linny and DW,

    I am so sorry for what happened at the rental, I would be sick too. My husband and I have rental property and accidents do happen, that's what insurance is for. I'm praying the Lord works on his heart to show some compassion on the situation. I will also be praying for DW and Mark, bless his heart, I bet he'll be lost for a bit.

    I've been meaning to email you a LONG note because of your blog and how much it has blessed me recently. We are going through a nightmare (ish) hiccup with our second adoption, it's on the USA side but I'll tell you, it's almost identical to your journey to Isaiah. Oh my goodness, I bawled through all your postings and how God worked out every single detail. Our hope and faith is with Him and we know He is working here but this mama wants her girl now! But I have to remind myself it's all in His time and His will. You and DW have given me a beautiful example of how to get through this difficult time and I thank you so much!!

    I hope you don't mind me asking but you mentioned in your Q&A about a boy with Arthrogryposis. Do you have a child with that condition? I ask because, my daughter Linzhi Rose (adopted '07) has it and the little girl we are petitioning to adopt has it as well. It's so rare, I just thought I would ask.

    You insipre me!

    Amy <><

  54. In November Eli had his feeding tube changed from a G (gastric) to a GJ (Gastro-Jejunum)….and it was a horrible 20 minutes of our lives!

    So, yesterday we had to go back to Seattle Children's Hospital to have it switched out (because it was leaking) and I was soooo nervous.

    IT WENT PERFECTLY. Quick. Easy. Eli as happy and laughing even. Over before we knew it….
    My husband passed out in the procedure room. 20 people come swarming in….at one point I thought he was dead…I've never seen such a thing! I thought he was having a stroke.

    He's been sick. Plus he has UC so he doesn't eat when we travel….and the combination of it all…(he gets queazy with medical stuff)…made him go out like a light.

    But, I am THANKFUL FOR how awesome Eli did in his carseat for the 2 1/2 hour drive (each way)….his good mood…..the finesse of the doctor to get it placed quickly…the quick action of the staff….and that my hubby is OK.

    Linny- I'm so sorry about the mess at the rental. Stinks. Bad.

  55. Let's see….what am I thankful for? I am thankful that God uses you to be a disciple for him. You inspire so many people through your blog and I am thankful that I've had the opportunity to follow you. I am so sorry for such a bad day yesterday for you all – however, I trust that God will pull you through this and something good will come of it. My thoughts and prayers are with you! The Tennant Family (GA)

  56. Awww, Linny!! Have followed your blog for about a year now, and have found so much encouragement and strength from you. God will see you through this too. And BTW, must comment on your pantry pictures. I LOVE that you have a box of Luzianne Decaf teabags on your shelf!! LOL!! Moved from VA to CT 15 years ago, and can't buy it here, so everytime DH goes south, he brings me a few boxes. Can't drink anything but Luzianne!!
    Hugs to you and all your family!
    Barbara A. in CT

  57. I am so thankful for your you and your blog. No matter what the situations are you are so real and uplifting.
    GOd has a plan for all that has happened, even the water mess. It sounds like a landlord's heart may need softened and who better to be able to help to do that but you and DW.

    I pray that DW is okay from the fall and that he has a safe trip to NY and back. Hopefully Mark will come willingly with him.

    Take Care,
    Newark, OHio

  58. Oh my, Linny. You poor thing. I can't even imagine the stress you're feeling. I'll be praying for you, and I'll pray specifically that the Lord softens your landlord's heart! ~hugs~

  59. my lands. i'm so sorry…and quite frankly, i was thinking the same thing for you, "Can they get a break, Lord?"

    Sorry about the hassle and dealing with the landlord…

    Thanks for forcing yourself to type those thankful words of obedience; i'm not sure i could have done the same.

  60. Oh Linny I am so sorry!! I'll be praying the landlord just doesn't care. I know, it will be a miracle, but isn't that what our miracle-working God does???!!! He can make a way where there is no way and bring grace and mercy when it is needed, and I believe it's really needed at this point:O)

    I love your pantry and would definitely being doing a happy thankful dance about it too.

    Lots of love,

  61. Ugh.

    I can't believe it.

    Linny, I am so sorry. And dumbfounded.

    Please, God, grant this family some peace…extended, beautiful, peace…a dull moment even!

    I can tell you that I AM thankful that your family is settling into YOUR home filled with love and coziness and NO LANDLORDS.

    I am thankful that Dw wasn't more seriously injured.

    I am thankful that the water was on for "only" 18 hours and not a moment more.

    I am thankful that you and Dw have each other to face these storms together and to take in the beauty and joys of the family you've grown together.

    I am thankful to know that God is with you, even when it feels as if He may have left the building.

    I am thankful that as I write this, the priceless picture of Elizabeth that I absolutely adore is staring up at me, reminding me that you will be getting lots of cuddles from your precious children throughout this day…giving you tender moments of mercy to be truly thankful for.

    And I am thankful that each time one of my blog buddies receives a referral or PA, there is one less orphan in the world…and that you and Dw have with God's Love and Divine Assistance created a big, beautiful family full of His children meant for you while on this earth.

    And I will always be thankful for the day you entered my life and prayed hope and promise into it.

    I love you, Linn.

    Sending prayers and a very (((BIG HUG))) from TX.

  62. I am so Thankful that Dad has seen fit to expand you guys with these blessing…..LOL

    I didn't leave a comment to other day but I did say a prayer about the orphan.

    I am saying another one today for You and DW….LOL

    Sorry. hoping a praying it eases up a bit…

  63. I'm thankful that we have a pastor who will drive our family home after our car died in the gas station parking lot! πŸ™‚

    I'm thankful we got the opportunity to try to bless our pastors, even if the tables ended up being turned on us.

    I'm thankful for impromptu conversations about dreams, hobbies, joys, sorrows.

    In other words, I'm thankful for you guys!

  64. I am thankful for the beautiful new family photo of your precious family. I know you dreamed of having Jubilee there in preson but I am glad she is now home forever!!!

    I am thankful for your water story that reminds me I am not the only one under attack!

    I am thankful DW was still able to call you after falling and bumping his head. (Wish I could rush over with a bag of ice and some comfort food!!!)

    I am thankful for the flat tire I woke up to the other that my husband was able to fix himself. (Not so much – I was already running late!)

    I am thankful the rain that is washing our area today!

    I am thankful for all three of my beautiful children, my faithful, loving husband, and even my stinky – bath needing dog!

    Linny, I am thankful for you and your family and all you share with us!

    Love, Lisa K. – Whidbey Island

  65. Your post reminded me of Corrie Ten Boom in the Hiding Place telling about her sister thanking God for the bug infestation in their dorm and her being so upset about it and not wanting to. Then they found out the reason the guards left their Bible study alone was because they didn't want to check the bug infested dorm. Thank you for thanking him anyway and know that if God was with them in that concentration camp with the bugs that he is with you and the 18 hours of water damage. He allowed it and will work ALL things together for your good because you love him. Today I am thankful that I did not catch the flu bug that the other 6 people living here got this week (while we were snowed in w/ negative temps and my husband deployed). I am thankful that it wasn't influenza or bubonic plague and that while bothersome was just a small trial and not life threatening. I am thankful for a friend who brought us homemade soup. For the gym on base where we could let our children play and run despite the frigid temps. I am thankful for modern communication and that I could get a call or email from my husband anytime. I am thankful for heat and cars that run reliably and food to eat. I am thankful to be strong and healthy and to be able to shovel out the drive and sidewalk. And I am thankful for plant and seed catalogs so I can start dreaming of my garden for spring. :o) Love from NE.

  66. Oh My Linny- I had to take a personal time out at the first mention of a faucet left on! Oh yea- could see it coming.

    Love the cozy bed scene with the kids!

    We got our LID today for the girls – so very thankful for that!!

    We also have more good news!! Ask Lynsay!! It is definitely a yippee Jesus moment for us!

    Love you pantry!

    Oh man I am at a loss of words… so sorry about the water… oh crud… I will be praying for you all and your landlords heart! Sounds like it may need a little warming up!

    God Bless you sweet friend!!

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