My TWO Sets of Identical Twins

I could not help posting these pics separately from our trip to Denver/Greeley. I can brag on these kiddos….cause I didn’t make them….are they not the cutest? The girls love dressing like twins and the boys do too. I’m gonna’ indulge that “dressing like twins thing” for as long as they’ll let me….cause it is so much fun to see people’s reaction when we are out and about {we love telling people that they’re twins}….And yes, that’s barbeque sauce on Elijah….he loves eating it almost as much as he loves wearing it {obviously}.Does Jubilee look like she is lovin’ her siblings or what?And yes, Jubilee is holding her britches up…little skinny minnie….
guess we better find her a belt, huh?

37 thoughts on “My TWO Sets of Identical Twins

  1. Hi Linny–

    I've been reading your amazing blog for quite some time and praying along side you through the ups and downs. I just had to post on this one….I love the two sets of identical twins! We have identical twin boys…our eldest boy has quite the sense of humor–when we would go out people would ask, "Are they twins?" Adam's response, "No, we cloned one." He would love to walk around with your family. I would too…it would be a privledge.

    God Bless-
    3 boys and a blessing from China.

  2. LOVE IT!!!! BBQ sauce and all. We love the adjustable jeans!!! All our kids are too skinny too. CUTE! I love to dress my children alike too!!! 🙂 Then watch peoples expression when they ask if they are all "real" siblings- and I say YES! he he he – AMEN!

  3. aahhhh, that post just warms my heart and thrills my soul. I love how your kiddos don't see age, shape, color or size. They are all 4 peas in a pod, or partners in crime?!

    Love it, and love God for making it all happen too. :0)

  4. Very cute! Indulge the dressing like twins thing as long as they'll go for it! I like dressing my two alike…and they're not even close to twins. (Well, they have the same birthday, but it's two years apart).

  5. Very cute!

    When we brought our kids home from Ghana, we created 2 sets of "Virtual Twins".

    Set #1 Our little bio. boy was 6 and we brought home a 6 year old sister. When she came home, they were the exact same size. (Every measurement was within 1/2" and they only weighed 3# difference.)

    Set #2 Our next bio. boy was 8 and we brought home a 9 year old sister. Again, they were the exact same size (every measurement within 1/2" and only 4# difference in weight).

    We love having 2 sets of "twins" to complete our family with. (We actually have a set of identical twins that are 21 now, so we've done the twin thing for many years.)

    Even though our "twins" are each a boy/girl set, the LOVE having a "twin".

    Much fun!

  6. It is so obvious that Jubilee is healing – looking at the pictures at first to now – WOW!! God is restoring her! I love it Linny! Brings a big ol smile to my heart.

  7. They are all just darling!! Love the dressing like twins thing! And Elizabeth looks so wise. I can't wait to hear what they do in their lives as they grow up!

  8. You should have a hidden camera to record the double take people give you when you tell them the twin thing.
    Gotta tell you, Faith was looking at your blog with me and asking the kids' names…we got to Graham and she said…."is that Cap'n Crunch?"…She knew it was one of those foods :^)

  9. Linny they are so stinking cute! I love it. Yes Jubilee does look pretty happy. Hey those adjustable waist pants are a life saver here! I have one skinny minnie and one with a chubby tubby(her word for a tummy) and those pants mean they still can pass on clothes or even SHARE. even though they are 8 and 4, they are wearing 7s and 6X lol.

  10. Linny, they are ADORABLE sets of identical twins – however are you able to tell them apart???? I had an Asian lady at church argue with me awhile back – that she was certain that my two were twins! ahem – NO!

    Blessings to y'all! Donna

  11. that jubilee is the smiliest girl i ever did see. every time there's a picture of her, it's this ear to ear grin. love it (but then all you kids smile a ton. just look at isaiah!)
    thanks for sharing your twinnies. they're adorable!

  12. Dear Linny,

    Praying, praying, praying! Jubilee, Isaih, and Autumn are on the top of my list. Your family is constantly on my heart. Also, is there any update on Luke? I tried their website but it wasn't working.

    Have a great weekend,
    Lisa K. (Whidbey Island)

  13. Linny- the pics your are posting of Jubilee and the sibs are of pure joy! Thank you for sharing them! The look on her face is so heart warming!

    The short time this little girl has had with your family has been the happiest time of her life- it is so evident!

    Don't feel bad that you didn't realize she didn't hear you- she probably needed time to adjust and now she is comfortable and ready to sign!!

    It is just too cool!
    Blessings to all!
    You do inspire me!

  14. I'm with everyone else…THESE ARE THE CUTEST!! I absolutely love Jubilee's face in all her pictures! Praise God that these kids found a forever family. Love it, love it, love it!

  15. Simply beautiful twins!! We have virtual quads- four 6 year olds. Love when people ask how old they are…. are they twins, no triplets, gosh do you have quads???? 6 months from oldest to youngest. God has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams! He's good to us like that:)

  16. By that I mean that there is no such "authorized" "legitimate" memo. No where does it say that we should live that way, but that we should strive to be selfless.

  17. Linny – not for the blog – I really admire DW for going to Haiti, but am concerned that he make sure he has taken all the vaccine recommendations seriously after the HEP A. Some things can't be avoided, but there are means to avoid some – best to keep yourselves as healthy as possible to do the work you are called to.

  18. Was re-reading the We didn’t get the Memo post and this was the previous post so looking at the pics of the kids – how little they were! They have really grown! So cute!

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