Lots to Be Thankful For….Our Trip

Thank you all for your prayers {and continued prayers} as we sort through all of this for Jubilee. We definitely have never walked this road before and truly, we haven’t a clue. On that note, it never even crossed my mind that posting yesterday about Jubilee’s medical situation would produce helpful information from you, our bloggy friends.

I told Dw about all your comments and emails and he said, “I had wondered if someone out there would have some information for us.” You guys are unbelievable! Look at just how good our God is….{Yippee Jesus!}….An audiologist on the East Coast {Carrie} wrote me with information. Two different moms {Elizabeth and Cathy} each offered their kids gently worn hearing aids. I am humbled to tears at how many of you guys are willing to share what you have with us.

Many, many others offered sign language cirriculum. And really, it all never even once crossed my mind. For the life of me, I could only think of my sweet friend, Robin, who has a hearing impaired daughter from China. My brain must be a tad overloaded, can’t imagine why?

Please just pray for wisdom as we process all this information and what is best for Jubilee. I am equally dumbfounded just trying to figure out what all this means….and feeling rather guilty that I didn’t put two and two together……No wonder she couldn’t hear her name in the song “Days of Elijah/Year of Jubilee”. Jennifer, the audiologist, that we met in Denver said that Jubilee is mostly lip reading. No wonder she wouldn’t turn when I called her. No wonder she wouldn’t come to dinner unless we went upstairs and got her {or she saw the kids going and followed}. No wonder she can’t even say her own name right, even after I practiced with her a at least a thousand times. No wonder. Ugh. How could I not have figured it out?

Jubilee already loves the little bit of sign that we are learning together. She thinks it’s so fun!! What a world it will open up for all of us, huh? Wow.

So this Thankful Thursday I am thankful for audiologists, surgeons, tests, cars that take us to Denver {even though they are squishy}, bloggy friends who care and were/are praying, bloggy friends who offered: resources, their kids gently used hearing aids, their phone numbers for support, their love, and their support. You guys are just the best!!

And so how do nine people sleep in two hotel rooms?

By putting the chair with the ottoman and making another bed, of course!!

I thought you all would like a sneak peek into packing up to head home…

There’s a car mom! Watch out! {Look how concerned he looks.}

Hey guys!! Wait for me….

33 thoughts on “Lots to Be Thankful For….Our Trip

  1. God is so good to provide for you! What an encouraging story. I will be praying for sweet Jubilee and the new journey that she is starting. Praise God for answers in regards to her hearing.

  2. Awe Linny don't feel guilty about not realizing your precious Jubilee couldn't hear you. You are all in God's hands and He will give you the wisdom you need when you need it. Continued prayers for all of you. Hugs and love

  3. Oh my goodness. I don't even have a brain! We sign with Em all the time.
    I'v learned a lot of signs here http://www.signingsavvy.com
    and I have heard that these videos are an absolute necessity. http://www.signingtime.com I don't have any yet for Em but I am going to get some soon. Every one who has these says their kids are picking up signs very quickly. It says baby signs on the video, and Jubilee is not a baby but English is new to her so these might be good. Why didn't I think of this yesterday?

    Always a day late and a dollar short!

  4. Sorry I am just now commenting. But you will love signing. My older cousin is deaf and as a result, all of the kids in my family learn basic sign before verbal language. Its an awesome resource for language building even for hearing children. The key is to use full body language ; sign "yes", say alound yes and nod yes. I imagine she is so thirsty for some sort of expression that she will likely pick it up quicker than you! Jubilee and Elizabeth are so cute all snuggled up together!!

  5. Linny,

    You always amaze me with your grateful heart in the midst of trial! i want to be more like you, and in that way be more like Jesus.
    Just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you and your sweet Jubliee. i know that she will be "just fine" with all the love and hope you give her. It may take more time than you originally thought, but, she is going to be great! 🙂
    Love you,

  6. I'm so happy for your family and especially Jubilee. If she were to spend her life in China,..I can't even stand to think what kind of life she would have. I'm just so excited to see what God is going to do in her life..with you as her parents.

  7. that is a sweet story of your friends coming to the rescue. i can't wait to hear stories of how jubilee's new skills (and aids) make the world open up for her!

  8. I sign, but know no one in person who signs. Sad huh? LOL Maybe I'll look into adopting a deaf child from China. OOooooo….now that sounds even better! HAAA!

    I always LOVE seeing your babies! They are just so beautiful!

  9. When you psoted awhile back about jubilee not understanding I immediately thought of sign language. I have learned a bit and even taught it at a local college as a class for kids!!! Kids love it and catch on very quickly. The best part is that everyone will be on the same page and Jubilee will quickly learn to communicate. I have no doubt that Isaiah, Elizabeth and Elijah will pick it up in no time!! Prayers to all of you!!
    Kathie in NY

  10. So wonderful that Jubilee will be diagnosed and get the help she needs. Praying that God will provide the doctors and the help she needs. According to my 5 year old daughter from China, Emma and Jubilee are the most beautiful of your children.

  11. It makes my heart swell to hear of the help you've gotten from bloggy friends and for Jubilee's excitement over her new found communication with you guys! Wonderful!!!

  12. The Shriners is also another wonderful resource. We had Laura evaluated at their Chicago hospital…everything is free and it is one amazing place. They even offered to come pick us up and take us all the way there. But I said, "No, thank you." All I could think about was those guys driving those tiny little cars in the parade…:) Seriously, though. Phenomenal work, and all is free. What an awesome place the Shriners have put together for kids!

  13. Hi Linny – Maybe someone else has suggested this, but I am wondering if Jubilee's dental surgery is "medically necessary" which could mean that medical insurance would pay a portion of it? Also, with the other issues – have you considered having her eyes checked?

  14. Forgot to mention that we started signing with Isaiah in China and also with Noah when we got him. It is soooo helpful and we still use it. And by the way…I LOVE Liberty's hair…..so cool!

  15. Hi Linny,

    Just catching up on my favorite blogs. Please know I am PRAYING for you all!!! Oh that Jubilee, she is just too precious…Well, all your treasures are precious!

    Many blessings,
    Amy <><

  16. Linny- Maybe someone has already mentioned this–I don't have time to check, since we just returned from Ch*na with our latest addition. Signing Time videos are awesome, and our kids love them! The catchy tunes and rhymes make it so easy to remember. We used them when we learned our cl/cp kid had hearing loss also. She regained most of her hearing, but now we are using Signing Time again with our new one, until he learns more ENglish. Janet

  17. I'm so happy that you were able to find out so much information! I'll be praying that you are able to find many resources in your hometown and I'm so thankful that so many sweet families have been able to give you such great advice and help.

    I love the pictures:O) Please tell Liberty that she looks absolutely beautiful and that I love her hair, it's so sassy!!

    Lots of love,

  18. Oh, you even make a road trip to the doctor look like fun.

    I know this must be so hard to process. I can't believe no one knew about Jubilee's hearing loss in China. How in the world could you have figured it out if even her former caregivers didn't know. I think we all would have assumed it was a language issue. (Isn't it amazing that Jubilee learned to say "okay"!)

    So wonderful that so many bloggy friends are able to help. Such a dear community of readers.

    The health of your sweet family–especially Jubilee, Isaiah, and Autumn–will remain in our prayers.

    Much Love,

  19. I love reading about your precious children. You also have some amazing readers that gave great feedback. I'm praying for great success with the game plan. Blessings especially for Jubilee and Isaiah.

  20. Hi! Just wanted to tell you that if you find yourself in the Denver area again soon, you can stop by ADCO Hearing Products in Englewood. They specialize in products for the deaf and hard of hearing. They don't sell hearing aids, but they carry supplies for hearing aids, amplifiers/signalers, and sign language materials. They have tons of stuff. They even carry Signing Time products and sign language labels that can be used around the home. They have a website (www.adcohearing.com) if you'd like to get an idea of the stuff they carry. They are constantly adding to their inventory, so you should be able to find something that will help.

  21. timberdoodle… a place to get homeschool supplies…. has tape/ stickers to put on objects in the house with signs on them! SO glad for the diagnosis……. no guilt do you hear me?! you know now and that is what is important.

  22. I'm reading newest to oldest, so I haven't come across yesterday's post yet. But I'm glad that there were some people who replied who were able to help. Prayers.

    And…really beautiful pictures today!

  23. If you havent been told about it before. Check out the Signing Time video series! I cannot say enough good things about these videos. Friends of ours use them with their daughter who has downs and with their other 2 adopted children who have other syndrones, the kids LOVE the videos and its great for parents to learn along side with their children! Its been amazing to see how far their children have come with their sign language!

  24. i'm just catching up here & will be praying about this, linny!

    how beautiful so be so grateful and know how VERY blessed you are even when He has surprised us. thank goodness He isn't surprised!

    your family is just beautiful.

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